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  1. Agreed that is a problem (the apostles saying christ would return any time now) its a bigger problem for me that Jesus himself said it too. It all comes down to how different people interpret scripture
  2. The family focus is my favourite thing about the LDS way of life too. Your religious views are interesting, I like it, can I ask what religion you belong to?
  3. LOL, and Noah got naked wasted! When it comes to actually speaking in the name of God though, the scriptures are very clear.
  4. I trust the canonised scriptures above all else too
  5. False prophesies, stated as true in the name of God. Please note this is not the direction I want this thread to go in, it is supposed to be about the positives of religion (all religion not just LDS), @askandanswer didn't give any explanation as to why he was quoting this scripture to me so I just explained what it meant to me, that's all. I meant no offence at all @Grunt, from what you said I'm guessing there is some sort of lesson taught by the LDS church about this scripture? (as there is in most christian churches, a very well known and often quoted scripture)
  6. I completely agree with this scripture, its one the reasons I decided not to join the LDS church
  7. Me! I am in it right now! My son just finished high school and started his apprenticeship, I did work a little bit in school hours while he was in primary school but nothing serious and nothing for the past five years (my husband was more worried about high school, making sure I was home and doing volunteer work for my sons school, keeping a close eye on our child) so know how your wife feels - terrified and out of touch with the working world! We brought a financial business for me to do from home and I'm just starting now, I LOVE IT, the hardest thing is working out the division of labour in the house now (meaning my boys have to actually help me now lol the poor buggers have no idea what they are doing), we are getting there! I will need my own premises in about 6 months but can start out at home (I will just rent serviced office space, its quite affordable) I think your wife should go for it. I liked buying my own business because it took all the possible rejection out of job search, my resume was looking a bit sparse!
  8. As most of you know I've been a serious investigator of the LDS faith. While I have decided its not for me, I feel its important to point out all the good and beautiful things I learnt, and think everyone could learn from the LDS way of life. Family Night - Having a dedicated night once a week for your family to be together is a great practice, one I certainly will be keeping. Spiritual Connection - I really connect to and feel the spirit every time I pray now. Coming from a catholic background that has very ritualistic prayers I never learnt how to really connect my heart to God, I will forever be grateful to the LDS church for teaching me how to do that, its the best feeling ever. To be open to new ideas - Studying another faith really opens your eyes to another viewpoint, nothing makes you understand how crazy some of the things are in your own faith like looking at the crazy and unexplainable in another's. Take your health seriously - this is such a great message of the LDS church, you only get one body, if you ruin it you'll have no where to live. Taking care of yourself really is a spiritual thing. I know there are heaps of other things I can't think of right now. I'd love to hear from others.
  9. We have a very similar view on this, to me it comes down to 4 choices. Catholicism - Jesus was right, the gates of hell did not prevail and the Catholic Church is right in its interpretation of that scripture and still holds authority to speak for god on earth Lutheranism - Martin Luther was right and held the core doctrines of the true church in place and ditched the corruption. Catholicism take 2 - Martin Luther had a point and because of him (eventually!) the corruption was taken out of the church (after all the corruption was from church members and leaders abusing doctrine, which is bad members and leaders not a bad church) and is still the true church. LDS - Jospeh Smith was telling the truth about everything I'll keep studying - authority is important to me, it does matter a great deal to me. God will help me work out where he wants me to be.
  10. Exactly and I wasn't trying to do that at all, I was simply responding to questions (the same questions over and over), perhaps when someone says something it is best to accept it for what it is and leave them alone. It is also true that trying to convince someone what you believe to be true is true when they obviously have a different opinion - and have said as much. I didn't want this thread to be about what I do or do not believe, I was only responding to constant questions and defending myself, it is hard when you are the cheese in the situation. I am sorry your thread turned out like this, I made a seperate thread to address my questions and thoughts on the matter but that didn't go well either and was locked. I wish you all the best with your marriage and hope you and your husband are very happy together.
