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  1. dannyireland

    Quick intro

    Thanks for the welcome. I work in a Operating Room, or Theatre as it’s known here in the UK. I just love working here and helping people. It does involve wiping bums at times but that’s just the way it goes.
  2. dannyireland

    Quick intro

    Hi there. This is just a quick introduction about me. I head about The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints about 2 years ago after being given a card. Just last week I came to realise there was a massive hole in my life and something was missing. I was just randomly going through my wallet and found the card given to me by a Missionary. I’m now on my way to being baptised. I work in a caring profession here in the UK we’re known as Healthcare Assistants, kind of like mini nurses. I was wondering if there are any other nurses or the equivalent on here to talk too, along with any friends I can make. If any of you have a question please ask.