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  1. where can I find info for a friend whose a rightfully concerned parent with primary presidency who has neglected her child on 9 out of 9 times when left alone. I witnessed that woman tell my friend to take your kids and don’t return. I don’t care if they don’t have the gospel in their lives! What a shame to hear these words.I was sitting in the chapel and could see and hear this primary president shouting at her and each time my friend tried to speak primary pres just spoke over her. this after she tried to introduce herself to the new couple teaching her children. As we overheard the teacher already got a negative earful about my friend who is just doing her calling whom God ordained her to do as a mom sitting in on a new teacher that previously allowed her young child to get hurt only her toddlers are seen wondering the hall with no adult supervision and the wards are not the same safe as they use to be when we grew up. So we can’t be too safe and I am saddened by this and want... 12:03AM