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  1. Hello I am due to attend the temple in the next couple of weeks (hopfully) and i want to try to work out how much it is going to cost to purchase everything that is needed - how much are a set of garments (in £ perferably) and cermeonial items ( i know the dress and other items are discounted are the ceremoniacl clothing) Also does anyone have any advise of the type to get i have been told about alot - i am a larger lady uk size 18 and wear dresses mainly - 1 sister recommened longer tops and shorter bottoms , another receommeded petite( i have very short legs). One older sister even told me to get a one pieice garments ??? no idea Any help is much apprechiated
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    Is it time to move to gospel doctrine

    You are totally right !!
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    Is it time to move to gospel doctrine

    Thanks guys after all that i was waiting to see bishop on sunday during middle session that was GP/GD so the teacher came and asked why i was not in class anymore so i told him been in class 9 months and gone over back lessons already and found GD more challanging. He seemed to take offence at this saying i should be and that i need bishops permission for the move ( 1st councillor of bishopry encourage me to go the GD as he could was becoming disengaged with GP).Then stated if i EVER got a basic thing wrong ever he would pull me on it....ok So the set up in our ward is small only 50-70 members of congregation all in each week (kids included) so as you can imagian we have 30+ under 18s so only 40+ adults most in GD but GP is a hit and a miss some weeks we had no people and this week 15+ people due to new coverts and investigators. So dunno what his problem was ... does anyone have a similar experience or asking bishop to leave GP that seems... unlikely Teacher is 80 +man who been in church 40 odd years as a brother i respect the time he has been in the church but he doesn't seem to give that back to the newer members
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    Is it time to move to gospel doctrine

    Hi all thank you for your comments I've now moved up to Gospel doctrine as I was finding that principles was just not stimulating enough. Anyway this post is just say thank you to everyone.
  5. Hi all, I need some advice I've been a member of the church for the last eight months . I have recently found my attention is seriously wavering in the gospel principles class. I studied theology at university and read through the gospel principle manual fully by myself . We have been blessed with a lot of new converts recently so we're going over the Beginning lessons mostly . I I keep zoning out during these lessons I have heard them several times before as I also teach young women . I am thinking of going to gospel doctrine and I think this will be more challenging and stimulating so this will help me to grow So this is where I want your experience guys what is normal in your words and how long will you in the principles class
  6. Hi, I am 28 year old recent convert to the church about 6 month ago nearly 7.I live by the standards of the church law of chastity,wisdom and thithing and attend sunday services and perform my calling faithfully . I have heard alot about the PB as We are teaching the YW about them and preparing them to recieve their own(my calling is in the YW presidency). I have prayed out it faithfully but i am not sure of the answer i recieved so i am still praying on it but i wanted some general advise if anyone else has been in my situation is it ok this soon or should i wait until i have a full temple recommendation. Any advise would be appreciated as this can be confusing to someone who has not grown up in the church
  7. Hello brother, As a single sister I know the pitfalls of dating all to well. Please don't despair over the situation.It can take time to find your other half and ultimately she will see the kindness and love underneath. Saying that there are some stuff you need to be clear on - make sure you are putting yourself out there and shine both in person - make sure people know you are looking for your spouse and ask them if they know anyone , attend any YSA events if any near by. Online - get in diffrent lds dating sites or the app mutual it is quite good. Most of all when you get a date show there is more to you ... ya you like 'childish thing' which now days more and more girls do but show atually that would come second to a wife and family.She wants to know she can relay on you which mostly you do already. Show confidence in yourself ...women like a man who knows himself if you are nerdy be nerdy just be confident But most of all Pray to Heavenly Father for an eternal partner and be willing to accept the answer in HIS time not ours. I hope this has helped brother and i pray you are blessed with your eternal companion