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  1. Multiple other studies have shown LDS to be in the top, ahead of athiests and agnostics. So don't let this one study depress you.
  2. Yes, maybe that was off base to paint a small canvas with a broad stroke, but obviously I don't think every single person on an online site is a creep, otherwise I wouldn't be on there or keep my profile up. But it is true that online dating facilitates hiding creepy status. Seems like I really touched a nerve with this one...
  3. If this is someone's true thought, then logically they should also be opposed to letting migrants come here with children/spouses/other dependants in other countries. It disgusts me when people from any country leave their children or spouses, even if it is to get financial footing. My mission comp's dad moved to Canada to "better provide child support" and never came back. He was a recommend holder at the time. I also think if the church is going to question people about being a law abiding citizen before baptism, they should also question them in terms of how well they are fulfilling thier familial role. You can't fill your familial role if you choose to revoke vertain rsponsibilities in order to live in another country, or times even another state.
  4. Ok, knowing 'hundreds' of people who have liked online dating doesn't discount the hundreds of experiences I have had Personally with online dating. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, bud. And yes, I was generalizing. Do I really think every single person online is a creep who can't get a date? No, and in fact I did even not say that! But it's true that online dating makes it easier to conceal creepiness, hence why creeps flock there. It sounds like you have no done much online dating, and are therefore unqualified to lecture me about the flaws in my perception of dating in the modern world.
  5. Honestly, I'm starting to realize that online dating is for people who can't get dates in the real world, or can't conceal how much of a creep they are in the real world. I'm having a much better dating experience not on online sites. I keep my profile active, but have just set my bio to say, "not on here much, if you see me in person dont be shy and say hi!" it's worked 🙂
  6. dddd

    Matthew 6:5-6

    Honestly, it is about intention. If you do it to be seen of men, then YOU go ahead and stop. But you can't magically mind-read another's intentions from an internet post, bub. The thought I had about others saying that was it is to generate hope and foster a feeling of unity and support in otherwise powerless situations. And for me it achieves that. Remember Alma 34:17. When you shoot down others for praying and sending thoughts because you're being judgmental, you're no better than someone like AOC who condemns it because she hates religion/thinking.
  7. Don't worry, I don't message people unless they message me, but if they make attempts to pursue me while still married I feel an obligation to speak up
  8. Well you are actually right. I know for a fact this man is still having custody disputes. He told a separate friend of mine that it would be about the end of the year before his divorce would be final, and also told her his bishop gave him the ok to date. She actually arranged a visit with both of them and his Bishop to clear this up and this Bishop said no...he should not be dating. Big surprise there, this guy is BSing. I want to smack down hard but don't wnt to be the reason this guy leaves the church or whatever, like BS-ers are prone to do
  9. I've done this in the past, but I'm seeing it so frequently that I feel the need to let them know it's NOT ok on an LDS dating site. People get "ghosted" for so many reasons these days that ghosting them does not send any message.
  10. This just happened to me today. A guy says his last court date is next week. What would be an appropriate way to respond to this?
  11. I loved your sense of humor in this post, and do agree that they need to make a heavier strength of youth pamphlet! I carry around the mini ones and apparently that is not eno
  12. I have found, and I know girl friends of mine have found as well, that there are more married men of the church on church targeted online dating sites (or hitting on single girls on Facebook or instagram) than there should be. I am not really big into the online dating scene and already I have come across a handful. Some of them are "separated but just not finished with the divorce preceedings," some have not even started them. Some have been forthcoming. Some have not. The excuses would blow you away. I guess I was lucky I was raised to know that if you go through a divorce you don't date until after it's final. Guess not everyone was raised that way. What's a good way to let these men know that in unacceptable?
  13. You literally have the sensitivity and social graces of a babboon