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  1. Longmire is fantastic, , kobra Kai is pretty good, i really liked the first 4 seasons of community.
  2. I wouldn't say progressive. I would say more inclusive.
  3. Then there is this floating around. Maybe somebody misquoted Joseph Smith. Christ says no man knoweth the day or the hour when the Son of Man cometh (Matt 24:36). …Did Christ speak this as a general principle throughout all generations? Oh no, he spoke in the present tense. No man that was then living upon the footstool of God knew the day or the hour. But he did not say that there was no man throughout all generations that should not know the day or the hour. No for this would be in flat contradiction with other scripture for the prophet (Amos 3:7) says that God will do nothing but what he will reveal unto his Servants the prophets.Joseph Smith
  4. The primary president should know, and should be counseled with about replacements if the Bishop does it right.
  5. I’m betting yes on a civil war in our lifetime. Lots of difficult things will happen before the 2nd coming.
  6. I hope for weekly being that I am a couple miles away, but it usually ends up about 3x per month. Last Saturday I awoke at 5:20 and the song "I Love to See The Temples" popped into my head. I was like... I guess that means I need to get up and hit the 6:00 session. It's a blessing to live close.
  7. You have never watched The Office -American style. One of the best comedies ever written. I actually envy you a little because of all the potential binge worthy watching you could do. My wife and I watch the series over every few years - I don't do that with other series.
  8. I recommend sitting at your table. Prepare like you are preparing a lesson for a church class. Use videos, tell stories, draw picture. Have your kids teach parts. I have had many family home evening lessons crash and burn. So far the 3 weeks have been 10 x better. Spirit is stronger. I fasted and have prayed much for success. Some kids struggle during lessons and it seems to rotate through kids but it’s been a huge blessing to our family.
  9. Years ago an apostle visited my ward. I was a returned missionary and my brother was there with his soon to be wife. After the meeting we were able to say a quick hi to the apostle. The apostle said to my brother... "You are not taking her to the temple with that thing on your face are you." It wasn't a question. My brother was clean-shaven the day of his marriage. As for changes. It seems like we don't have to wait for conference anymore. Seems as though it's a steady trickle of changes these days.
  10. I served with my current bishop for 3.5 years until he called my wife as Relief Society President and I was released a year ago. My bishop is great, he gets it. He always asks the presidents their opinion on callings and has them give suggestions. Sometimes he doesn't take their advice but he always considers it. I would suggest a couple things, having served in many leadership callings over the years - Sometimes you feel inspired to call someone and the bishop says no - That's okay, he has the final inspiration. Sometimes you may fee that way because that person needed to be brought to the bishops attention, or maybe they did just need the calling for a few months as that happens too. It would be good to meet with the bishop quarterly. You may have to set it up yourself, but bishops are busy. Sometimes there are bishops who just are not very good at doing what they do, it's a process and even they have to learn. Start listening to leadingsaints podcasts which is a great source on how to lead and encourage your bishop to listen as well. Both of you will become better leaders by doing so. Your bishop may not be asking much of you because, as you mentioned, the previous RS was in array. You may need to build that trust that someone else lost. Good luck, being Relief Society President is a big deal, don't be afraid to delegate as much as possible to your counselors. Maybe your example will show the bishop how he can let go of things as well.
  11. Eric Weddle, Scott Mitchell, Tony Finau, Bryce Harper
  12. Heck yes it stays- because it's a cool song. One of my favorite's, probably because I was named after the prophet. Also, it fulfills prophecy. Joseph's name has to be known for good and evil. This song helps fulfill the "good" part of that prophecy.
  13. The reason for all the rumors is due to the apostles themselves saying there are changes coming. They want us to watch and be prepared for it.
  14. 2 hour church Temple Marriage to just sealing Lots of temples announced Removal of stake auxiliaries Changes with missionary work Focus on in home family study Focus on temple work Smaller wards and stakes My big shocker: Halloween celebration banned.
  15. Some people probably want 2hour church for the wrong reason. These may be the same people that rejoiced that there was no more monthly reporting with home teaching, and then have failed to improve their ministering. Im good for whatever the prophet announces. One thing i do believe is the way we do things is going to change. Changing is a good thing- to me it’s a sign that we are aligning ourselves to become a more Zion people. If we go to 2hour church and have an extra hour we will be accountable to the Lord for that hour just like we are with all our time. For me i don’t have a pressing calling so 3 hours is not a big deal. When i was in a bishopric it seemed i could spend 6-8 hours at church- 1 hour less would be nice. We can debate the pros and cons all day but the great thing is we have a prophet that sees and if he is being told 2 hour church, i follow emphatically and there is nothing wrong with excitement.
  16. yup. However, besides family night and family scripture study I think it will be furthered - which like you said - we should be doing.
  17. Good luck with that! I think 2 hour church sounds great but I think it will also come with us being asked to do more on our own studying with our family.
  18. It's all 3rd hand. I followed the rumors close last go around - there was 2 hour church chatter but I gave it a 10% chance because nobody had a good source and it seemed like more people just wanted it. This go around I am now up to 80% it's going to happen. Multiple people saying they know someone in the know that says it's coming. Then you get comments like President Eyring gave on Saturday about members needing personal revelation to understand the Lord changes how the church does things. I am 100% on board there will be changes announced- more so than last time. A would be surprised if 2 hour church didn't happen. I'm not watching conference for the changes though as that really takes away from the messages. The changes announced will be a great opportunity to learn the Lords will together.
  19. Well - you are usually right. However, there are large groups pretty much everywhere that believes it this time. This is not because one apostle said something it's because many of them have, along with other general authorities. I think change is the new norm. The people I heard stuff from last year that were right seem to have the same info this time. Last time I was told the change would be priesthood and the final session. This time around it's sounding like every session will have something. Where will you be when 2 hour church is announced? 😆
  20. I'm trying to figure out why the argument. Like I tell my kids when they start to argue about something that hasn't happened or is still TBD - There is no point! "If" two hour church happens - some people will find it a blessing because of the business of Sunday, some people may not -it's okay. 3 hour 1 hour, 12 hours - it's tradition that is changing not doctrine. I do think it interesting the comments President Eyring said in the conference in Washington on Saturday. - As for the heads up - President Eyring said this last Saturday - “God is an unchangeable God, but as the church moves to every nation and people, and in the last days, we can expect and take joy in new messages coming from God through the Prophet. “The gospel will not change, but we will need personal revelation to feel the hand of the Lord when practical ways of doing things are changed by the Lord through His prophet.“It will also take personal revelation to see that a new way of doing things is better than the ways we have enjoyed.” — President Henry B Eyring There are going to be a bunch of changes this conference and from rumors I have heard it's not stopping then. Just because some changes benefit us immediately and others do not, it's okay - we are all blessed when we move the work forward. If less church is what moves the work forward then, lets do it!
  21. Yeah more rope. The higher law is always more rope - more agency. So instead of spending an extra hour in church i believe the focus will go to teaching in the family at home. The best place to learn is in the family. Now i have kids of all ages and this may be tough at times and harder to accomplish but there is also a higher reward. I read a rumor awhile back that the brethren have wanted to go to 2 hour church for awhile but that they were worried some members would just go home and watch more football- that is still going to happen for some The other rumor i have heard is that the church wants smaller wards and stakes - in parts of AZ we did this in 2016 - not sure if we were a pilot program but if you wanted smaller wards in some places you need more space and the way to accomplish that is 2 hour church.