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    JoCa got a reaction from AlaskaGrown03 in Pornography, Infidelity, and the Law of Chasity   
    It used to be much of society was structured to teach boys how to become men and girls how to become women . . now it is all jacked up. 
    Outside of the Church, I know of no institution that will know help me teach my son how to become a man and my daughters to become women.  And even inside the Church things are rapidly changing . . . .
    See . . .what a complete weasel. This absolute BS idea that we can allow girls to become Eagle Scouts have a "parallel" program and still keep what makes BSA, BSA. What a lie. Everything in BSA is geared towards teaching boys how to become men and leaders of men.  To allow girls to obtain Eagle Scout means that we are no focusing on teaching girls to become men or we will cease to teach boys to become men b/c BSA will so drastically change the program over time to "fit the needs" of our female scouters. What a travesty . . .the requirements will be lowered, just like it has in every organization that sets out to be "gender inclusive". Simply b/c it is a fact of nature that boys/men are stronger, faster, more physical than girls/women . . .it's a fact.  And in order to ensure that women don't feel "left behind" any organization that is physical in nature inevitable dumbs down the physical standards just so the females won't feel excluded. And the sad thing is that any boy/man with half a brain knows this but just doesn't say it and eventually when the standards are dumbed down, Boy Scouts no longer becomes challenging . . .it just becomes a social club.  What a  . . .well I have not nice words for this piece of excrement.
    And what's even more frustrating is one of the "Big Three" of Boy Scouts is a former Church Young Men General President, who voted for this policy change.  I've said it before, there is corruption and evilness . . .All is not well in Zion. Rather than taking a stand, BSA and the Church are bending to social justice warriors.  And yes, that is exactly what it is and it is not what I expect. And yes it is exactly what the SJWs want . . . . . one day, one day Christ will come; I hope it happens in my lifetime, 'cuz man otherwise I've got to deal with this crap for the next 50+ years . . .not my idea of a good time. I'm pretty positive in my lifetime we will see true persecution of saints and I'm not talking about "oh I just dislike you" or "I'm gonna get you fired from your job".  
    The Church has had it so good for 100 years it doesn't know what persecution looks like and in the history of the world, true saints have always been persecuted.
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    JoCa reacted to Jane_Doe in Where is heavenly father when I need him? Antidepressants and the spirit.   
    ** Hey everyone, let's get back to actually helping the OP **
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    JoCa reacted to Jane_Doe in Where is heavenly father when I need him? Antidepressants and the spirit.   
    My analogy: a good therapist is like a hiking guide.  They're there to help you get where you want to go by pointing the way, and providing the wisdom of experience.  But they don't tell you where you want to go, or do the walking for you.  You got to do that part.
    I would stress that while the Gospel is essential that doesn't mean you should skip on other treatments as well.  Like if someone stabbed you with a knife, yes the Gospel is going to bring you hope/forgiveness, but you should still call 911 and get into an ER ASAP.  
    My husband has diabetes.  He has to take these pills the rest of his life.  This is not depressing, it's the facts of an illness.  Some illnesses are temporary, some a permanent, some we don't know when they will be better.  Trust in the Lord & listen to yourself & consult with expert medical help. 
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    JoCa reacted to Jane_Doe in Where is heavenly father when I need him? Antidepressants and the spirit.   
    It is!  
    I... I struggle to describe it, even having been on both sides.  It's like describing a rainbow to a person who's always lived in the dark.  I... when I was frozen I just wanted things to end.  I skied recklessly, not carrying if I got hurt in an accident or even killed- after all, no physical injury could really hurt me compared to what I hurt inside.  I felt like I didn't matter- after all I was a "defective" person (that's all the depression/abuse talking, not reality).  
    When I did start to thaw, when I did start to care... suddenly skiing was terrifying!  I could get hurt- this would HURT so badly- even when I did things right my muscles ached like never before.  I'm a person who always had nightmares from the past but now... now I remembered like never before.  And I cared what happened to that little girl in my dreams.  And I CRIED for her so much!  Like never before- I never cried like that when I didn't care.  
