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    Need advice on my calling.

    I need advice. I'm not sure what to do and i hope what i say makes sense. I'm fairly new to my YSA ward I just got here in may. I got a calling around that same time as ward missionary co chair. I was to be a partner with this other guy. when I first got the calling I had a lot more free time because I was just working while I waited for school to start. but, school started back in September and sense then I've been constantly on the go and barely have enough free time to do homework and my schedule literally every day is school from 9am to 5 and then straight to work from 6-930. I haven't been able to do my calling like I should or would like to recently and in addition my partner just baled on the calling so i'm all alone until I get another partner. My bishop just recently asked me if I could take Wednesdays off of work every week to do my calling but, the problem I face is I'm paying my way through school and paying for my apartment. Maybe its a lack of faith on my part but, I 1. don't know if my manager is even going to let me do that especially when Christmas runs around ( I work retail and i'm an assistant manager) and 2. I need as much money as I can get for the next round of school.... I have never in my life said no to a calling or even asked to be released but, I'm highly considering this right now. I've talked to heavenly father and I feel like he would be ok with it. but, I'm still wondering if this is the right things to do and I feel terribly guilty about doing that to my bishop....I don't know how to approach him about it. does anyone have any advice?
  2. Lknight

    Lost and scared about life.

    Thank you all for the advice. With the new year coming maybe i can make a few changes now that i havent thought of. Thanks again ?
  3. This is my first time doing this. So i hope im in the correct category but, i need advice. I kind of have to explain a bit so this may be long. After high school i was really lost. I didnt know what to do for a career or where to go to college and even with prayer i never really got an answer. I made a stupid decision and decided id just wait one year and maybe id get an answer. Soon that year turned into 2 years. I then felt like i needed to go on my mission which i did. It was very very hard but i loved it. Ive now been home 1 1/2 and im back to where i was. Before i came home i had a little returning home plan and i felt excited and hopeful for the future i felt like i needed to go to uvu i was gonna get a music scholarship and i was gonna get another job ( had one before my mission) and try to save money and so much more but i got home and within a few weeks that changed. My family doesnt have a whole lot of money and i dont want to do loans i dont, want to be in debt. my dad doesnt want me to do them either but, basically and my dads just trying to help and im grateful for that but, because money is tight especially then when i just got off my mission and i had nothing my dad gave me this plan ( and he partially did this because he worried that if i wasnt kept busy id become depressed etc) but the plan was I would go to ldsbc get a marketing degree then transfer over to uvu. However as time goes on i become more scared and lost. Im now 24 years old and i have no friends the ones i did have got married and i dont have a social life. its also been a little hard in my singles one talks to me really and ive tried putting out a little bit of effort to be friends but, its very clique there i hate to say it. My visiting teachers come on occassion and its difficult because i feel like they only come cause they want to check me off the list ?. I still go to ldsbc but, i can only afford to take 3 classes at a time. Im kinda miserable because as much as i love my family i want to go out and experience life ( right now i live at home still). Every single day is the same its just me and my parents i either go to work or school tell 6pm then i come home and literally do homework and watch netflix and i literally have nothing else. I am kinda neutral about marketing. It has its fun moments but, not always. i know my dad has his heart set on me getting a degree in that the rate im going im going to be 26 or more before i get it and move onto uvu. Being 24 i now can apply for grants which would help me greatly but now im kinda stuck because idk of i should follow my heart and go to uvu where i still feel like i need to go for some reason or if i should keep pushing through the marketing degree. The problem is if i did go to uvu i dont know what i would study. Im kind of a creative soul but my parents want me to have a back up incase that doesnt work out( they want me to have something just case for example i get divorced or husband dies etc then i could provide for myself and or family) but i have no idea what that back up would be other than maybe this marketing degree. In addition i feel like i would have wasted all that time and money for marketing degree for nothing... but, i can see my parents side having the stability of a degree in something but, im just not happy. I dont know what to do. Maybe im looking at this the wrong way or doing something wrong. Any advice id be extremely grateful for. If there are any questions plz let me know.