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  1. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Follow up question: Do you think Jesus' example to us of blessing food could also be for the purpose of giving thanks for the life that passed on that we are consuming be it animal or plant?
  2. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    That's what I've been wondering myself. Surely the Lord cares more about us remembering Him and turning our hearts to Him rather than blessing food for the nourishment of our bodies alone. However you need to pray to effectively keep your heart aligned to the Lord is acceptable. My issue largely rests on the vain repetition of the phrase "please bless this food" without internalizing what it really means. The Savior didn't tell us to use that specific phrase, and He certainly didn't teach us to recite it mindlessly. Some people don't realize the point you just made. Some people believe blessing food is to nourish the body alone. That's not the point. The point is, as you described, to consecrate the food as nourishment to our bodies for the purpose of serving God. When we make the connection that blessing food should serve as a reminder that God provides both physical and spiritual life, that we need Him every minute of every hour to survive, that is when it becomes meaningful. We need God as the sole source of everything good and praiseworthy to nourish our spiritual life just as much as we need Him for our survival in this mortal life as He has provided the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat.
  3. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Yes, but my point is how did Christ specifically bless the food and to what purpose? To strengthen and nourish the bodies of those who consumed it?
  4. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Hoping Bishop @Vort will weigh in on this one. How do you "bless your food" or what specific phraseology do you use?
  5. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Don't you throw your kung at me, @anatess2
  6. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Lol. Northerner? I'm more south than you, homie
  7. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Ano ang sinasabi mo?
  8. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Exactly. Spot on to my opinion on the matter.
  9. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    It might help them develop common sense (eat food = nourishment for your body), but I don't think such repetitiveness helps develop a meaningful, active relationship with God
  10. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Consecrating the use of food for the welfare of our souls makes more sense to me than blessing it to nourish our bodies. I've even worded my prayers to incorporate this idea and including the specific phrase "please bless this food" by saying something to the effect of, "Please bless this food that the energy provided thereof may be used to do good," but since this is phrased so awkwardly I've tried avoiding specifically saying "please bless this food" altogether. Much more meaningful for me to pray in gratitude thanking the Lord for the food and acknowledging all life and sustenance comes from Him, both physical and spiritual sustenance.
  11. What is the purpose of praying to God to bless our food? Or more specifically, what are we trying to accomplish by reciting the phrase, "Please bless this food"? Another common version of this is for members to recite the phrase, "Please bless this food to strengthen and nourish our bodies" or "Please bless this food for the strength and nourishment of our bodies." Are we to specifically bless food for the purpose of strengthening and nourishing our bodies? What I don't understand is regardless of if we ask God to bless the food for our nourishment, the food is going to nourish us either way. We pray for nutrient food to nourish us, and it nourishes us. We don't pray for nutrient food to nourish us, and it nourishes us nonetheless. So what is the point of reciting a phrase in prayer that doesn't change the outcome of the food nourishing our bodies? Do we specifically have to say the words "please bless this food" in prayer? Recently I've tried avoiding repeating these words in prayer because I don't understand why I'm saying them. I'd be happy to return to use this specific phrase in prayer if we are in fact instructed to recite it, but I'd probably also need someone to help me understand why we would specifically need to say verbatim "please bless this food" before every meal. It's more meaningful for me to pray before meals with the purpose of acknowledging before my Heavenly Father that all physical and spiritual nourishment comes from Him. I believe this is the true purpose of why we are to pray over our food. It's make more sense to me that we are to pray over our food in gratitude and remembrance of the life God gives us rather than asking Him to "bless the food." Since we depend on food and drink for our daily sustenance, our hunger serves as a needed reminder that all life and good comes from God. Making the connection that we are just as dependent on Heavenly Father for spiritual nourishment as we are with physical nourishment has made my prayers before meals more meaningful.
  12. Do we have a duty as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to speak up when someone uses the Lord's name in vain around us? I ask because of the example President Kimball set while in a hospital one day. I think about this story sometimes whenever coworkers or others around me use the Lord's name in vain.
  13. Jeff Bezos has created a behemoth of a company. He is an amazing example of dreaming big and successful execution. Yes, he had extremely fortunate timing starting Amazon when he did, but he deserves credit where credit is due. Will Amazon ever stop growing? As long as Jeff Bezos is alive and in control, I don't think so. Will the US eventually interfere and try to break up Amazon? I know Amazon has been cautious in its structuring to not get flagged as a monopoly, but I could see the possibility of future government interference. When does Amazon close its doors, and if it ever does, what comes after?
  14. clbent04

    Power of Love

    It requires significantly less effort on your part to pray for something like having charity when you've given your heart 100 percent to the Lord. That's when He and the Holy Spirit can really work with you and elevate you to spiritual levels you could never reach on your own. What I didn't realize before are the areas in my life that prevented me from truly giving my heart over to the Lord (e.g., not praying sincerely with every prayer, not staying as far away from the edge as possible...). So developing charity for someone like me that didn't realize how much focus I needed to truly turn my heart over to God turned out to be an impossibly difficult task. Truly opening my heart to Heavenly Father this time has allowed Him to build me up spiritually in ways I've never experienced before. My struggle before was I only knew how to run the 100 meter dash. I could be exceptionally on target for these brief spiritual bursts of energy I had, but I never learned or realized what it took to run the marathon. And without truly living the gospel and inviting the Holy Spirit into our regular, everyday lives, we will fail, and any spiritual aspirations we have will be in vain as I have so thoroughly learned.
  15. clbent04

    Who Named the Book of Mormon?

    Thinking about it, I understand the reason behind what you're saying, but it still seems like plagiarism in a sense of putting your name on someone else's work you summarized. I guess this is part of where my confusion has stemmed as to why the Book of Mormon is named as such. I didn't realize histories are commonly named after those who compiled the information together. I also didn't realize before that Mormon had summarized and interjected his own inspirations into the Book of Mormon as much as he did. I thought his abridgment of the plates entailed more of his compiling the information together rather than summarizing and simplifying the messages for us in as many of the books as he touched. Part of my confusion remains however as to why the entire volume of scripture comprised of many books is accredited to just one prophet in the naming of the entire volume. It makes more sense to me now, and maybe if I mull it over a bit longer all my confusion will clear up.