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  1. Hi, I'm a hobby genealogist from Germany and I'm interested in some online/digitized microfilm images on Unfortunately, these are only available to members that have a connected LDS account, which I don't have (because I don't have a "Membership Record Number"). I'm now hoping that someone here could help me out. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Best wishes, Lisa
  2. Hi, I hadn't heard of Meeting Houses yet, there's indeed one near me :-) Thanks for this suggestion, and also the chat idea! I'll take a look at that :-) If someone has other suggestions as well, I'd be happy to hear them! Thank you and best wishes, Lisa
  3. Hi, thanks for your quick reply, Sunday21! I already tried looking for a family history center, but unfortunately, the only one that's within driving distance for me here in Germany is only open when I have to work :-( That's why I was hoping that a forum user might be willing to help directly. Thanks again! Lisa