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  1. Yeah because every one with a gun starts shooting at one guy with a gun results in less people being hurt. Nonsense
  2. you are senseless... probably why you carry a gun
  3. use your brain I was referring to your desire to carry a gun.
  4. Sorry to hear you need a gun to feel able to protect yourself and your family. You must live in a bad neighbourhood or have dodgy friends.
  5. Yep because this kind of thing happens every week. I can't remember the last sacrament meeting I went to where someone wasn't shot 😕
  6. Lee

    World Cup

    I watched it. England disappointed but I loved the final
  7. Its one of those things I'm not sure where to start.
  8. Lee

    World Cup

    The World Cup ball definitely isn't wooden
  9. But they act like I shouldn't be taking the sacrament. Apparently, you're either all in or all out
  10. It is just that they are always people judging me who think it wrong for me to be semi committed to the church. They think it better if I don't go at all.
  11. Well at this point I realise that it easier to just walk away from the gospel but I'm not willing to do that so judge all you want
  12. Im not dumb I know I should do those things. I guess I was asking for someone to convince me to do them or to tell me I was at risk of becoming inactive.