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  1. Whilst I appreciate your input, I will not be removing the mormon aspect from this story. The story was made before I even found out about the beehive symbolism - I added that in afterwards and realised how well fitting the metaphor of bees would be. The story is based on one of my sisters friends who lives across the road from us, which this exact thing happened to. She decided to leave the church as she didnt agree with views and the restrictions they put on her life, and her mother didnt like it and essentially shunned her. The story will not change or lose the mormon symbolism or anything. I don't think it needs fixing at all.
  2. What is the churches stance on the LGBTQIA+ community, and people within the church identifying within that label? Researching for a short film I am currently writing that will deal with themes of sexuality and identity inside the Mormon faith
  3. So be it then. This isn't necessarily of recovery or healing, but its a story of supersedure. If I had more time in this film, I would definitely add a tail end, and a story of recovery perhaps. It may end up that the story focuses on the abusives patterns Hannah dives into. I actually quite like the darker side of it, and that the situation is inevitably going to repeat. But the main difference i just that Zahri isnt a tyrannical queen, the way her mother is. She is given a choice to follow, and chooses to go with it, so therefor there is an element of hope for the relationship.
  4. Well, then that will be a matter of personal interpretation. Remember, it all comes back to the honey bee metaphor in the end. She discovers a more powerful influence than her religion, and her mother/father, so she follows that instead -The queen is superseded, a new colony is formed. She escapes the beehive.
  5. That is true, I haven't healed anything, but this film is 10 minutes long, and can't be any longer than that I just don't have the time to include anything past the escape. The implication though is that she will heal, or she will find herself. I tend not to have a conclusion in films I make, but its open ended. You can interpret that she will heal and live a happy life with zahri, or that the process will repeat and she will end up unhappy and run away again. It depends on how you view the film I suppose.
  6. Can you expand on that more - the red flags etc
  7. Thats true, and I am going tp add some more details about how he is sick and worn down, which is why the mother is taking on the leadership role in the house. He doesn't permit the abuse, and its not like the mother beats the girl or anything - its more subtle such as gaslighting and insults. Some of it goes over his head, he doesnt even notices. And I've done a lot of research and the beehive does describe that, but the girl does develop, and is productive throughout the story. She does something about her situation, and stands up to her abuser. She isn't dragged into another situation but chooses to leave, to better herself. Zahri isn't another abuser, she's like a breath of fresh air. She see's Hannah is struggling and helps her. She's like a manic pixie dream girl. The symbol of the beehive works because the whole thing is a metaphor for bees, and the Beehive was the first term young women were known by. Personally, I am an atheist, so yes there probably is an underlying feeling of anti-faith which I am trying to avoid, but the story is less about the faith and more about the symbolism. I am neither promoting or discouraging faith with this story.
  8. The father won't leave the mother, so if she follows him she still remains under her mothers control. The reason I chose LDS was originally because my sister knows a girl who experienced something similar, and ended up leaving the church, so thats where the inspiration came from. I decided to follow through with it when looking into the symbolism, especially about the Beehive, and how I could create a nice symbolic story around it.
  9. Not necessarily, but I don't need them to. The stories I tend to write highlight the downfalls of humans and weaknesses more than their strengths. And she does grow stronger, as she stands up to her mother, and there is the subplot of her potentially accepting her sexuality identity, which is implied, but still present. I don't aim for applause with protagonists, but more for recognition.
  10. You're right, she is definitely a follower, as she is young, and has never had her own life, but escaping with her new 'queen' will give her the opportunity to live as herself for once, which is like the 'selling' point for her. She's not necessarily admirable, but she's real. She has flaws.
  11. That's the point, she IS in violation of her faith, which is why in the end Hannah leaves her and follows her new "queen". Hannah decides she would rather follow someone faithless, then a hypocrite who uses her faith to excuse her own abuisve behaviour. It highlights her hypocrisy.
  12. So like her abuse doesn't come from a place of religious extremism, and it highlights that she too is not loyal to the religion,.
  13. I live in Australia, so it is not a very faith heavy country to start with and has a very small population of LDS followers. There is one church in my city but it is too far away for me to visit, as I don't drive hahah.
  14. That was part of my intention, as the mother is not the enforcer of the LDS faith, her father is, and he is the respectful and supportive one. The mother is abusive in her own way, and it does not overlap with the Mormon values, as I didnt want it to be interpeted as I was generalizing the faith as abusive