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  1. Actually, going to quote from True to the Faith for the OP as well.
  2. Has to do with LDS Doctrine regarding the Kingdoms of Glory that men and women inherit in the next life. In order to obtain the highest degree of glory, temple marriage is a necessary covenant. EDIT: Here is a link to the definition of marriage in the True to the Faith Handbook, a book that defines a lot of terms and doctrines of the church.
  3. I never really bothered with snail mail in my mission, only packages from family and emails. I served foreign, so receiving letters via snail mail was not ideal, plus there was a tendency in the country I served in for thievery, where people would steal stuff out of your packages and such. Anyways, I usually used email when I was responding back to friends and family. Life was extremely busy though, so what I would usually do is send back one large email with thoughts and updates for everyone who mailed me, and then occasionally I would reply to personal messages, usually in a quick manner because I didn't have much time. I don't know how it is for other mission, but we had about 45 minutes each Monday that we use for email correspondence, and part of that time was used writing messages to the mission president. There wasn't always time to write back to personal emails, which is why i did just use a large return mail for pretty much the entire mission. Now, as to snail mail, there may be a good chance of getting a return letter depending on the postage and on a persons schedule, but as I said I personally discouraged snail mail while I was on my mission for the reasons listed above. There is a lot that you could read into it, it kind of depends on the missionary and on whether they have the time to respond.
  4. Are you wanting to get married to him at some point though? He should deal with this first, for certain, and I would tell him that until he resolves the issue, no matter how long it might take, he needs to do it. For your part, you have to decide whether you are willing to wait for that process to occur or not. Look at what you want and decide what to tell him based on that.
  5. If you are asking specifically what you should do, that will depend on you and God. I would pray about it, seek counsel from the Lord.
  6. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me

    What would you say the difference between translated and transfigured is? I tend to get them mixed up a lot, and the relationship between the two is of interest to me still.
  7. ABCDario

    Is Love a feeling?

    Is that one available on Audible by chance?
  8. ABCDario

    What would you do?

    My sense of smell is usually offset by my allergies, so I would almost worry more about you sitting next to me snuffling the whole time. I promise it's not a cold, my allergies are just terrible when the season turn. I can't smell a darned thing, which as it turns out can be kind of detrimental to my own hygiene at points, a hard thing for me to admit but a true one.
  9. ABCDario

    Arousal Addiction

    Not to undercut the words, but I would also point out it's not just men. There are women as well who struggle with addiction to arousal and pornography. I would also point out the fact that experiencing arousal is not in and of itself a sin. Being tempted is not sinning, it's when we act on the temptation that it becomes sin. That is the difficulty as well with arousal. It's hard for many people to resist that temptation to act on it, the same as it becomes harder and harder for people to resist it the more and more they give into it. This does not make them bad people though. It may make the road to repentance harder, but it does not always make them bad people. There is no real justification for the use of pornography, nor is there any real justification for harder sins of the sexual kind. Yet there should still be an understanding and compassion for those who are trying their best to turn around and make their way out of the sink hole. Apologies if this is going off of the topic the OP was asking for assistance for, but I figured I would also include some advice about judging others or one's self harshly for sin, even when we feel we have good reasons to.
  10. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me

    I had actually forgotten that Moses and Elijah were both translated. That might have actually been something I could have looked to when I was getting worried about John.
  11. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me

    Oh, sorry about that then. I was misreading what you were asking. I’m not really sure how it became a problem. I mentioned before the paintings of the church and depictions of the event conflicting with my own perception of what could have happened. If I look specifically about why it was hard for me to imagine a transfigured being coming out of heaven, I don’t really have a specific answer. I just couldn’t seem to get my head around the idea that John could come out of heaven when my mind was set in believing that he had never gone there. I was taught that John had walked the earth since the time he was given that calling by the Lord. Imagining him being taken from the earth for any reason was hard for me, as I took the teaching that he would walk the earth until the Savior returned as a very literal statement. The thought then that he could appear as out of heaven when I believed he hadn’t been there himself, and by there and heaven I mean wherever translated dwell, clashed with the underlying belief that he hadn’t gone there. My answer came later in prayer when I was asking about it that it didn’t matter whether he was in that place or upon the earth at the time he was called to restore the priesthood. What mattered was that God was capable of bringing him where he was needed when he was needed there. I was reassured that he was there and that the priesthood was restored on the earth, and that was all I needed to concern myself with regarding the matter. It was a very comforting feeling and I found that clash of ideas no longer held much sway in my mind. I know that to many it seems a silly thing to have doubted, but we all have different doubts about various topics and it’s surprising how even the smallest thing can cause a lot of mental and spiritual frustration for a person. That was one of a few things I learned from the experience. (Edited for typos)
  12. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me

    What didn’t make sense to me was John appearing with Peter and James during the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood as I could wrap my head around how that happened. As stated before as well, this is no longer an issue for me. I was just curious what other people thought of that instance. Although I think the topic has since moved to whether Peter and James are resurrected beings or not, though that’s not really a question I had before.
  13. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me Here’s one where Boyd K. Packer says thy were all resurrected beings, although he does generalize this to John the Beloved as well, something I think I said before that I’ve noticed instructors do.
  14. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me i found a talk from the April 2007 conference where President Hinkley says that John the Baptist was resurrected, but he doesn’t specifically say the same for Peter and James. I would assume the situation for them was similar, but as he doesn’t specifically say it you could make an argument against it. He did say John the Baptist was though.
  15. ABCDario

    A Question that Bothered Me

    Not exactly what I meant. I always just wondered how he could appear together with them, as in whether he appeared as of out of heaven. For me, I always thought he appeared as if out of heaven because that’s the way I always read that part of the account. Whether that’s actually the case or not though I later discovered didn’t matter. What mattered was that he was there, and that I do believe in. i know this is kind of a silly question to have been bothered by, and as I said I felt like I already got the answer I needed a long time ago.