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  1. Well, where to begin: mostly the changes in the temple endowment and the predominance of the Ordain Women movement, which may have had a role in these changes.
  2. Here is a great article about this very subject: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1982/09/marriage-and-the-patriarchal-order?lang=eng
  3. I have been looking at the rapid change in today's world's views and see that modern-day feminism is changing the way we all look at the proverbial family unit. I ask myself, if the Patriarchal Order is now dead. It seems as though, feminism is not in agreement of the way God has ordered the hierarchy of His kingdom. I find that some brothers whom have been endowed in the House of the Lord mistakenly have understood that the Patriarchal Order to be one of a dictatorship. This is far from the truth. However, feminism is not the antidote to chauvinistic male assertions of power. So, is the Patriarchal Oder Dead?
  4. So, I have been searching documentation and/or a source from official church sources to back up the notion that a general authority does need a recommend to enter the temple, but such, is a lifetime recommend and does not expire. Does anyone know where I can find this information, or anything to expose something completely different? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  5. Xavier

    Exaltation and Eternal Life

    I agree. I think there will be a lot of people ok with that. Why would God provide "three levels/degrees" within the celestial kingdom? Not everyone will exalted. Which is the point to my original question.
  6. Xavier

    Exaltation and Eternal Life

    However, agency is still paramount. I know worthy, righteous women who do not want to be married to men with multiple wives. Elohim will not force them...
  7. There seems to be a common misconception about what exaltation really is, among some members of the church. While discussing this topic in a Facebook LDS group, it is thought that anyone in the celestial kingdom will be exalted. I tried to explain that that is not the case. Exaltation is reserved only for those who enter into the everlasting covenant of celestial marriage which is the highest level in the celestial kingdom. So, she was a little upset because she didn't think that was fair. She is a single lady and has done everything in her power to live the standards and has kept all of her covenants in the temple and feels she is "married" to the Lord (she hasn't found someone to marry in the temple). I made the attempt to explain that she need no worry because the lord will make sure she has a chance to be sealed to a worthy priesthood holder either in this life or the next. Of course, exaltation and eternal life s a broad and vast subject but the gist of it is the union of two celestial law abiding individuals who are one with God. What is your take on this?
  8. Xavier

    Masculine-focused theology

    I more-less explained this to her, but she didn't want to hear that!
  9. Xavier

    Masculine-focused theology

    She thinks that by using the word "MEN" to describe both, MEN and women, is misogynistic and sexist. She feels that God would never want to demean women to that extent.
  10. Recently, I was having a conversation with an investigator and at one point, she made a very interesting observation. In the scriptures when describing humanity as a whole, the Lord uses “and the children of MEN”, or, “if MEN humble themselves...” . She felt that it demotes womenhood to be less than that of men and that God would never place such restrictions on women. I made the attempt to express that in any language, the general way to describe humanity as a whole, it was by using the word “MEN” and that in noway it’s used to demean women. She wasn’t sastified with that answer. So, two questions: 1.- How could you explain and provide a suitable answer to explain this to people such as this lady? 2.- Is feminism going to destroy humanity to the point of abolishing anything and everything related masculinity?
  11. There is what we call Absolute Truth, which is what defines God. To wonder if God lies or tells the truth is counterproductive to the infantile human mind. To make this concept even more simplistic, let's look at some facts that bring the question of wether or not God lies, to rest: President Kimball said: So, the key to understanding is to listen and understand those silent truths President Kimball is talking about. Now, what are those silent truths? Let's explore a few: In a talk given by President Kimball, he elaborates on the difference between relative truth and absolute truth. It's amazing and I hope you take some time to ponder it's content. I have reread it at least a dozen times and still learn something new. I love this quote from such talk: click here for the quote So, relatively speaking of truth, thats what you're experiencing right now. Regardless of wether or not you think God may or may not lie, is absolute relative to the absolute truth which is he DOESN'T. He has said and done many things that are constant and does not deviate from what he says. Never has, never will. Otherwise he woukd ceased to be God and remember that those are the traits of someone telling the truth. In Mathew 7:15 - 20 we read: So, why would God expect his servants to be truthful and not expect that of himself? It just didn't add up. So, from a logical point of view we can conclude that He Doesn't lie and will NEVER lie. It's just not his His nature and expects us to learn from him so that one day, we too may be in truth AND in spirit. Hope that helps clear that up a bit. Regards, @Xavier P.S. not sure why I couldn't attach the links but here they are: "Absolute truth": https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/spencer-w-kimball_absolute-truth/ "by their fruits ya shall know them": https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1985/10/by-their-fruits-ye-shall-know-them?lang=eng