  11. I want to be a part of the church that speaks for Jesus and God on the earth. I will keep looking until I find it. I am still studying Catholicism (it has its answers and arguments against critics just like the LDS church has, I'm not sure how I feel about their arguments yet but I have not looked deeply enough into it to make an informed decision on that, I have spent all my time studying LDS doctrine, which goes against what I agreed to with my husband, that I look at the arguments for and against both faiths) and also studying early christianity (the first 200-300 years, the early church fathers before Constantine) and the lutheran reformation. I will find my place, I will not give up.
  12. I don't believe it, its nothing to do with comfortable or not. I don't believe most of the doctrines and teaching of this faith make any sense. There are too many grey areas for me. I don't think its appropriate to go into it here, but as I have stated over and over its not just celestial marriage/polygamy, its all of it. The nature of God, the book of Abraham, who the church teaches Jesus was before he came to earth, the first vision accounts, sacred vs secret, a lot of church history, historical problems with the BOM (horses not being horses etc), this missing pages and the big gap between starting translation again, all this stuff and more (and the LDS explanations of why it happened this way) is illogical to me, if you can live with it and it makes sense to you then thats great. But I can not, constantly trying to point out why I should is a waste of everyones time, and it distracts attention from the OP who started this thread - I made one comment in true sympathy and support of her and I was jumped on for it - explain explain explain, which I have, over and over, my answer is not going to change, after a very long, in depth, sincere study of this faith, I don't believe this is the true church, just accept it and move on.
  13. No it doesn't, LDS and Islam are the only Abrahamic religions that include current (or historical) doctrines of polygamy. Just because there are a few instances of people living it in the bible does not make it acceptable to all sects of Christianity. Slavery is in the bible as well and is not eating most seafood. All the other points you make are of no validity to me, because I don't believe the doctrines of the LDS church so I'm not going to try and make sense of them, I don't need to do that anymore, there is no point. And again, I don't have to have a firm belief in anything to know that I do not have a firm belief in something.
  14. 'If horses could draw they would draw their Gods as horses' a lot of people do create their view of God from their own image. People want to be told everything about their lifestyle is ok. The truth is it is God who doesn't change, but we should. God is eternal, he has aways been, and we should live by his rules not only out of respect and because its the right thing to do, but to give ourselves the best chance possible to be with him again. Choosing a church is even harder. To decipher which church really does speak for God, and is it the only one that does so or are there many? That is an extremely hard road to travel, I can understand why many choose to stay with the faith they were raised in.
  15. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven

    Matthew 22:30

  16. If someone is going to point out why a comment they made is not condescending, petty or suggestive, perhaps they should actually include the comment in their defence post so people can decide for themselves what exactly is in someones 'imagination'. In the spirit of open communication, I invite you all to make up your own mind on how you would view this comment if it was made to you, after you have spent many many months of deep spiritual study and prayer deciding where you think you should place the security of your eternal soul. At least according to that belief there is no risk of you sharing your husband with anyone else because he wont be shared in marriage with anyone at all, including you. Nice.
  17. Going forward I wont speak to or respond to you at all. IS THAT CLEAR?????????
  18. The bolded underlined comment is seriously suggesting that I am turning my back on a set of religious beliefs because I don't want to risk sharing my husband. NICE
  19. No the point is I believe the LDS position makes no logical sense, and I don't believe it.
  20. I haven't attacked anything, I just don't believe it. I wish you (not just you others too) would just accept that for what it is and stop trying to make me 'come up with some alternative' and just let it be, asking me the same thing over and over is not going to make me give a different answer. I don't need to decide what I think God wants to decide what I think he does not.
  21. Like I have said numerous times, my decision to not join the LDS church is not based on the eternal marriage doctrine. There are many doctrines of the LDS church I don't agree with. I find your attitude and the insinuation that I would place my eternal soul in the hands of a religion based on selfish reasons to be extremely childish and very petty.
  22. My position is that the LDS teaching on celestial temple marriage (with a possibility of it being plural depending on the situation) is not of God. Simple, I don't believe it, that's all. I don't believe in the structure of heaven taught by the LDS church. Why everyone thinks I need to have some sort of immediate 'belief' on what happens in heaven is kinda funny to me to be honest. I don't believe in the LDS teachings on heaven. I don't have to decide what heaven really is like with regards to marriage to make that decision.