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  1. Scott

    The time of Christ's death

    I have no idea where you are getting your calculations, but they are way off. The 9th hour is 3PM. That would make it the morning of the same day in the Americas. 6 PM in Jerusalem would be 11 AM in New York, 10 AM in Mexico City or Lima Peru, and 8 AM in Los Angeles, all of them the same day. 6 PM in Jerusalem would be midnight in Tokyo rather than anywhere in the Americas.
  2. Scott

    Nike: Why I Believe a Boycott May Work

    I wonder if all of this (especially if there is an organized boycott) will affect Nike's political contributions? Nike has been a huge contributer to Republicans and the Republican Party all the way up to the 2018 elections. It will be interesting to see if there is a shift in this come next election.
  3. OK, that's weird (the study). This might be the most Captain Obvious study I have seen. It really doesn't even have to include abortion. Isn't it obvious that people in their teens will have more money if they didn't have children, even if they didn't have an abortion? Heck, even if you are in your 40's, this is still true. "One in four women will have an abortion by the time she is 45 years old, and in almost all cases there is a male partner,” "Almost all cases"?
  4. I believe the biggest issues other Christian churches have with our church, doctrine wise, is the belief than men can become like God and also that the Godhead is three different personages/beings. Believing in more than one God or that even that more than one exist is a no-no in most (probably all) other Christian churches. Also, a lot of them don't like us claiming to be the only true church or the only ones with the fullness of the gospel either, but the above are the biggest issues most of them have with our doctrine.
  5. It's close to it as far as official position from other churches go.
  6. Scott

    The Billy Graham Rule

    I guess proper means something different to different people. Personally, I would have thought the proper thing to do would be to give the young lady/babysitter a ride home and to be well behaved and act like a gentleman. I have never had a second thought about giving a babysitter a ride home, or anyone else for that matter. I guess the liability is something to be concerned about.
  7. Scott

    Failure to launch

    I left home at 16, but did return for a few months at age 18 just prior to getting married. Even if you had a great relationship with your parents, I don't think I'd want to live with them as an adult (unless you needed to take care of them).
  8. Scott

    Polygamy Porter

    I don't drink beer (obviously), but Polygamy Porter is big in the tourist places in Utah such as Moab or Springdale (entrance to Zion National Park). I don't see it much outside those areas, but then again, I don't really look for it.
  9. Scott

    Polygamy Porter

    Here is a map:
  10. Scott

    Polygamy Porter

    You can still marry your cousin there though.
  11. Scott

    New 007

    Kissing someone's wife passionately on the floor is still going after a married woman. I'm not going to post a link though. Felicca.
  12. Personally, I like sports; I just don't like watching somebody else play them (unless it's my own kids of course). I like steak too, but I'm not going to pay to watch someone else eat one, especially if they are getting paid a dumptruck of money to do so. Bring back Church Ball and the neighborhood hoop games! 😉 Bring back the sandlots. More playing; less watching! It doesn't matter how athletically inclined one is either; let's just play! 🙂 Of course my opinion isn't reality, so watch on.
  13. Scott

    New 007

    Fair enough. You win. In Casino Royale, The Spy Who Loves Me, and Tomorrow Never Dies, they were definitely married. I admit that it does both me a bit, but maybe I shouldn't watch them anyway. Trying to look up which Bond girls were married and which ones were merely in relationships probably isn't a wholesome activity for the forum anyway, so I think I'll just zip it as far as that topic goes. 🤐
  14. Scott

    New 007

    OK, good. I should have only said often, and some of them aren't married, but only in a relationship. I haven't seen that many. Looking online, here are some of the ones where he went after women who were either married or in a relationship: Tomorrow Never Dies Casino Royale Licence to Kill The Spy Who Loves Me The Man with the Golden Gun A View to Kill Octopussy Thunderball