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  1. Deyra

    Hi! Newbie Here!

    Thanks Lost Boy! I will look for it. General conference are always helpful. I’m waiting for that moment to kick me back to church at full speed.
  2. Deyra

    Hi! Newbie Here!

    Glad to hear! I attended last Sunday after 4 months and I do miss going. It was nice. I can’t stand being away for so long. It starts to feel awful.
  3. Good though! Yes, I’m doing the work from home.
  4. Deyra

    Hi! Newbie Here!

    I just want to say hi and that I’m glad I found this forum. I haven’t been so active but I’m thinking of maybe going back. Thanks to a sister that I bump into the other day. I still believe in the gospel very much. Nice to be able to chat with other members.
  5. Wonderful scripture! Very powerful words.
  6. Thanks so much for your comment. I never thought of praying and asking for adversary to go. I will do that next time I log in. I have gotten to a point that I’m just afraid. I don’t want to be afraid. I feel my ancestors very happy and thankful. Every time I find one the feeling is amazing but then I get hit with so many problems right after it that is freaking me out. When I stop everything goes back to normal. Doing this work is part of my patriarchal blessing and I need to continue. Same thing happened to me when I got my endowments. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Lol, haha..... that’s too cute! Yeah it feels like that. Lol
  8. Thanks for your response. That’s exactly how I feel that is Satan trying to stop me. I want to still hang in there and continue doing more family search. At times is very draining. But So far I found over 200 deceased family members that needed work done. I know I can find more.
  9. This is a topic that I haven’t told any one. I enjoy doing the Family search and sending them to get the work done but lately I been very scare of continuing. Every time I start doing search seems that my life just gets harder and my life slips upside down. My life gets harder at the same time I’m doing work. Have anyone else experience something similar? I’m just curious. Any comments or support I can appreciate it. It feels like the dark side is after me. A lot of time I stop searching but then I feel this pressure to continue.