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  1. LdsMarco

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Reactions by Church Members due to the Prophet taking the Vax
  2. LdsMarco

    A Question for Ward Members Out There

    1.25 hrs? That's at? WOW! You think you have it bad? LOL I believe almost every ward has this problem. As for mine, it's usually us, the bishopric who comes and cleans our ward and depending on how many people come, it may take up to 2 to 4 hrs. I still remember when I was by myself and it literally took 6 hrs
  3. LdsMarco

    Final Judgement

    I knew so many Pam's. I hope we can become friends, forever. Sorry if I did anything to prevent that
  4. LdsMarco

    Final Judgement

    I just posted this up a couple of days ago. This might help