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    Replacement for youth programs

    Coming from outside the US, its a bit of a mystery to me why the scouting thing is such a big issue. You can run a YM program and interested YM can enrol in the scouting program on an individual basis - as happens in all other countries. Until we have a fuller picture about the new program it is difficult to make comparisons, IMO it comes down to: Do we have faith in church leadership knowing how they want the youth of the church to progress? I am another one anticipating an October roll out, and see the update as a reassurance that things are coming into place. Currently my focus is on getting my uber enthusiastic Beehives through Personal Progress in a year.
  2. KScience

    Fresh Start

    So after 12 weeks of having no voice and still not sure when it is going to return, I have had to face the fact that I need a new career which is less vocally demanding. I am currently a lecturer for college (UK 16 -18yr olds) and university (18yrs +) students. I was previously a school teacher for 10 years and have taught horse riding - all jobs which required a voice at a good volume for a substantial part of the day. I am embracing this as a positive opportunity for a fresh start which will give me some semblance of work-life balance. I am fairly well educated (up to MSc level), literate and have management experience, great organisational skills and can build rapport with a wide range of people quickly. I have a good eye for detail, love to research and break down complex ideas into their simplest form. I am also the wrong side of 45 and have not been planning an "escape route" so need to start exploring other opportunities. Any ideas on how to decide a direction for career change, useful online resources or techniques?
  3. KScience

    Fresh Start

    Thanks for the input @JohnsonJones. As much as I would love to write, it wont pay my bills for the immediate future. My first degree was 20 years ago so may not be current enough for research positions, although the skills from the MSc could be a good selling point. My MSc is in a very specialised area and the industry is comprised of small companies which are very slow in adopting any scientific basis. This was fine when I was aiming at lecturing for the next 20 years. But I am trying to find ways to exploiting my skills and exploring ideas of how they can be transferred to other industries.
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    Embarrassing likes

    I don't understand why people would be ashamed to admit to being ABBA fans...great music. Dressing like ABBA might be a whole different story!! My guilty pleasure is watching kids movies ..... and once my son had grown up, offering my baby sitting services so I can go to the cinema and not look conspicuous.
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    Easter Bunny Gets Into A Fight

    This girl has a great point about Easter
  6. I am the first to admit to being a bit of a doofus and not terribly coordinated, so usually its me that messes stuff up and then has to get creative putting things right. I was very excited to open my order from LDS stores today to find that instead of one picture of the London England Temple I now have 50!!!! I have emailed them to make them aware of the error (I am pretty positive that when my order says 1 and the charge is 55p that I really should have only received a single picture) and assume I will have to post them back. So in the mean time........ any creative ideas for what to do with 49 8.5x11 pictures???? 🤭
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    Errors that made you chuckle?

    Thanks for the inspiration
  8. KScience

    Errors that made you chuckle?

    One in the YW room, and one in each classroom in the chapel, the rest in the wrapper waiting for inspiration to strike
  9. We had a very positive day. Sunday school numbers were more dismal than usual (only 6 adults), then we had a full house for sacrament meeting, I did quick head count and we easily had double the usual number of adults in attendance. Lots of people stayed for the munch and mingle too. Our musical numbers were by the primary children and then the youth. This boosted attendance as parents who do not normally attend came to please their children
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    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    Glad I made you feel little better
  11. KScience

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    First I need to admit to not having read all of the posts in this thread. But thought I might give you some perspective on fuel prices. In the UK we are currently paying about £1.35 a litre = @3.8 litres per US gallon = £5.10 per gallon. Conversion for currency = ~ $6.60 And we are enjoying a fall in prices over the last 3/4 years, I can remember prices up to £1.60 a litre. A large percentage of the fuel cost is tax - Fuel duty is currently levied at a flat rate of 57.95p per litre , whilst VAT (value added tax added to all purchases except for a few exempt goods in the UK) at 20% is then charged on the total price (the product price + the fuel duty). Retailers have a very small margin and make more money on goods and produce sold in the shop. The taxes are obviously a significant government income stream and rises are lobbied for on environmental grounds. The bottom line is we pay because we have to, and suck it up because there is no other choice. OH and drive small cars Enjoy your cheap fuel
  12. YOu have been given lots of good advice about eating, but I would question if your behaviour is due to underlying depression which needs dealing with. Its difficult to fight either comfort eating or depression and I would encourage you to seek appropriate professional help, you dont need to go through this alone.
  13. KScience

    Sealed unworthily...

