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  1. @Jane_Doe I am slightly confused regarding him not getting medical assistance. Wouldn't someone have been there who he could speak to? I am not criticising the people on his mission at all. Perhaps he is just missing it.
  2. If my son was having mental health problems on his mission, would he have been given medical assistance whilst on his mission? My husband said when he was on his mission, being sad was just put down to being homesick. But that was so long ago when my husband was a missionary.
  3. 2 of his emails were wishing me and his dad happy birthday, they just said Happy Birthday. 1 email was him telling us he was going to extend his mission and we wouldn't hear from him for the last 6 weeks. The other email was blank but he had attached a picture of himself, because I had asked him in a few emails to send me a picture of himself, because he opted not to Skype us on Mother's day but to phone instead so I was worried then why he didn't want us to see him, so I asked him to send a picture of himself so i could see he was okay. His emails were always really brief, I cant think of anyone specific who he mentioned. Although, that didn't concern me because he has always been very private and likes to keep things to himself.
  4. I do have an email for his mission president, my husband thinks we shouldn't bother him though because if something bad did happen then we would have heard. What do you think I should say in the email?
  5. Do you think someone on his mission will know if something happened to him? Perhaps my husband or I could contact them
  6. He definitely didn't write to my husband and I every week. I have tried speaking to him but he wont respond to me. When I asked him why ye is spending so much time in his room he said he was tired. My husband said missions cannot exhausting but it has been 4 weeks. He was meant to be starting college classes from Monday but he said he wants to wait until next semester now.
  7. Hi, my oldest son returned from his mission 4 weeks ago and I think he has been sad ever since he came home. He barely celebrated Christmas with us and he has hardly left his room since being home. Whilst he was still on his mission I had a feeling that something was wrong with him, he very rarely wrote to us after the first year of him being away, and when the rule changed so he could phone us every week he emailed saying he wouldn't be doing that and he wanted to finish his mission the way he started it. I emailed him most weeks and he only emailed us 4 times in the last 6 months of his mission. Then a few weeks before he was due to come home, he told us he had decided to extend his mission for 6 weeks. My husband says it is quite normal for a returned missionary to feel that way and that he felt the same. Although, I remember when my husband returned and he may have been upset without me realising it but he was nothing like the way our son is now. Do you think it is normal behavior? He hasn't even gone to church since he has been home and that isn't like him at all. If it is normal how long do you think it will last? Also, I am slightly concerned something happened to him on his mission. Is there someone my husband or I can talk to, so we can find out? P.s I am not a member but my husband is
  8. My daughter has gone back to college now out of state. She comes to visit the baby once a semester and comes back for Christmas and summer, but I am the baby's main carer. I hope she has learnt from her mistakes and is fully focusing on her studies. I just hope when she graduates she will be ready to look after her baby full time.
  9. My oldest 2 children had an unstable childhood and in their early teen years my husband and I weren't always available to them. I admit that we made mistakes and now I only want to keep my son safe by keeping him at home, where I can at least know he is okay every day. My husband will wait up until 2 or 3 AM, I just simply can't do that.
  10. yes evicting a pregnant 18 year old would have made me a great mother.
  11. What you are suggesting I do is allow my son to make the wrong choice, which goes against my maternal instinct.
  12. Yes and I know that it was wrong of me to, knowing that my husband wouldn't like it. My husband thinks I allowed it because I am too soft on our son. The truth is I couldn't stop him, I couldn't wait up until 2 or 3 AM and ask his girlfriend to leave. I have 2 very young children and a grandchild I am looking after by myself. I can't chase after my adult children and make sure they are behaving.
  13. No, my husband and I didn't know she was fornicating.
  14. I didn't mean he needs his father's permission to fornicate. Obviously, that makes no sense. I told him he needs his father's permission to have his girlfriend stay over.
  15. Okay, how should I have responded to my daughter's pregnancy? I didn't want my other kids to see me angry or hear me shout, because if they ever make a mistake I want them to come to me. However, my kids knew I was disappointed.