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    Relief Society lesson on Revelation

    What came to my mind in your initial response was an experience of mine (or my husband or both). Years ago, we were both called into the Bishop's office. The Bishop extended a calling to my husband to be the Scout Leader. Young Men's activities were Tuesday nights and the monthly or so camp outs or activities were Friday nights. My husband was really quiet and said that he would accept. He is of the mindset that you always accept a calling. He was going to accept it. But accepting would mean failure and letting everyone down because he didn't know how to say "no". He is an airline pilot and almost always works Tuesday through Friday. Like leaves the house 10 am on a Tuesday, has a four day trip, then gets home around 10 pm to midnight on Friday. My husband never actually turned it down but the Bishop said he needed to consider it more and then pulled back the calling or some similar terminology. Maybe the calling had to occur for the Bishop to get this information to extend a calling down the road that my husband could fulfill. I don't know. It isn't always possible to always accept a calling, right? Bishopric members only have so much information...I don't know.....this kind of back and forth gets really confusing to me.
  2. I'm teaching a lesson based on President Nelson's conference talk from April 2018 titled " Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives". My question is, Is it possible for personal revelation to contradict general Church or local leadership revelation? For instance, can a Bishop get a revelation that you should have a particular calling, you pray about it and come up with a different answer (revelation??). Am I even defining revelation correctly? Just looking for some thoughts......