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    British Politics

    Sorry no I voted to leave. I took a lot of time looking at the available information and realised that there was not enough to make a properly informed decision. I never believed the "Boris Bus" I didn't want rid of immigrants, but did see that the EU is a bloated bureaucratic system and that too many interests dilute reasonable argument and effectiveness as an entity. I didnt for one minute believe that it would be a swift and easy exit (no divorce ever is) and knew that France and Germany could not afford to let us out without a bloody nose, as a warning to any other nations thinking this could be a good option. What I did think was that Parliament would have to good of the nation at heart, be able to come up with innovative solutions to the obvious issues and negotiate with a little more persuasion....I know, how foolish !! The biggest issue is that MP's are not acting like parliamentarians. As for Farage...... he is an odious man that has stirred up racial tensions throughout the country. He tries to be "a man of the people" but his only interests are his own economic gain.
  2. KScience

    British Politics

    I can assure you that us Brits are fed up with the political carnage that has been Brexit. This process has been drawn out, damaging to all political parties, caused community tensions and taken up far too much political time, too much money which could have been better spent on national issues. We should remember that this started with David Cameron (2 PMs ago) seeking a referendum sure in the knowledge that the people would say remain and shut up the Eurosceptics in his own party.....There was no great appetite on the part of the UK to leave until the campaigning began and all sorts of claims (which have since been disproven) about how much better we would be outside of the EU - along with plenty of not so covert racism disguised as politics.... its been downhill ever since!! There has been a flurry of planning over the last few months for contingencies should no deal take place https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/no-deal-readiness-report . The operation Yellowhammer document also makes for an interesting read. We have already seen loss of investment and companies moving financial services (our big earner) out of the UK in preparation for leaving the EU. Supermarkets have taken extra storage as they anticipate food shortages. I have moved away from the Dover tunnel, but saw the building of huge car parks which will keep trucks held at boarder points from blocking the already congested motorways. The selling of certain medical supplies abroad has been suspended (by law) to ensure that we don't run out. So today's latest shenanigans the Prime Minister has sent the letter seeking an extension to the EU as he was required by law, but has not signed it, and has also sent a letter explaining why the EU should not agree to an extension so that a no deal becomes inevitable. The biggest complication is that we now have a minority part of the Conservative party in charge who do not have the backing of many in their own party, do not have a majority and have lost members over this fiasco. But the opposition parties are a mess of their own making too and so cant do their job and hold the government to account YUP we are sick of it too...... I know we seem like the cat that stands at the door mewing to get out that once you open the door refuses to leave.
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    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and advice. I will take some time to look over your comments again and digest them. I had the chance to participate in the class today (called and set apart today ready to teach in 2 weeks time) so was able to see how the class interacts. Feeling more positive in as much as they are a very active class and looking forward to getting to know the members of my ward better.
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    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thanks I have already studied the Teaching the Saviours way manual for my last calling, but will review again - thanks for the reminder, and the CFM Manual was of course my first port of call. SS is the only calling I have not yet had (that I could technically hold as a woman) at ward level, so I suppose I am just looking for some insights from people who have held the calling - ideally the "DONT DO THIS" kinda stuff.
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    Ideas for surviving in "bunker mode"

    I am sorry you are going through this. Budget and meal plan are my top tips. Budget: Look at what you do have available to you and allocated every last penny, so you know where it is all going. Then the hard part....sticking to it. Withdraw cash for everyday spending and put into designated envelopes (and once it is gone it it gone). Move the rest of your cash into savings and just transfer enough for bills in time for them to be paid (this way if fraudsters come back they cant access all of you money for bills. And every evening check that you are on track with the budget. Any overspend means that you will have to adjust in another area and correct the budget. Make sure you include a small amount of "fun" money so that you can have a small treat each week, so that it does not feel like you are totally depriving your self. Meal planning: Before setting you food budget go through all of the food you have (inventory) and then write out meals and snacks for every day for the next two weeks. Then write out a shopping list for things you need to add so that you can eat and shop on the first day. For fresh items have a cash envelope in your budget. Only shop with a shopping list and stick to it. Make sure you give yourself something fun to do each week... there are lots of free activities that you and your husband can take advantage of and enjoy some time together so that the stress of "bunker mentality" can be escaped from for a couple of hours. Good luck
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    Secular Society

