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  1. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    You are right that studies give different numbers. Here's one source: For the sake of arguement, let's just say that tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Americans die from pollution every year. Although numbers do vary widely, at a very minimum is is tens of thousands of people every single year. There are no studies that say the numbers aren't at least into the tens of thousands. To me that's not OK. Other than greed, I don't understand why anyone would be OK with it. Zero pollution is unreasonable, but we can do better. I'll tell you what. Find the study with the lowest projected number of deaths and explain to me why you consider it to be OK (unless you don't think is OK of course).
  2. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    Which property rights is Biden trying to gut? As far as rights go, Trump has vowed many times to support the coal industry and the biggest polluters. Hundreds of thousands of Americans die from pollution ever year. I can't think of a worse way to take away someone's rights than taking their life and health away. Why should an industry or industry be allowed to murder hundreds of thousands of people when it could be prevented? Some pollution is dropping in spite of Trump, not because of him.
  3. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    It was a bipartisan passing of the bill, not just Trump. Also Obama did propose a big funding increase for the NPS several times, including up to the 2017 Fiscal Year. The budgets were always gutted to get them passed. The Great American Outdoors Act came at a high cost to conservation, but overall I'll give credit to those passing it, including Trump. It was Cory Gardner of Colorado who introduced the bill. Cory Gardner is a Republican and did it as a political move since a majority of Coloradans support the green side. The price of the bill is that the funding is permanent only as long as the fossil fuel industry is leasing the public lands. All of the funding is based off revenue from fossil fuel leases on public land. It's an overall good bill, but a sneaky one in a lot of ways, most important if Biden really is successful (and I don't think he would be) when it comes to keeping leases off public lands, the funding does go away. I'm still happy that the money is going to the NPS though. Overall, I approve of the bill and give Trump (and the Republicans) credit where credit it due. I am also pleased with the fact that Trump hasn't started any new wars. Kudos to him for that. A lot of people, including myself were worried about that. But he hasn't and deserves credit. Then again, even though he hasn't started any new wars, military spending is still out of control, especially if we do plan on getting less involved in foreign wars. Those are the two things I am pleased with Trump about. As I said before I consider Biden to be the lesser of two evils. Lesser does not mean that Biden is somehow good and Trump is all bad. I would imagine that a lot of Democrats or independent Biden voters don't like Biden. I certainly don't. Then again, if Biden were elected I am predicting that he would be a one term president, which gives us time to find someone better. I already provided a link of what the Trump administration has gutted. I read and watched your links. Did you read mine? Other than the bill mentioned above, their actions speak otherwise.
  4. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    The first minute is good. The part about Communists countries being terrible to the environment is true. So is the part about other countries failing to live up to their commitments. So is the part about natural gas and gracking producing less CO2 than coal. Most of the rest is pure garbage. The parts about not infringing on freedom is rediculous. Right to pollute should take precedence over rights to be free from putting up with someone elses pollution. Also, it addresses nothing about wilderness areas, roadless areas, etc. Just as the video says, it was the republicans that used to support the National Parks and the EPA. Other than the recent funding package for the NPS conservatives haven't supported the NPS (unless it makes them a lot of money in recent years) nor have they supported protected wilderness areas in recent years.
  5. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    Only that's not why emissions are down. They are down in 2020 due to slowdowns during Covid and a downturn in travel. In 2019, they were down 2% due to the closing of several coal-fired plants. Trump (according to him especially) had nothing to do with the closure of the coal fired power plants. In 2018, emissions were up. Before 2017 they had been steadily declining, especially since 2007, but with a few bumps. CO2 emissions aren't the only thing that has to do with the environment though. Wildlife, wilderness protection, roadless rules, clean water, etc. are all part of the environment. How has Trump been better with any of this? Here is a list of environmental rollbacks from Trump, many of which have/had bipartisan support when put in place.
  6. It sounds like our stake is going back to church at home. Too many COVID cases in the wards
  7. Scott

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    Side topic, but members of our church aren't really creationist. Creationists believe that God created everything out of nothing (ex nihilo). We believe that God organized matter, not created it and that it already existed. See here for example: Many Christian writers have defined the Creation as creation from nothing. But the book of Abraham clarifies that God “organized” the worlds out of unorganized matter. To those who were with him, God said, “We will go down, for there is space there, and we will take of these materials, and we will make an earth whereon these may dwell.” (Abr. 3:24.) And since all life came from the earth’s elements, all things came from existing material. This insight in no way diminishes the significance of the Lord’s creation, but rather gives us a glimpse into the nature of eternal law.
  8. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    Let's start with this one. Go for it. We can discuss many points one at a time if you would like.
  9. Scott

    Celebrity Doppelganger

  10. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    I agree with you 100%. What a sad state our country is in right now. I still have faith in our country, but not as much as I used to. If we are doing things right, America should be a country to be looked upon as a beacon of hope and freedom. Now much whole world is laughing at us (literally) and not without good cause.
  11. Scott

    Biden Corruption Emails

    I'm plugging my nose and voting for Biden. Personally I feel that Trump has done a lot more harm than good. I don't know who will win the next election, but my prediction is that if Biden does win, he'd be a one term president. That said, I won't hold anything against anyone who votes for Trump.
  12. Accoring to people who have seen it, there isn't any nudity from the children, but it seems to be implied. Edit: Apparently there is a shot of a bare breast. Obviously, like you, I'm not going to watch it. Maybe read this from a conservative website. The author saw it. The author says that there is no actual sex, but it does sound disgusting:
  13. Scott

    Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge

    I'd say it is an abuse of power no matter who is doing it. The three branches of government were supposed to balance each other and limit each other's power. Packing the courts is doing the opposite. It is being used (and has been used for many decades) as a power tool for the executive and legislative branches. That is one of the reasons why some of our founding fathers warned against political parties. Judges were supposed to be chosen on merits alone and not their political viewpoints. When is that last time that they were chosen on merit alone?