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  1. clbent04

    How to Zap Someone

    This isn't an official term within the Church, but it's appropriate to describe a phenomenon I've personally experienced. My aunt used to tell me if someone is in need of Heavenly Father's love, you pray to Heavenly Father that He might "zap" them. My aunt zapped me during a time in my life when I needed God's abounding love. And after experiencing it, I have to say it's the perfect term to convey what can actually happen. God has the power to fill someone's heart and soul with an overwhelming amount of His positivity and love. If you see someone in need, consider praying to Heavenly Father that He might zap them. The power of God's love is transformative.
  2. clbent04

    My Testimony

    God the Father lives, and His Son, Jesus Christ, lives. While on this Earth, Jesus Christ lived a perfect life free from sin, performed miracles, and died a martyr. He did this to show His love to the Father and to us that we may be redeemed from our fallen state. He died on Earth as a mortal but miraculously arose from death in His infinite glory and lives again forevermore. I know this is true from praying to God for confirmation. I received these truths by experiencing the positive, peaceful feelings of the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, God confirmed these truths to me personally. I also know this is true from being assured and comforted by the Holy Spirit that I am forgiven as I have repented. This life is a test of our obedience to God. God wants us to turn our hearts to Him, but He will not force us. He pleads with us to willingly give our hearts to Him. He is the source of all things good and praiseworthy. We are to follow God according to His teachings He reveals to us by the prophets He has chosen. Prophets over time have written God’s word in books such as the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. These teachings were written to be shared with all mankind. I know both the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon are inspired scripture given to us from God. I know this from having studied the teachings and pondering them in my heart as I’ve prayed to God to know their truthfulness. As God allows us to make our own decisions, the history of man has shown a repeated behavior of us drawing close to Him for a period, only to be followed by a period of us falling away. This is a cycle that has repeated itself many times since the beginning of man’s existence on Earth. This behavior has been evident in my own life as I have gone up and down with my relationship with God. I will draw close to the Lord in a time of need only to later become too comfortable with my life and forgetful of what He has done for me. We must always be vigilant in living our lives to God that we may always have His spirit to be with us. Having His spirit with us is meaningful because God is the source of all life. Without God, we would not only cease to exist physically as He is the Great Creator, but we would also be spiritually dead. We must seek after Him to live by His light and not in darkness. Without God, we are lost wandering aimlessly through darkness. I experienced this darkness, or as I refer to it as a “black hole”, during a 3-year period in my life where I did not invite God into my heart. Not allowing God in my life for this period left me spiritually famished and malnourished. It eventually created a spiritual hunger within me so great that the Lord finally was able to pierce my heart and get through to me as I humbled myself to Him once more. The last great period of darkness this world experienced led up to the early 1800’s. Joseph Smith was a young boy during this time the world had lost God’s true gospel. Many people still led good, decent lives, but without the true and everlasting gospel in its fulness, the world was wandering aimlessly trying to take its best guess at how to follow the Lord. It was through Joseph the Lord chose to yet again restore the fulness of the gospel to His children. The Lord not only used Joseph to correctly interpret the Bible, but Joseph was also used to help bring forth the Book of Mormon and restore the Priesthood. Experiencing the power of Priesthood is what first truly opened my eyes to the Church. I received Priesthood blessings of comfort during a time of need. Upon receiving these blessings, the Holy Spirit undeniably bore witness to me of its presence in the Church and how the Priesthood is God’s power entrusted to men to effectuate His work here on the Earth. Since then I have experienced the power of the Priesthood in other settings. Participating in the blessings and ordinances effectuated by the Priesthood has enabled me to be a witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s church. I am but one man whose voice may only be heard by a few on this Earth. I share these spiritual truths nonetheless however significant or insignificant the impact may be. May the Lord bless us all that we may fulfill the measure of us having been created in His image. May my life serve as a witness to these truths that I may help those within my reach come unto Christ.
  3. That last conversation did get carried away. I'm to blame for that just as much as anyone. You mods don't always have an easy job. Thanks for regulating and keeping what's so great about this site intact
  4. Point taken. But at the end of the day if you get on this site looking for fight, does it even matter if you're arguing on the right side of the debate? No, it doesn't, at least not in terms of you coming unto Christ because you are not allowing the Spirit to act through you. Your discussions and talking points are being fueled by animosity. The motive for why we say what we say is also important.
  5. Exactly this. If we are so set on proving a point or if we have any motive in responding to someone other than loving God and loving each other, what are we trying to accomplish? Where is the love?
  6. For your reference:
  7. Why is it @Grunt's place to blow up @MormonGator's business? And you're right, it doesn't change anything. That's my point. A member's opinions are still a member's opinions regardless of their current status or activity.
  8. You can label yourself with a religion should you so choose, but @Grunt apparently wants to take it one step further and have people specify their level activity with the Church or what their level of worthiness is. I'm surprised to see the guy back on this forum since he has such a low tolerance for anyone he perceives as less worthy and faithful than he is.
  9. You obviously are if you think there's a need for @MormonGator to preface each post with "ATTENTION - please note before continuing to read my post, I am not an active member of the Church"
  10. @Grunt no one but you is confused that members of the Church come from different backgrounds and have different opinions.
  11. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Follow up question: Do you think Jesus' example to us of blessing food could also be for the purpose of giving thanks for the life that passed on that we are consuming be it animal or plant?
  12. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    That's what I've been wondering myself. Surely the Lord cares more about us remembering Him and turning our hearts to Him rather than blessing food for the nourishment of our bodies alone. However you need to pray to effectively keep your heart aligned to the Lord is acceptable. My issue largely rests on the vain repetition of the phrase "please bless this food" without internalizing what it really means. The Savior didn't tell us to use that specific phrase, and He certainly didn't teach us to recite it mindlessly. Some people don't realize the point you just made. Some people believe blessing food is to nourish the body alone. That's not the point. The point is, as you described, to consecrate the food as nourishment to our bodies for the purpose of serving God. When we make the connection that blessing food should serve as a reminder that God provides both physical and spiritual life, that we need Him every minute of every hour to survive, that is when it becomes meaningful. We need God as the sole source of everything good and praiseworthy to nourish our spiritual life just as much as we need Him for our survival in this mortal life as He has provided the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat.
  13. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Yes, but my point is how did Christ specifically bless the food and to what purpose? To strengthen and nourish the bodies of those who consumed it?
  14. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Hoping Bishop @Vort will weigh in on this one. How do you "bless your food" or what specific phraseology do you use?
  15. clbent04

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    Don't you throw your kung at me, @anatess2