    In my emails I came across the church media releases urging us to invite people to church; and it made me wonder about the cultural differences which make this easier/ more challenging in different parts of the world. After hearing a discussion on the radio about the UK being a growing secularist society and a debate about how this affected laws/morals etc I looked at the Office of National Statistics and thought about the people I associate with. Key data: In 2011, there were 4.1 million fewer people reporting as Christian (from 72 per cent to 59 per cent of the population), 6.4 million more people reporting no religion (from 15 per cent to 25 per cent) Christians had the oldest age profile of the main religious groups. Over one in five Christians (22 per cent) were aged 65 and over. People with no religion had a younger age profile than the population as a whole in 2011. Four in ten people with no religion (39 per cent) were aged under 25 and over four in five (82 per cent) were aged under 50 Thinking about people I associate with at work I am the only church goer and within my wider friendship group (outside of church members) I only know one other person that attends regularly and one other that has spoken about a general belief in God. If I bring up church in general conversation e.g. how was your weekend/ what you up to this weekend my work colleagues are genuinely curious and many have said that I am the only person I know who goes to church. Some have even said they are baffled how I can believe in God as I am so "intellectual". My last job was in a church school (Church of England) and some parents and staff were uncomfortable with the local church's involvement (usually easter & christmas). I really think that I would appreciate being able to talk more widely about religious themes with people of all faiths. Having a very small group to discuss with in our ward doesn't help. Especially as in RS and SS its almost as if no one has read the material in preparation and so much time is spent just outlining what has been read so it does not feel like we actually get to discuss and explore the content rather than just describe events or policies. So I guess I am wondering is this a cultural issue? Am I expecting too much by expecting to have conversations along spiritual lines in everyday life? What are your experiences of discussing spiritual/religious issues?
  7. I am put off that so many people consider just day to day living requires a firearm to feel safe. I have plenty of examples of language mix ups and we tease each other about using "English" but at least we can all agree on dismissing the metric system and measure distance and speeds in miles
  8. See I get the "don't tell me what to do" attitude. I would be fine with no cars on church property (little eco-warrior moment here ) and would assume there was a good reason for it The arguments for carrying concealed weapons have come across a little startling. I have no doubt that visiting my friends in Montanna in a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere would be fine. However my friend in Washington D.C. (they live in a "nice" area) and my best friend in San Francisco live in much more urban areas, and I would be uncertain without talking to them first. Had to chuckle at the mental image of any of them being gang members. "Do you think you have a real chance of getting shot here? Do your pals live in depressed urban areas and deal with drugs and other crime regularly? Are they gang members? Do they have domestic issues at home? " So do you only need to carry as you have these friends too?
  9. I totally agree that its apples and oranges. I have no desire to see the US disarmed, makes no difference to me as I don't live there, but it does put me off visiting my pals. Its understanding why it's apples an oranges that interests me
  10. Just didn't want anyone to think I am anti firearms as that would bias my comments. I am just curious about what drives the reactions to the changes in the handbook
  11. Perfect use of the vernacular!!!!
  12. There are lots of comments on this post about people feeling the need to protect themselves and their families. Do you anticipate dealing with violent crime on a regular basis? The general feeling in the UK is that there is infrequent violent crime, so there is no need to carry guns. It is safe to walk the streets, even as a woman on my own I have walked through central London late at night. There is a concern with rising knife crime in some cities, and how we can target the youth involved in this but it is not an everyday occurrence; indeed most people would not know anyone involved in violent crime. And I worked in inner city schools and areas of deprivation for 15 years before changing career. My gut feeling and a little research shows that the UK has FAR lower violent crime than the US UNODC homicide rate: Interesting analysis here: Discussing the different reporting methodologies, differences in definitions of crimes and affect of estimated under reporting of crimes https://dispellingthemythukvsusguns.wordpress.com/ Just want to point out that I am not against using firearms. I shoot and hunt and own a Browning 12 Bore. However the difference between owning a shotgun and a handgun; let alone carrying one in public are culturally vast.
  13. I have been surprised how much attention this has been getting, I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that people were carrying weapons in the congregation. The perspective of needing a firearm is so foreign to me and I lived on an army base with armed patrols and car inspections looking for explosives due to the threat of terrorism from Ireland (with terrorist attacks an unfortunate almost common occurrence). In the UK we do have gun crime (although knife crime is a wider issue) and terrorist attacks to contend with but we don't have the same public desire to be carrying firearms. I know that the gun/no guns issue is huge in the US but have very little understanding of the need to always be carrying. I would like to understand the mindset more.
  14. I didn't read the article because I just roll my eyes at the statement that is being made and have very little patience for the point of view that women are somehow being demeaned by the church weather due to dress standards or any of the other perceived slights. Was just going for a little humour with the pants comment as we generally do not discuss our underwear in public.
  15. WIsh I was a mountie. I am actually a lecturer in Equine studies, but over the summer have been covering the yard so that they can take leave
  16. KScience

    Ezra Taft Benson was right.

