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  1. artista

    Feelings on Video Games

    So you're just going to give up on them? You're a leader in their ward right? Maybe to get to know these young men better and see who they truly are and truly can become you can do an activity where you play a video game that consists of multiple players. Take interest in what they obviously take interest in. Show them you care about THEM. Then they will feel you love, who knows how long it will take. You have talents that they need. They also have talents to contribute to this world too. Maybe they don't know what they are or don't know how to use them. You can play an enormous role in their life with faith and love
  2. artista

    Feelings on Video Games

    I think it is completely unfair to judge these young men by their video games. Have you ever stopped to considered what they struggle with? Maybe depression, or anxiety, or lack of motivation. & you know, maybe these problems started by playing video games. But the real problem in these cases wouldn't be the video games. In my opinion there is a deeper need not being met which leads them to spend hours playing these games, or eating unhealthy, or looking at porn. Maybe they weren't raised with a strong work ethic, or they had poor communication within their family, maybe their parents never cared so they didn't stop to think if it was wrong. We mustn't judge. We have no room to judge. We only have room and the responsibility to love and correct with love. If you said what you just said to any young man or woman struggling with any addiction or problem, I highly doubt it would give them motivation to stop. Love must be the motivator of all things. We must look deeper within the person and see the Royalty they really are.
  3. artista

    Feelings on Video Games

    I really appreciate that video hahaha Thanks everyone for your comments! I've learned a lot and my perspective has changed, just like I was hoping. I wont cringe every time I see my husband play now
  4. artista

    Feelings on Video Games

    Oh my goodness haha. Yes we will be! I want to give video games a shot!! Who knows maybe I'll crush @Fether and be addicted from then on Ps, just want to give myself some credit here. Before we got married I planned a date where we played video games and ate pizza on the floor because I knew he loved it & I wanted to do what he loved. And i enjoyed spending time with him & watching his ego go up as he beat me everytime (which wasnt hard considering everyone in the game beat me by a long shot). So I'm working on it!
  5. "Heaven will not be heaven for those who have not chosen to be heavenly." We decide. We committ. We change.
  6. Absolutely not. The LDS church will always be true. Because it is Christs church. He is the founder. Now whether the members decide to let the church change them is entirely up to them. Agency is the biggest part of the LDS Church. God wont make us do anything. We canno judge the church by its members. Absolutely cannot.
  7. artista

    The Pornography Talk...

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing!! Are you married? If so, doea your wife have the same view???
  8. artista

    The Pornography Talk...

    Okay, makes sense!! What prompted you to givd up movies as well???
  9. artista

    The Pornography Talk...

    I'm confused why you said this?
  10. artista

    The Pornography Talk...

    Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for your honesty! Very brave of you. I love that you brought up that the images are there!!! They will pop up randomly and it is quite the battle to remove them! Even after repentance and you are clean, that is the one thing that can remain. I know that we can fast, and pray, and fast and pray to remove those thoughts and I know the Lord will help us. So, in my opinion that is the worst side effect of porn. My brother watches porn and is severely addicted. And he wonders why his wife can't do those things for him. Addictions, of any kind, can and will destroy marriages and relationships. This topic should never be treated casually. But with boldness and love. One more thought: i watched the new spider man movie the other day and a part came up where peters best friend was on the computer in the library alone trying to help him find out information. The librarian comes in and tells him he should not be in there. He stammers a bit then uses the excuse of "i was looking at porn". I was soooo mad that this scene made it seem okay to look at porn, by using it as an excuse. Ugh. I was so upset.
  11. artista

    Feelings on Video Games

    Okay guys! I need some help. I do not have a healthy or kind view on video games whatsoever. This feeling towards them came from 1) watching my brother play and get super furious and have angry outbursts 2) the talk by David A. Bednar titled "Things as They Really Are" that talks about the virtual world and 3) the statistics I have heard of that a percentage of video gamers tend to be led towards porn. I feel as though it is unproductive. Its a hobby for some, yes. We need hobbies. I guess my idea of a hobby is something that makes you a better person, helps develop talents, ect. In the temple we covenant to give our time & talents to building the kingdom of God. We can do that in millions of ways. My husband plays video games every now and then & I feel so bad cause I turn off. I hate it so much guys and I need help to get some more perspective on this topic.
  12. artista

    LDS culture problem

    This is a very interesting topic. I'd have to admit though, I'm guilty. In my case it was because I didn't feel secure with myself. Everything that I was doing was wrong and it reflected on others. In no way am I past this, but I am doing a lot better. Just giving a different perspective on why people might be creating this culture for themselves cause they don't truly understand who they are and the simple principles of the gospel.
  13. I would say any talk on charity is PERFECT. The pure love of our Savior can help us look past the sin and love the person for who they are. We live in a world full of potential Kings & Queens and we should aspire to treat people as such; royalty.
  14. artista


    My husband is @Fether . He's always on MormonHub & so I decided to participate in these forums to give us more to talk about as well as experience the joy he gets from it! See ya around!