    But now... I rarely have nightmares any more.  I sleep soundly, and dream about things in the present I enjoy.  I see rainbows, colors, vivid like never before.  Food- man food can taste SO great.  Skiing is a thrill- I feel the mountain beneath me, I jump from mogul to mogul, feeling the snow beneath me, my heart pump, my muscles and self empowered.  I love... I love so deeply  Before, when I gave my cares to someone... it didn't mean as much.  Because what I was giving (me) was shallowly rooted and not prized.  Now, I give my love I give my whole self- the valuable person I am, to another.  I am here- in the here and now- 100% with that person.  I give my whole heart, not holding back that I froze long in the past.
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    JoCa reacted to anatess2 in Working Sundays and becoming LDS   
    Boys, boys.  Newbie in dah house.  Behave. 
    As you can see @Adrian_Liam, we all have different opinions on everything.    But there's one thing certain - we want you to follow Christ the best way you can manage.  Talk to the missionaries/bishop about it and they'll help you work things out so you can get that out of the way and move you closer towards your baptism.
    God bless and may you find joy in Christ and his Church. 
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    JoCa reacted to omegaseamaster75 in Working Sundays and becoming LDS   
    Today as in Monday?
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    JoCa reacted to debsuth in Do I hear the Shepherd's Voice?   
    Do I hear the Shepherd’s voice? And if I do, do I follow Him? I asked myself these questions when I was studying John 10. Christ said, “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.” He tells us we will hear his voice because we will know Him. If we took a step back and honestly asked ourselves how well we knew Jesus, could we answer positively? It is something I have often wondered. So while I hear His voice through promptings, scriptures, prayer, and music, do I genuinely hear and listen?
    The Jews were stubborn in their ways, and they would not adapt their thinking to believe in Christ. They saw Him perform miracles, testify of His divinity, yet they could not see. There may be things in our lives that will affect our ability to believe Christ and follow Him. Do we honestly see and understand Him for who He is in our lives? Let me share a story that may help to clarify.
    Since it is Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about chocolates. I wanted to find the perfect box for each of my children so that they could have a gift from my husband and me. I looked at every one on the aisle, and while some were good, they weren’t right. Others were fancy, but not the thing I was looking for. I kept looking on and changed my direction a few times, and finally came to the last aisle. I was still searching and asking myself if that chocolate gift was right. Somehow I just couldn’t decide on one. As far-fetched as it sounds, I found the perfect box at the end of the last row. It was just the right size, price, look and the chocolates inside I knew would be delicious. Each chocolate was separate and gave my children choices of what they might have; I knew they would love them!
    As silly as this sounds, I was patient in this story and, I wasn’t giving up. I did not settle for the mediocre candy that looks good but tastes cheap on the inside. I was seeking, searching and waiting until I found them. In my mind, I had the idea I wouldn’t buy any if I couldn’t find a decently good gift, it wouldn’t be worth it. Isn’t this how we seek the Savior, always owing to our conscience to keep waiting and watching? We would never settle for any common or ordinary thing in life to satisfy our profound demands for acceptance and love from our Savior. So we watch and wait, always seeking and asking for Him in our lives. We will all be rewarded at the end if we hold out faithful to the end.
    Endurance is the most significant test of our time. There are so many distractions and false gods that we have to hold true to our testimony and belief in Jesus Christ. We keep seeking and listening for His voice. He is there, waiting for us. But we also need to be tested for our valiancy to Him.
    I will always be grateful to Him in my life, although, I have a long way to becoming what He needs me to be, I am seeking, asking and waiting.
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    JoCa reacted to zil in Let's talk Moore   
    Erm, I really haven't noticed birds in church.  Further, when people bring wings to potluck dinners, I'm pretty sure the right wings are in there with the left wings.  No.  Leftyism may be A-OK, but I'm pretty sure the Church doesn't favor left wings over right wings.  (And now I want to go to  Kentucky Fried Chicken.)
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    JoCa got a reaction from Just_A_Guy in Let's talk Moore   
    I trust you  . . .that sucks it's your hometown, ugh . . .
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    JoCa reacted to Just_A_Guy in Let's talk Moore   
    FWIW, that case pretty much IS my hometown, at least in a broad sense.  The courthouse where Mohamed was sentenced is where I practiced until about a year ago—in fact, I’ve been in front of Judge Trease before.  