    This sentence just made me feel rather OLD.......... It does not feel THAT long ago!!!! And of course he was right.... and nice to be reminded of an old talk.
  17. First I need to disclose that I did not read the article....... BUT As an English member "pants" has a whole other meaning........ Wearing pants not so controversial!!!! I now get to admit that I wore not just trousers but jodphurs to church a couple of weeks ago, I was on an overnight shift at work and ran over so did not have time to change or I would have missed the sacrament. No one batted an eyelid...Love this ward SO much
  18. Hi, Well done for starting to get your relationship on the right track. IMO you still have some way to go before you are ready to marry this man. If you don't trust him enough to share this information with him, do you trust him with your life and your eternity? If the roles were reversed how would you feel? Is there anything that he could be hiding from his past that would be a game changer for you? If so have you explicitly asked him about this? He has reacted really positively so far, but does he believe that you go to church regularly, just don't have a temple recommend? How will your lives fit in together with him being focussed on the gospel and going to church, scripture study etc?? You have a lot of conversations which need to take place before you are ready to join your lives together e.g. How are you compatible spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically? Do you have common goals that you will work towards as a family? I can understand the need for short engagements but you guys need to have a really intense series of conversations before marriage or you are going to have a stormy start to your relationship. If he wants a wife who has the same spiritual values as him, how will you achieve this? I understand how difficult it is dealing with anxiety ( I am moving and joining a new ward next weekend and fully expect to be vomiting in anxiousness, but this will not stop me ) I would recommend prayerfully taking your anxiety to Christ and ask him to sustain you and support you so you can attend, for just a sacrament meeting). My only caveat would be DON'T go to church JUST to please your partner, you both deserve people who will fulfill all parts of your life and make each other happy.
  19. KScience

    Missionary age soon to be 16yrs old!

    You can't start learning to drive until 17 here in UK...... cycling, walking or bus for my son ...YES I was a mean mum (actually busy working single mum and with the price of petrol we only used the car when absolutely necessary)
  20. Are there that many LDS dating sites that customers have a choice and can chose a rival with a better reputation? As a single sister I feel I should be more in the know.... I am obviously limiting my dating opportunities
  21. KScience

    Released - Not ready

    Hi chaps, just need a safe place to vent tonight. I am moving out of the ward at the end of August. I informed the Bishopric a couple of weeks ago so that they had plenty of warning. So last night I get a text from the 1st counselor asking if I can meet early on Sunday "for a chat". Today at a ward activity the 2nd counselor grabs me "for a chat" and I am being released tomorrow. I am NOT ready, we have Beehive camp, the girls have fun activities planned over the summer I was looking forward to and as a teacher I will finally have time not to be running around like a headless chicken..... *pouting like a small child* So tonight I am making notes for the next YW pres, so that there can be a smooth handover....... and plan to approach the primary president offering my services for the next month Trying to find the positive....BUT.... Really still just pouting.....
  22. I am currently lucky enough to live in very close proximity to the London temple (about 50mins). This has made regular attendance fairly easy. I usually go from work on a Friday night and catch the last session of the day. I have attributed the low number of attendees to the time of day/week. Going at a quiet time suits me well (being an antisocial type) This week I was unable to go on Friday and with the impending 6 week closure (and my moving house to a greater distance from the temple) I braved what I anticipated would be a busy Saturday morning. I was shocked that a Saturday morning session had only 7 of us participating. I wrote this off to the unusually good weather and people anticipating bad traffic, people being away on holidays this time of year etc. I had a chat with a couple of workers over lunch and was even more shocked that this is not an uncommon occurrence!! This temple serves the whole of southern England and I often see visitors from Europe. SIgn of the times, or a common occurrence in other places? Am I the only one shocked (and TBH disappointed) by this? There are many temples being announced and opened world wide - have any ever been closed?
  23. The BBC has to attract viewers and unfortunately well informed or analytical programs do not attract wide audiences... reality TV and soap operas with the occasional period drama is what we get now. I am always dismayed by the "documentaries" which lack any attempt at critical thinking. My biggest bug bear is the push for "balance reporting" which actually just means giving air time to anyone with an opinion, no matter what the factual basis. BBC radio is better - try listening to BBC Radio 4. The Olympic coverage is SPECTACULAR though I miss the BBC of 10 years ago and can only predict further declines as funding is cut further
  24. KScience

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    Scott you would need to show a much longer time scale to make a fair comparison and call it a "crash" (compared to 87, 98, 2008) the scale on Y axis does not indicate such a large decline. Mores you need to watch more Parliament on a Thursday, Prime Minister's Questions are always lively and full of banter. Its one of the reasons that females have historically been put off becoming MP's. Not terribly productive but entertaining.
  25. KScience

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    Scott the pound crashed way before the brexit vote. We have made a better recovery than just about all parts of Europe. Germany and France were always going to make the split acrimonious as they will be left to foot our portion of the bill, supporting the rest of Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain should all be on your list of places to visit if you want more bang for your buck as their economies are being propped up/failing) and our exit sets precedent for any other countries looking to leave, so we were always going to get treated as harshly as they could possibly make it. The real effect on the economy won't be felt for a little while yet, as Europe had suspected another referendum resulting in staying would be an easier path for a Prime Minister and we had made no obvious contingency for actually leaving without a deal. When Boris takes us out on the 31st Oct there will be financial carnage.....come visit then and bring your $$$$$