    Well done to you and your husband. I am glad that you are both already feeling the effects of meeting with your Bishop. Love, hugs and prayers
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    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Burned Down

    @MormonGator I have lots of friends in UK who are very upset by this, and mostly its non members I have had comments from. Its sickening how quickly fire can destroy what took over 200 years to build. Every time I have visited I have been struck by the symbolism and how my students react in a reverent manner despite not being from religious backgrounds. Maybe those closest to it take it forgranted and treat sacred things more casually (reminds me of a conference talk ) Christianity has been in disrepair for so long in Europe, but those who cling to their faith are special people. I was shocked when I lived in the US how much easier it is to talk about religion and how often the topic comes up in comparison to the UK
  15. KScience

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Burned Down

    Saving the building is looking less likely, the spire has collapsed. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/apr/15/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris-france-landmark-live-news It would be a travesty if the building can not be restored. In the case of such historic artifacts, the building regs are not always as closely monitored as with a new build, especially when of such national importance and a religious icon
  16. You couldn't make this stuff up........
  17. Another divorcee here and I had my teenage son. The ward were amazing and we were both in the same ward. I was initially worried but it was all in my own head. As for my son, he needed his friends at church to help him deal with the situation. They were the people he could call on for support and help him feel the love of the Saviour. My home teachers were AMAZING and stepped up to make sure that he was included in things like father son camp, getting to early morning seminary when I was ill for a number of months. His YM presidency were true friends to him and positive male role models; this was really important for me as I do not have family that could take on these roles. Most importantly these were all people who knew him for years and he did not feel like a "project", they were our church family and accepted that sometimes bad stuff happens. They accepted it all much better than I did.
  18. You have already had some great responses. I had to reply as this was the lesson last Sunday with my YW and we discussed exactly these questions. I just want to share a couple of links to resources which I used and you might find helpful: scroll down to the videos: https://www.lds.org/study/youth/learn/yw/prophets-revelation/receive?lang=eng#title5 Section 4: https://www.lds.org/study/manual/preach-my-gospel-a-guide-to-missionary-service/how-do-i-recognize-and-understand-the-spirit?lang=eng&para=figure8#figure8?lang=eng
  19. KScience

    Why do so many fail to find God?

    I personally really appreciate your comments on the forum and think that you come across effectively and with compassion. I also think its great that you feel that you can contribute on an LDS forum with your different perspective. In answer to your original question: Because they are not even looking!
  20. KScience

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    Not sure how this would work outside of the US and even outside of areas in US with very high population of members
  21. KScience

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    An interesting podcast on this topic came up on my feed this evening and made me think of this thread. https://leadingsaints.org/why-we-married-in-the-temple-after-20-years-in-same-sex-relationships-an-interview-with-bennett-becky-borden/
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    Sin and Sickness: are they related?

    The actions of sin may, at times, put you in an environment where disease is more likely, but there are also many righteous actions that can put you in the way of disease. An acquaintance of mine caught TB serving homeless people. I can also give you examples of young children with cancer, and other disabilities. I may be rather sensitive to this as I recently had a very upset YW after where it was suggested by the SS teacher that her disability was due to sin. I think that we need to be very careful making claims and assumptions about other people's righteousness or sinfulness. I for one would hate to think that someone would not be able to speak out about mental health issues incase others thought the cause was sin. How about the line of reasoning that disease and suffering can be a trial/affliction to help us to learn?
  23. KScience

    Sin and Sickness: are they related?

    Personally I don't think its a literal connection (says she who has been voiceless for 5 weeks for no obvious cause) The healings all rely on the faithfulness of those being healed. Our faith can be affected in our ability to walk away from sin, or accept the saviours grace for our sins. Just my opinion, but I know plenty of sinful healthy people and lots if sick and faithful people.
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    You are in my prayers. No advice but lots of sympathy. Despite being well educated and in full time work as a lecturer I can only afford to rent a room because rents are crazy. A bedroom with just enough room to fit in bed, wardrobe and desk with kitchen shared by 9 rooms costs nearly half my take home pay. I was only going to be here a year so thought as a temp measure it would be OK....somehow I ended up staying longer. Renting a one bedroom apartment within an hours drive to work would be nearly 3/4 take home pay without bills. But I spend more time at work than home, its warm, its safe and private, so counting my blessings.
  25. KScience

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    And yet in many wards here in the UK we have many members with multiple callings. My current ward we have have had to amalgamate primary classes due to lack of teachers and needing two to a class. The size of the ward makes SO much difference, if we have 80 adults on a Sunday we are having a good week.