    (And I realize that in real life you don’t know me from Adam, so feel free to disregard if you like!)
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    JoCa reacted to Just_A_Guy in Let's talk Moore   
    I partly agree.  In college I had a Haitian apartment mate who had seen terrible things under Aristide; and as a result he had symptoms that in hindsight I would say bordered on paranoid/schizophrenia.  His bedroom mate (a Greek) was sincerely (and, I suspect, rightly) in fear of his own life by the end of the first semester.  So yeah, I get the dangers of the baggage a lot of these guys carry.  
    On the other hand, a lot of our “Greatest generation” saw terrible things in WW2; and migrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries had often seen plenty of violence and rapine and death in their home countries; but they still assimilated more-or-less successfully.  We want to get the “good immigrants”; and I think one of the failures of establishment Republicans has been in failing to make a case at the grass-roots level articulating the benefits of a healthy immigration system (along with downplaying security concerns and demonizing those who raise them)—they have just expected rank-and-file conservatives to take certain dogmas/shibboleths on immigration as an article of faith.
    Then again, I think Trump goes too hard in the other direction; and the core of his base even more so.  I think good vetting *is* possible, if we change our approach.  It can’t be a simple “what do you think about x?” interrogation; and of course following up with a bunch of references provided by the applicant himself is foolhardy in this age of internet-connected terror cells who would all be happy to vouch for each other.  IMHO would-be migrants need to show that they’ve already established a record of adopting/advocating American cultural norms even when they were in their own countries (published work in academia, successful research/inventions, a history of activism on behalf of western values, suffering persecution due to membership in a Judeo-Christian religion, etc).  Maybe we would even want some undercover guys posing as fellow immigrants from the homeland trying to draw them out about this subject or that and see how they talk about their hosts when they think no one’s listening.  That, in conjunction with quotas and some other creative thinking, could promote a regimen where we are truly getting the best of the best—which I think is what we all want.  
    From an LDS standpoint, though, my suspicion is that the Church muckey-mucks have decided that America as we knew it is done both culturally and politically; and they are working like mad to promote a gospel culture that will endure when this hopelessly corrupt civil society comes crashing down.   If that’s the case, and the Pax Americana that allows our missionaries to travel freely is in decay, then from the Church’s standpoint it makes sense to try to get potential converts in proximity to our missionaries as quickly as possible by any means necessary—including advocating a free flow of immigration into our already-dying republic.  A chilling thought . . . And while the Church may be ready to throw in the towel on America, I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. 
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    JoCa reacted to anatess2 in Let's talk Moore   
    Oh, not just the Presidency, my man.  Imagine the courts!  If there's nothing else that Trump accomplishes except for the appointment of 140+ judges in Federal court vacancies he would have been a successful president.  Trump has proven to be true to his promise of populating the federal judiciary with constitutionalists.  I don't see much of a compromise nomination there which is one of the main reasons the Senate is moving on them as if wading through molasses.
    Live in the Philippines for a while.  You got political parties all over the place with no fixed ideologies, all candidates running individually with all their oligarch backers hidden behind the curtain.  We got a President from one party and a Vice President from another party doing her own thing.   You got senators from the President's party backing the VP and senators from the VP's party backing the President...  you have no idea what their real game is.  At least with the American system, you can pretty much guess where they are going to fall on the vote according to which political party they belong to.
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    JoCa reacted to anatess2 in Let's talk Moore   
    This is not true of Republicans.  Republicans DO respect the courts as is evidenced by their overwhelming demand for constitutionalists (hmm... why does this word appear as a misspelled word on spell check?).  Gianfonte got convicted of misdemeanor assault AFTER he was elected and his supporters, in and out of Montana, accepted that verdict.  The thing is, Montana doesn't care that Gianfonte assaulted a reporter, even a Fox News reporter.
