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  1. Scott

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    Matthew 27:46. That's the only one I can think of.
  2. Scott


    Here's what FAIR says on the matter:,_and_does_this_account_for_stories_about_"Bigfoot"%3F Apparently it was a third hand account made decades later and wasn't written by Patten himself. That doesn't mean it can't be true though, but personally I don't believe the story.
  3. Scott


    I'm just curious as to what others think on this topic. Why did God place the mark on Cain as a protection so he couldn't be killed? Genesis 4:15 And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him. Was this out of compassion? Why did the Lord place the mark on Cain as a protection?
  4. If we are to believe second hand accounts, Joseph Smith was the first to teach this. No official first hand records exist (as far as I know), but our official Church History contains second hand accounts. If we are to believe other second hand accounts, Zina Young (wife of Brigham Young after Joseph's death), who was the former wife of Joseph Smith said that in 1839 Joseph told her that we had two heavenly parents. I see no reason to disbelieve the claim since that doctrine became officially taught in later years. Birgham Young seems to be the first prophet to teach the doctrine publically.
  5. Scott

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    What source are you using for this? This is completely false and you have already been corrected. Once again the Shi'ites are not the majority. Where did I say that?
  6. Here are the employment statistics: Here is the same chart, but with lines drawn between the start and ends of each presidency. This is false. Those are not the reasons for most of the debt. The two biggest factors are military spending and medicare/medicaid/Social Security. According to the source above, only three of those came out of the US (the airplane, nuclear power, and the internet). The radio was also partially invented by one US scientist. But, yes, a lot of inventions come out of the US. This is true, but infant mortality can't be eplained away by diet. So you are saying that the other healthcare systems are better that score higher than us?
  7. It definitely has, at least in our church.
  8. Scott

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    Your "understanding" is wrong. Most Kurds are Sunni. Where did you ever get the "understanding" that the "single largest segment of that ethnic group are Shi'ite"? No one said that all Kurdish people are communists. What was said is that most of the leadership of the Kurdish political groups are communists or have ties to communist groups. We're talking about political leaders, not Imams.
  9. Scott

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    While that's all nice, what does this have to do with the Kurds? And you still haven't answered the question below: What are the political idealogies of the following organizations?Communist Party of Kurdistan Iraq:–_IraqCommunist Party of Kurdistan: Workers Party:'_PartyWorker Communist Party of Kurdistan: It's a simple question. Please stop avoiding it and answer. OK then. What would you say that the views on the zakat are from the most prominent Kurdish leadership groups? PS, I can tell if you're just googling something. Tell us from your own words. If you are knowlegable about both the Kurds and the Koran, this should be really easy. Reference? That's what I have already said. We are agree on this. Iran does not back ISIS. Iran backs Assad which is the enemy of ISIS and ISIS and Iran are mortal enemies. ISIS is Sunni. Iran is Shi'ite. ISIS has attacked Iran and both have vowed to eliminate each other. You really have no idea what you are talking about. I'd highly recommend looking up the definition of cozen. Never mind though; I knew what you meant.
  10. Scott

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    My impression is that you know nothing of what you are talking about. I have been to many Islamic countries and have talked to hundreds (maybe thousands?) of devout Muslims. You? How many Islamic countries have you been to? And I'm willing to bet that I know the Koran a lot better than you do. Obviously such alignments are not evidence of ideological agreement, but the Kurdish organizations and the idealogies are evidence. The names and idealogies of their organizations are not secret and are stated publically. Simple question. What are the political idealogies of the following organizations? Communist Party of Kurdistan Iraq:–_Iraq Communist Party of Kurdistan: Kurdistan Workers Party:'_Party Worker Communist Party of Kurdistan: There are a lot more than this too. What do think are the idealogies of the above? What Biblical evidence do you have that the land of Magog is Kurdistan?
  11. Scott

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    The Kurdish communists groups (or most of their other political parties and organizations) aren't an Islamic movement (even if some of them incorporate religious laws into their beliefs). They are a secular movements; in fact many want a separation of Church and State. Most Kurds are Muslims (though other tribal beliefs are mixed in with their form of [mostly] Sunni Islam), but that doesn't mean all of their movements are Islamic movements. Further, historically there have been many Islamic movements that sided with communism (and others that sided against it).
  12. Scott

    Lovely morning

    Here in Craig, we only had a high of 11. It's already -9 again. Craig's high was colder than the lowest temperature in Alaska today. Alaska: Colorado:
  13. Scott

    Lovely morning

    Where in Wyoming? I'm working just south of Baggs Wyoming, just barely inside Colorado.
  14. Scott

    Lovely morning

    Even colder at work. Since this is after 10 AM, it must have been even colder at sunrise. I have to work outside today too.
  15. Scott

    Lovely morning

    -24 with the winchill.