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  1. I read an article over there about a friend of mine. It's got mistakes; I want to correct them. I don't see a way to edit without logging in so I go to log in. I'm not sure if I've created an account here, so I try the username I usually use. It says my credentials can not be validated. I try Forgot Password and it says no such account exists. I try to create a new account and it says that username is already in use. (Yes, same one it just said doesn't exist.) I try to create a new account with a different username. Appears to be successful. Back to the article to edit. I see that I'm not logged in, so I go to log in. Credentials can not be validated. Maybe a caching problem? Launch incognito browsing window. Same problem. Back to square one. Mormon Wiki says I can log in with a Mormon Wiki account I previously created. Well. Yes, I'm sure. But how? It also says I can log in with a More Good Foundation username, so I went over to the More Good Foundation and see no way at all to create an account. I'm officially out of ideas.