    In the case of Roy Moore, if this goes to court (instead of fading to the woodwork - as Allred doesn't seem interested in pursuing a real case so far), and he gets convicted of assault, chances are Alabama wouldn't care as it happened 40 years ago.  But if he gets convicted of sexual assault on a minor, then they're probably going to clamor for him to resign even if it happened 40 years ago.  And that's because the governor is Republican and the seat is guaranteed Republican.  Now, say, for some insane reason a Democrat is governor of Alabama.  I believe Alabama will tolerate Moore until they can elect a Republican governor or a Republican senator.  Alabama, like most Republicans, are sensitive to immorality.  But Alabama is also politically tuned in and would weigh electoral consequences especially after Moore having served effectively in the Supreme Court with the same exact immoral history.
    You really shouldn't be so callous about Duterte when you have no idea what is happening in the country and has no sense of the machinations of power that is just as complex, if not more so, than the American government.  We are fighting for our lives and the lives of our children.  Stay in your country while we settle our own problems the way we want to settle them without intervention from western do-gooders who only has to worry about a 40-year-old accusation of sexual assault on a minor done by one of their nominated senators.
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    JoCa got a reaction from SilentOne in Let's talk Moore   
    Are we in agreement . . .can I put up my Carlton happy dance again?? :-).
    I agree, at the end of the day if true, it raises some very serious questions. 
    However, if true 40 years is a very long time . . . Alma the Younger did a lot of great things even though he did some real bad stuff when he was young.  I don't think it automatically disqualifies him, people do and can change . . .that is the whole point of the gospel . . .but I'd certainly want to see a good bit of evidence that he did change.
    I don't think it's true at all . . . but if it is true he has got a pretty long track record of doing the right things (i.e. no serious allegations after 1977-1979) and that counts for something in my book. 
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    JoCa reacted to Just_A_Guy in Let's talk Moore   
    Yeah, I think upthread I suggested that Moore’s best strategy (assuming the whole thing were true) would be to say “as gosh is my witness, I thought she was sixteen” and move forward—he’d still come off as a creeper; but probably preferable electorally to his democrat opponent.  But, by denying everything, he has foreclosed that route.  At this stage, assuming he is guilty—penitence and denial are simply incompatible.
    This was a pretty revolting case, and I really can’t understand why this dirtbag wasn’t deported posthaste.  His story, too, is a textbook example of the hazards of inferior vetting of immigrants (dude thought this was normal and/or was traumatized because his behavior was par for the course in the war-torn Hadeshole he came from).  I’m glad he was apparently (time will tell for sure) “rehabilitated” by the system rather than thrown into prison and allowed to harden, but . . . Do we have to keep him?
    That’s just it.  One facile “well, the other guys control the courts”, and we’re perfectly comfortable keeping right on believing what we want to believe regardless of what the actual verdict was.  So, no, we really aren’t all that sincerely  concerned about learning truth by letting the judicial process play out; we’re just trying to buy time for our boy.
    Even if Moore were actually convicted, his fans would be reaching for the “biased courts” trope even faster than  Roddy Duterte’s jackbooted goons can reach for for the meth they plant on their victims’ bodies. 
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    JoCa reacted to anatess2 in Let's talk Moore   
    Who sets the bar?  The courts.  The problem with the Clintons is they own the Justice Dept and the press provides cover.  Hence... drain the swamp.  Neither Roy Moore nor the GOP own the courts and the media is out to skewer them.
    Now, who protects the innocent in the electoral arena?  Nobody seems like.  Unless you're a Democrat.
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    JoCa reacted to Just_A_Guy in Let's talk Moore   
    Of course, I was responding to @anatess2‘s praise of the concept of “innocence until proven guilty” in the electoral arena.  The questions this begs—and the issues I was hinting at, apparently too subtly—are, *what* constitutes “proof”; and *who* gets to decide whether that burden has been met.  A plurality of Americans last year decided that Clinton’s alleged malfeasance was *not* a bar to her holding office.  That doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop the rest of us from concluding that she is indeed guilty of unethical/illegal behavior—which is precisely my point.  The implicit suggestion that we ought to wait for an adjudication of guilt by some formal inquisitorial body before drawing our own conclusions as to the guilt of the accused—either in Clinton’s case, or in Moore’s—is clearly nonsense.  
    This isn’t about Moore’s right to due process; it’s about some Republicans not really caring, at the end of the day, whether Moore tried to get lucky with a fourteen-year-old.  And those same Republicans are now spouting canards about due process that they don’t really believe, in a desperate attempt to get the rest of us to shut up.
