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  1. One piece of advice I have is before you buy the ticket I hope you verify she isn't Cat-fishing you it unfortunately happens a lot today so if you have verified that she is a real person go for it man, plus i agree with everything else said above.
  2. Kind of yes because the thing is they generally don't say they intentions completely because its like lets be friends but I'm still gonna flirt with you like dating in the future is a possibility then keep say but we are just friends so if they would come out and say exactly that look I don't think we would work out but you are an awesome guy and i would like us to be friends that would be great the fact is It's like every-time I see one of them I don't know what hat to be wearing that of a potential date or just the good friend hat. hahaha have you had to this before on a date? just out of curiosity? and thanks for your input
  3. so let me throw this out here but is it just me or does the mythical Friend Zone actually exist. Because at least from my experience and from what i hear of my friends around this part that's what it seams to me. Now I get the whole weak link in a chain thing mentioned above and honest I am trying to figure if its me or if its something in the water because in the past 3 years after my mission I've gone on who know how many dates with just about the same amount of girls because like clockwork shortly after the 2nd date or even the first when I try to set up the next one I get the "Hey lets be friends spiel. I have herd similar stories from friends and the fact of the matter is that I try to be a gentleman on each one but apparently the saying a nice guy finishes last is fairly true. what do you all think? Also as a disclaimer I am temple recommend holder continually trying to improve myself since we all know that no one is perfect. I haven't just stayed with 1 type either these dates have been a wide spectrum of body shapes ethnicity and personalities. So I am not picky. but not desperate either I still have standards that they have to meet 1. LDS 2 temple worthy (or actively working to it) 3. a daughter of god with a sense of humor. so what do you all think I'm not trying to make this a debate just trying to get peoples opinions
  4. Thank you all for your comments and stories shared, I have learned a lot and am grateful for this discussion. Also @zil though you are right and the church does teach that we should be thankful for our Service members, I am a returned missionary and since I have made this decision it has been a mixed reaction from member I know. So this could be just put as the church teaches one thing while the members struggle to understand or reject those teachings.
  5. Sorry about that i didn't mean to imply that I figured you meant to say it figuratively just wanted to see which way you meant it like the missionaries were turning your boys into little missionary or that your boys scared off the missionaries sorry i should have been a little more clear.
  6. Just to clarify you not epcecting to see the missionaries again or your sons?
  7. Thank you, Grunt, seashmore, and jojo bags for the advice and insight and for the quick reply.
  8. So i wanted to start this to see if there are any active military members out there that could give advice or share their stories. I am just about to end my college carrier and am looking into joining the Navy to become a Naval Aviator. I have heard some stories about how boot-camp was and how it caused a few of my friends to question their faith. I guess my real question is, Is it hard to stay active in the church while being in the military or is it a personal devotion kind of situation?