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  1. Hi there! I'm new here, and I need some advice. I am in the YW presidency, and our president just told us Sunday that her husband accidentally walked in on one of our young women in the bathroom video sexting with her skirt down. We have two bathrooms in our building that are for either men or women, so there was no ill intent on the part of our y.w. president's husband. We all encouraged her to talk to the young woman, or at least alert her mother to the situation. She said that she spoke to the mom, but not about anything specific, just asked the mother how the y.w. was doing at home. My concern is that this young woman may eventually, if she hasn't already, be sending videos and photos that can be used to then black mail her into doing things she may not want to do, possibly even ending up in an unwanted pregnancy. I would like to know what anybody else in this situation would feel they need to do? This young woman is also our babysitter, and we really love she and her family. If this were my daughter, though it would be hard to hear, I would want to know so that I could monitor her technology use(or even take it away) and reinforce some values.....am I just a crazy helicopter mom in this new era of readily available explicit technology and pornography? We all only get one life to live, and I certainly don't want this young woman to ruin her life with a naive, stupid mistake. HELP!!! Thank you for your thoughts!