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  1. What is ironic is that the people who are most ticked off at the Church as well as the ones spreading most of the falsehoods about the Church are the same ones who the LDS often try to affiliate with and suck up to. That could be a whole different discussion and topic though. It is still related though since the recent move concerning the name of our Church is meant to emphasis that Jesus Christ is the head of our Church. It is the mostly the conservative Christians who are the ones that spreading falsehoods about our Church, as well as saying that we aren't Christians. It isn't CNN or the atheists.
  2. As I see it, the purpose of the article isn't meant to be favorable or complimentary to the Church or Russell M Nelson. From reading it, its purpose isn't meant to be negative either. It's merely a secular look from an outsider on the Church's position on the name of the Church. In that sense, the article is pretty good. I don't think it is a reasonable expectation that every news article written by non-members is going to be written with the spirit and provide a glowing review of the church. While there are a lot of negative articles on our church out there, in this case I don't see this particular article as being a mockery or negative. I agree with Vort in that it is pretty good, especially since it was written by a non-member journalist.
  3. Scott

    Internet No Longer Open

    Interestingly, it seems that the same figures the CEO quoted in 2015 were also quoted long before that. Here they are from 2010: Here is the same figure from 2008:
  4. Scott

    Internet No Longer Open

    I found some of the info you are referring to: Still, even when counting only the searchable internet, I'm still surprised that it is only 200 terabytes that is indexed for Googles search engine. I would have thought it would be a lot more than that.
  5. Scott

    Internet No Longer Open

    Is this really right? Our relatively small engineering firm has that much indexed. I would think that Google has a lot more than that indexed for their search engine.
  6. For those interested, the name wasn't changed or standardized to be grammatically correct. The current name was standardized in 1851 in Utah. The reason was that one or more of the names above (including the one in Joseph Smith's 1838 revelation) were considered public domain and was used by other churches such as James Strang's group and the Reorganized Church under Joseph Smith III. Our Church filed copyright on the current name, but to do so it had to be different from names other churches were also already using.
  7. I was just reading up on our church history and stumbled upon something interesting. Without cheating, how many people actually know the correct name of our church? There is only one correct answer and it actually is important because each of the choices given is the name of a church (or churches) and only one is the name of our church. Don't feel bad if you don't know the answer because I am guessing that a large percentage of members don't know the correct answer.
  8. Scott

    Name of the Church

    Maybe so, but it wasn't a recent conspiracy meant to take Christ out of Christmas. Your friends were just ignorant since X actually refers to Christ and the usage of Xmas came from Christians. Xmas means Christmas, no matter what your friends or anyone else says. Writing Xmas is actually keeping Christ in Christmas, but writing it a different way. Xmas was actually preferred in many early text since it saved precious writing space. It is no different from saying that the word Christmas takes Jesus out of Christmas. Christ refers to Jesus in Christmas as much as Xmas refers to Christ in Xmas. Here is a page from the Lindisfarne Gospels, written about 1300 years ago: In this particular example, chi-rho (Xr) is the way used to write Christ. The X was also a reminder among Christians of the cross and crucifixion. In early and most centuries of Christianity, X or Xr were both a common way of writing Christ (including the X and r superimposed on each other); they were perhaps even the most common in certain time periods. It is still all over in historic Christian art, writings, architecture, etc.:
  9. Scott

    Name of the Church

    This is nothing but an urban legend. Xmas has nothing to do with taking the name of Christ out of Christmas. X is the Greek letter chi in Christós which is written in Greek as Χριστός, which was translated into Christ in English. Christmas is a shortened version of Christ's Mass. In Old English, this was written as Xp̄es mæsse which in Middle English was shortened to Xmas. Writing Christmas as Xmas has been in place for several centuries. It is only in recent decades that people have started to make a big deal out of and started claiming that it originated in recent years as an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas.
  10. Scott

    Your vehicle, and your route out of town

    Yes. Yes. I live in a bigger city now than I did 3 month ago, but in every direction there is a whole lot of open road and no traffic. It still wouldn't be that bad if the entire town evacuated. Even if I went the speed limit (75 to 80), it would take about an hour and 15 minutes to travel 100 miles. Maybe a few more minutes if everyone was evacuating. If there was an emergency though, you wouldn't need to do the speed limit. I could easily to 100 miles in less than an hour. Over the last thousands of years, people have evacuated plenty of areas long before 4X4's were invented. A 4x4 might be nice, but not 100% necessary. The early Mormons (oops, I meant members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) evacuated Kirtland, Jackson County, Nahvoo, Winter Quarters, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, etc. and they didn't have 4x4s.
  11. Scott

    Urim and Thummim vs. the Anti-Mormon's

    This isn't correct and I hate to say it, but I'm at least somewhat skeptical that you have read our Church History. The Church History has been mentioning the seer stones and hat since the beginning. It's all over our Church History documents and from original sources. This article, for example, refers to many sources and earlier prophets and church leaders, including Brigham Young, Parley P Pratt, the Three Witness, etc., etc.: Those who were actually there mention the seer stones and hat. Not only does the Church History mention the seer stones (that were not part of the Urim and Thummim), but the Church has them in their possession and has pictures of the stone on the Church website. The Seer Stone was one of the primary sources used when translating the Book of Mormon. This has always been in our Church History. It isn't a new development. If anything there is less emphasis on it now days than there was 150 years ago.
  12. They are also on the Salt Lake Temple all the way around the outside of the temple on the level that has the Telestial Room.
  13. Scott

    Unexplainable things in scripture

    Yes, this. The thing about Jesus is that he looked like everyone else. Without the spirit, people wouldn't recognize him as the Son of God. Even much later in life, many people couldn't believe that he was the Messiah because they were expecting a warrior/king that would deliver the Jews from the Roman Empire. They didn't expect a Messiah that would spend time with sinners and the lowly, let alone Roman tax collectors.
  14. My great grandpa actually did that once. I think he was around 90 years old. He yelled something like "stay on topic; a testimony meeting isn't a personal history!".
  15. What are some things that your not so righteous self always wanted to do in Church, but your righteous self didn't agree with so you didn't do them? 😈 Here are some of mine: Have a Chinese fire drill in elders quorum Play AC/DC on the relief society piano Yell hallelujah after your wife's talk Throw a pillow with anyone who disagrees with you or ask something distracting when you are giving a Sunday school lesson Use Mormon Rap while ministering to your family Ask your bald bishop if you can paint CTR on his bald head so you can use it in a primary lesson Any more? Of course we're talking about your not-so-righteous self here, not what you would really do. Well at least not very often.