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    JoCa got a reaction from Midwest LDS in Girlfriend/ Possibly Fiancé Soon[F23] Admitted To Me[M24] That She Has Had A Problem With Pornography   
    Just ask her and if she doesn't know have her ask her Bishop.  For pornography issues there is no rule that one cannot attend the temple while dealing with pornography.  Some Bishops might take away a recommend, while others might not.  Some Bishops might say "don't partake of the sacrament for a month" others might not, it is totally dependent upon the individual, where they are in the repentance process and the Bishop under God's inspiration.
    If the Bishop took away or prohibits going to the temple then he should have a pretty good idea as to the length of time that he takes it away, but he might leave it open to the individual as in he might say "you can get the recommend back when you feel you have fully repented and can answer the questions honestly".
    Doesn't surprise me in the least . . .more likely than not she used pornography to help self-medicate whatever difficult problems she has had. The biggest question for that is has she learned how to self-medicate without the need to use porn?
    More likely than not as she goes through life, she will encounter way more difficult years than she has last year; if she hasn't figured out how to cope with difficult problems without going to porn, then it could be a rough ride.
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    JoCa reacted to Blossom76 in A Compromise!   
    I'm so happy right now!
    As some of you know my husband is very Catholic and I'm investigating the LDS church, I love the Book Of Mormon and I'm praying to know if its true (nothing yet but I'll keep praying!) but my husband was umm lets just say 'less than impressed' with the whole idea.
    Anyway, we have come to a compromise.  If I study the LDS faith for 18 months in depth and still want to join he will be supportive of me and even come to my baptism!  The only condition is that I have to study the Catholic faith at the same time (his point is you can't leave your own church for another if you don't even have a proper grounding in your own faith.  He also thinks I should have a proper understanding of the LDS faith before converting).  
    He doesn't mind me attending LDS church as long as I go to Mass with him first (which is fine because the Mass is in the morning and the ward for my area is in the afternoon).  I do try to go to LDS church every week but honestly I need to be more dedicated (4 hours of church a week is a long time!)  
    He has also agreed to study the LDS church with me (he will also help me study the Catholic church as well) and read the Book Of Mormon.
    God certainly does work in your life if you pray and keep faith.  This is definitely progress people!
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    JoCa got a reaction from Sunday21 in Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard speak to the Youth   
    I thought it was really good.  I liked/loved most of the answers . . . a few were a little basic (but that's okay b/c of the forum). I did like Elder Oaks part when asked about homosexuality about labeling.  I just wish they were a little more firm . . .it's like they wanted to be firm but don't want to actually say it. 
    The gest of Elder Oaks portion in relation to homosexuality was that we should avoid labeling ourselves but for some reason he couldn't just come out at say, STTE: look individuals who have a problem with SSA should not label themselves as homosexual, it does a disservice to them and to the body of Christ.  Even though that is clearly what he was driving at except he used other innocous examples like labeling "I'm from Texas".  I'm like . .Elder Oaks, just say it man . . .labeling oneself as a homosexual is not good!!
    (And it is something I have said numerous times here).
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    JoCa reacted to Grunt in Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard speak to the Youth   
    I watched it live.  "Pornography?, GET OVER IT"
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    JoCa reacted to Sunday21 in Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard speak to the Youth   
    Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard speak to the Youth. Have you heard this? Wow! A lot of great advice for anyone of any age. I am going to finish listening to this on Sunday. If interested, you will find this on as one of the 'featured happenings'. It has various descriptions at various times. At the moment it is labelled as "See two apostles answers to questions from young adults"
    So great!
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    JoCa got a reaction from Midwest LDS in Let's talk Moore   
    For some reason in today's society, all it takes is 1 single female with an axe to grind and your reputation is lower than dirt . . .no matter what else you have done in life and no matter if the accusations are false b/c in the end it's he said, she said and in today's feminazi world she always wins.
    Now, I say this knowing full well there are a lot of scumbags out there, in hollywood, politics, etc. If there is true remorse on the part of the elites then they will be opening up the whole ball of wax . . . including ditching the plethora of actual true pedophiles in hollywood and politics and that stuff goes way deeper than most people want to even think about.