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  1. LOL! Awesome, @Sunday21 (I LOVE Snoopy)! Thanks for the fun and informative post! Aww... thanks for the invite! Well, actually I'm north of you.... but I LOVE Canada! Squamish is one of my favorite places!
  2. That's awesome, @CV75, that you were treated with respect and felt welcome. Thanks! And again, THANKS for all who responded! I TRULY appreciate all the great information and I'm learning quite a bit! I'm looking forward to learning more about and from you guys!
  3. Sarcasm... is that where you use irony as a joke. Nope, never heard of it.
  4. Oh boy... @pam, not even 5 posts, and already I'm messing up!
  5. This totally cracked me up!! Ya, you're so right! Methinks @zil and I are gonna be good friends!
  6. Awww... Hi everyone! Thanks so much to all you fine folks for the wonderful, helpful and honest responses with very sensible points. I truly do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE the great humor! I truly appreciate reading all this!
  7. Hello All! I've been perusing a few topics here and folks on this forum seem very genuine and polite for the most part which is refreshing. I've been interested in the LDS community for some time and no doubt because I have surrounded myself with LDS members but it truly has seemed coincedental and random. In all regards, the LDS Members I have met, have been very kind, welcoming, and engaging. I am in no way saying perfect but I do think many practicing Mormons will allow go the extra mile to help others. I must admit some of my "best friends" are Mormon. LOL! I must say that I am an individual who loves to help others, feels that there is "something" Higher than us to which we need to contribute...its not just all about the NOW. However, I am currently not an LDS, but more of a general non practicing Catholic. Throughout the last couple of decades, I've been drawn to LDS community. Here in American we are very blessed that we can investigate a new religion to which we may not had born without being killed--AMEN-- but I want to ask folks here: For converts to the Mormon Religion, are converts looked as "tainted" or not "real" LDS. because we were not born into the religion? I read some articles saying that people who are not "real LDS" are never really accepted, is this true? To me, spreading the gospel and the Book of Mormon is exactly what it's all about. Someone who is 30, 40, 50, 60, ..... something and finally accepts Christ and the Book of Mormon is celebrated rather than looked down upon. Am I incorrect? Next month I shall go to The Local LDS Church with new LDS friends, and I'm really looking forward to it, looking forward to learning about Christ, meeting new people, and how I can help others. Thanks for any comments! Kind regards to all! Peace and blessings!