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  1. If anyone would like to help out, I want to learn more about our Heavenly Mother/ Celestial Marriage and want to share it with my crush (who is also LDS). I think it would be a cool idea to talk about those topics with her
  2. BradenH

    Eve's Curse

    Ah I like that. It' part of our mortality, not a God-given curse that could have possibly not been imposed.
  3. BradenH

    Eve's Curse

    As I was talking about the gospel to some friends of mine in a different christian denomination, we somehow got onto the topic of "Eve's curse" and they told me that God punished Eve for partaking of the fruit by making her endure monthly menstruation. Keeping in mind Article of Faith 2, is this compatible with LDS beliefs? What is the LDS stance on the subject? Is it open-theology? Edit: I am LDS, just don't know the answer.