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  1. Scott

    Domestic Terrorism

    The thing is that people don't get punished for blocking roads and pointing guns at people. The Bundy supporters blocked the entire I-15 Freeway, the main arterial between LA, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City, and pointed rifles and guns at motorists, rather than just the ground: (Ironically the were protesting a different BLM) They were made into political heroes and the ones that did get punished for extreme vandalism were pardoned; some of them even by the president. Apparently domestic terrorism is OK as long as politicians on whatever side agree with the protestors. As I said in a previous thread, I wouldn't want to be in law enforcement now.
  2. Scott

    Kamala Harris? Really?

    Can you elaborate what you are referring to? I admit I don't know that much about Kamala Harris. Why does the pick make the party come to the end of the line and derailed?
  3. Scott

    Bull-crap Indoctrination about Bull-crap.

    Making a quick buck? People make a lot more money denying global warming than those researching it. Any one of those scientists would be making a lot more money if they worked with the fossil fuel industry.
  4. Scott

    Stopping COVID

    Whole family tested positive and quarantined until August 5. Losing taste is more unpleasant than I thought. I'm really hungry, but all food is unappetizing because all food completely tasteless. I didn't lose all taste because I can still taste Nyquil. It's the only thing that has a taste.
  5. Scott

    Stopping COVID

    I agree, but only those admitted to the hospital and in bad condition can get a rapid test. Everyone else has to wait 5-10 days for results. Some people are waiting 16 days for test results. As for me, I had no idea I had any contact with someone who had COVID19. I just started feeling crappy on Friday afternoon. Then my wife and daughter got sick on Saturday. I called in sick on Monday and my supervisor told me to go get a COVID test right away (I already had an appointment to get one on July 31) because the lab manager just got sent to the hospital and his rapid test (at the hospital) came back positive. As far as what to do, we're supposed to stay self quarantined until we have either a negative test or no fever for three days straight. I haven't had contact with any non-medical worker or family member since getting sick. The bad thing is that unless you can answer yes to being in direct contact with a COVID positive person, you have to wait five days or so to get a test. Then you have to wait another 5-10 days to get a result back (or 16 in some cases). We're also not supposed to go to the hospital unless we have trouble breathing.
  6. Scott

    Stopping COVID

    I'm pretty sure we'll survive, but it sounds like my coworker is not doing well. He's in his 70's I think. Apparently more coworkers got sick as well.
  7. Scott

    Stopping COVID

    Three people at work got sick in the past few days. I was one of them. Then my daughter and wife got sick. My coworker just got sent to the hospital and isn't doing well. He tested positive which means we probably are too. Apparently only hospital patients can get the rapid test, but we're pretty sure we have it too. Achy, dizzy, hurts to breathe, etc. It's pretty bad. Had a false alarm a few months ago with only the flu, but this time it looks like we have it.
  8. Scott

    Stopping COVID

    It's more than that. I grew up in the worst part of West Valley (but after moving from a worst neighborhood in a bad part of Chicago). You have to understand that in low income areas, housing is very crowded . For example we had one bedroom for four boys (we slept on cots on a concrete floor). Infection rate are always higher in crowded places. If one of the boys got sick, there was no way to seperate them unless we slept outside. My sister got her own room. My dad slept in a tiny space of a basement and my mom slept on the couch. There just isn't a way to seperate kids (or adults) in small houses or apartments. If someone gets sick, everyone does. If you have a larger house (my kids both have their own bedroom), there's at least a chance that they entire house won't get it. Some of the minority families in the neighborhood would live with 3-4 families in the same tiny house. Also, low income families are (usually) less likely to seek medical attention. That would be my guess why infection rates are higher in those areas.
  9. I'm just asking since I am curious about your opinion. Would it ever be a valid reason if the death rate was higher? MERS for example, has a death rate of over 1/3 of the people infected. It just wasn't ad widespread as COVID-19. If COVID-19 had a similar death rate to MERS, would it be a valid reason to require mask? One reason I am asking is because I see no reason why there couldn't be a future virus outbreak that has a much higher death rate than COVID-19.
  11. I have been shocked by lightning twice (1987 and 1991). That is a good info-graphic, but it seems that a lot (maybe most?) people are only focused on death rates. Most people will survive COVID19, but there are a lot of complications that no one will want to get. Death isn't the ony unpleasant outcome.
  12. I actually heard it from a Dane (Ejnar Fjerdingstad) rather than wiki. Of note, he's also the only European I know who likes Trump. Anyway, Ejnar was ranting because Muslims or protesters can burn the Danish flag in Denmark (which they have done on occasion), but others were apparently punished for flying an American flag in Denmark. I did find the story on it: People in Denmark were also punished for burning the US flag during Bush's visit. Maybe so, but let's just say that people in Denmark are punished for flying or burning flags from other nations, but not their own, because there is no law against it.
  13. True, but my own opinion is that we should stay completely out of it.
  14. In Denmark you can burn or desecrate the Denmark flag, but not a flag from any other nation. Just in case you are interested in that tidbit.
  15. Scott

    Police Reform

    I would not want to be a police officer right now. Most police officers are good ones and they get no respect, low pay, and a risky job. Pretty soon there won't be any cops around when you need them.