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  1. Thank you! To update, she is going to get her temple recommend in about a week when she meets with her Bishop again. She’s been doing very well! On top of that, we’re looking at a late spring wedding!?
  2. I actually did consider this, though it’s not the deciding factor. I’m certain I want to wait for her, because she’s doing really well and it isn’t so bad her it is an addiction. Well that and I love her like crazy. It honestly won’t be too long we’ll have to wait. I’m posting this I was honestly just curious to what wait times other situations yielded. I didn’t mean for it to be a “please help me decide” post. I was just mainly trying to ask for general curiosity of how long people in similar situations have waited.
  3. So, I’ve been dating this absolutely amazing girl for a little while, and recently she just hit me with this because we are getting pretty serious and we are probably going to get engaged soon. She’s coming out of a difficult year and she admitted to me last night that she has had a pornography problem. Not a full pornography addiction problem, but an occasional problem viewing it. She hasn’t viewed it for 2 months now, and is actively working with her bishop about the issue. I love this girl like crazy, and her me. I’m just wondering how long are we going to have to wait for her to be worthy of a temple recommend again? We both agree that the only marriage we want is a Temple marriage, so this is definitely a big part. I know the length of wait is largely dependent on the situation, but I want to ask how long would you say one would have to wait to be temple worthy again for something like this? I also want to note that I know that this is between her and the Lord, not her, me, and the Lord. However, because we are talking about marriage I’d really like to know if we’re going to be waiting a couple months, or if we’re going to be waiting a year or more. Just a basic idea would be nice.
  4. Danny Phantom

    First date ideas?

    Hey all! Just trying to brainstorm some good first date ideas that would allow for a good amount of conversation while not allowing too many opportunities for awkward silences. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
  5. She is, and I considered that option, but I'm just trying to do this in the most natural, least socially awkward way I can manage. I'm not socially awkward, but I also am not very experienced dating so I'm not really too familiar with the do's and do not's of dating. Something about getting her phone number from LDS tools and randomly texting her with no reason aside from, "Hey I want to call you to ask you out because I know I'm not supposed to do it over text." doesn't exactly give me the vibe of not socially awkward, if that makes sense. Haha!
  6. So, I've talked to her several times the past couple of weeks, but haven't had a chance to have a good conversation with her because she's always talking to a friend and I never really get in a good opportunity to ask her out. That, and I only see her once a week at church, and then if I want to approach this in person, I have to wait a whole other week until I *might* get a chance again. The past couple of weeks I haven't been able to go to YSA activities during the week because of work and school. I am friends with her on Facebook, so maybe I could talk to her on there, get her number, and call to ask her out. I don't know. I know the whole, "Don't ask them out any other way than in person or over the phone, but I only see her once a week and even then it's a roll of the dice of whether I get a good opportunity to say more to her than, "Hey, how are you?". I don't want to seem overly interested or creepy or anything, so if after church she's busy talking to multiple other girls, I just end up going home because 1) I'm not going to just stand there and wait for a chance to talk to her, because that does make me seem over interested and socially awkward and 2) walking up and trying to talk to her while she's talking to other people would be equally weird of me to do. I'm just lost on what I can do. Haha! Advice appreciated if anyone has anymore to give. You've all already given me some great advice and I really appreciate it, by the way!
  7. Haha! Love it! My phase with that show had its run, which I grew out of, however I love this parallel you've drawn! Ha!
  8. Yep, I have definitely learned that the hard way. I've been on a few first dates from Mutual, and each and every single one of them had the attitude of, "Oh, I'm not looking to date. Just to hang out and chill." I've stopped using Mutual almost altogether, because it's gotten me nowhere. I agree, and that has been my new focus. Meeting people at church and church activities, that is.
  9. I have to second you on this, actually. I have this new Mutual LDS dating app, and I have to say that I have encountered countless girls on there that say something like "Just looking for people to chill with, nothing more." or "Just on here for the free dinners." in their 'About Me' section. Honestly, it's ridiculous, and I'm really tired of seeing that. I mean, I get people have their reasons, but if you're going to put "Just on here for the free dinners." on there, I'm sorry, but that is a really scummy thing to do.
  10. I definitely understand that it is just them telling me in a nice way that they don't want to date me, which I'm fine with. I wish they would just be straight up with me, though. I hate beating around the bush. So dumb.
  11. Oh wow! That certainly is quite the reaction to being asked out! Were they tears of joy, horror, or nervousness? Haha!
  12. That's for sure. I'm not desperate, but I always worry that I'll give the false appearance of desperation, if that makes sense.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I wish I just barely got off my mission. I've been off my mission for over three years now. I've kind of been slacking on dating.? I definitely don't have any high hopes or expectations going into it, but I will admit, I'm really, really tired of relationships not going anywhere. It feels like every girl I date has the same "I'm not ready for a relationship because I'm still trying to figure out [insert whatever]" Regardless, I understand how things work and I'm cautiously keeping any hopes or expectations low. I guess I mostly wanted to think of a segue into a natural conversation in which I would avoid the appearance of desperation, or trying too hard.