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  1. Are people forgiven considered healed?
  2. It’s more of a sentiment; how this gospel journey affects our thinking on a daily basis. Seeing we do not know exactly where we’re at and there’s no scorebored to refer to, all is taken in faith. But there are these instances where disciples declared for sure that they have kept the fight, that they will see us in the judgment bar with clean conscience, etc. And it all sounds good to me by the way. They don’t seem, they’re dead sure! Maybe it has something to do with the doctrine of election made sure. And I’m not inclined to dig deeper either. Because I can’t or I’m not supposed to. But if some of us do have the same sentiment of wanting to know our status with the Lord (just like the prophet Joseph when it has been awhile he doesn’t get celestial updates), this discussion may shed some light for another step closer to what we’re looking for...
  3. Concentraiting on the “after all we can do” without the balancing of “we are saved by grace because of our faith in Christ”. It’s an interesting thought.
  4. How can one possibly get lost in the right path? I could not think of a better illustration than that of the Savior’s parable of the ten virgins. The five did not fall out of membership, yet they were excluded from exaltation. I am a religious educator for 25 years now. Still, day in day out, I struggle with the question of what ifs... What if I don’t make it? What’s the point of thinking I won’t make it? Will the Lord not want me to make it? So every night? I end up petitioning; “Dear Father in Heaven, help me enter the very kingdom I build…”