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    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    No my sister (COPD for years AND now recovering from COVID) is on intermittent oxygen and now can walk about 10m without it. When I was on the respiratory ward (physio) most of the patients had oxygen available when needed. Usually during "strenuous" exercise (i.e. walking more than a couple of steps)
  2. KScience

    It matters who you are...

    Fist of all there are two different levels of court and this type of case will be dealt with at the magistrates court level which deals with less serious cases and as there are significantly more of these (and many crown court cases have to pass through the magistrates court to be assigned as a crown court case) has a much longer wait time. Also perverting the course of justice is a less serious offense of the types dealt with in the magistrates court so will be placed further down the list of court dates.
  3. KScience

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Kid got kicked out of private schools at junior age..... they can be selective and no more would admit him. This was his 3rd secondary school and as the worst school in the authority (and 2nd worst authority in the country) its where kids ended up. I wish I could say the attitude was a one off
  4. KScience

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Homeschooling is not very common in the UK, and most home schooled children are definitely of middle class. You have to register to homeschool, and with most local authorities on skeleton staff that wont be straight forward; plus most parents would not even consider that they could. Mind you working in inner city schools for years I met many parents who were poorly educated, struggled with basic numeracy and literacy and would not have the faintest idea about where to start. As a secondary school teacher I actually suggested to a parent once that they should consider homeschooling as they did not value the curriculum that was being offered to their offspring. The parents evening meeting had started along the lines of "and before you start telling me that he needs to make more effort and he is not going to pass his exams, I don't care because I cant read and write and I make more than you do and buy a new Jag every year". Parent did not take kindly to my advice and told me it was my responsibility to get his child an education🤦‍♀️
  5. I am really interested in the policies that you are referring to here. I do not have this experience personally but do recognise that there has been an increase in members in the US following groups e.g. suffer as you mentioned and am wondering if these are linked. Its interesting if there is a cultural or geographical difference or if I am just "out of the loop".
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    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Not when there are huge fines for missing school. Again the poorest in the community have the least chance or kicking against the pricks
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    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Digging in for the long haul, Update this week in UK: people told they could go back to work if can maintain social distancing (work from home if you can). Transport systems are an issue. Now allowed to exercise more freely and meeting people in open spaces - as long as social distancing adhered to. Unless you live in Scotland, Wales or Ireland who have not yet relaxed rules. Care homes still not able to access testing kits they have been promised. PPE for medical staff still an issue. These are now the places of highest incidents of contracting the virus. Healthcare staff dealing with Covid patients now expect to contract the virus. No church until at least 5th July (I expect it to take longer as I predict a second spike will step back the recent progress) Government plans on sending back 5 year old to school first - which makes no sense morally, socially or educationally. I am hoping to have face to face teaching up and running at my university by September. Its a great big mess. Economy sunk, death rate falling slowly but still over 600 people a day. Health care system will have long term repercussions to rehabilitate not just COVID patients but those whos treatment has been postponed and the back log of surgeries etc which now can go ahead. Roll on 2021
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    How is everybody doing?

    Our government announced another 3 weeks of restrictions and it seems like people are settling into a new state of mind. I have lost my ex father in law. My son was very close to him and living in different counties it has been difficult not being there for him, on the end of a phone is not the same. My sister has chronic COPD has also been affected by the virus and is now making a slow recovery, thanks to amazing medical care. I live where I work, but have 3 vulnerable people on site so restrictions were initiated before official government guidelines. With no staff able to come on site I went from part time to full time overnight as we still have the same number of horses who need caring for, whilst also studying full time. My university had confirmed cases before restrictions were put in place so shut down early and all learning has been online for the last 4 weeks. This is challenging for a physiotherapy degree which is mostly hands on and our mandatory placements have been cancelled this year as NHS is too stretched. Very grateful for my food storage for the first 4 weeks when shops where overwhelmed and many basic supplies not available. Trying to get an online food delivery slot has become an obsession... currently nothing available in our area between now and 8th May, slots after this have not yet been released. Missing my couple of hours at church each Sunday. It's my only chance to have gospel related discussions. The people I live and work with are lovely but can not get their heads around the fact that I believe in God. I usually only work Sunday afternoons but now working more hours. I have less hours a day but have been more mindful over my personal prayers and scripture study. I have actually heard from my ministering couple. I have got to know the sisters I minister to better (I am new to the ward) as we now have WhatsApp groups. A couple of people form church have reached out which is really touching. I am now starting to worry about the longer term implications. I had intended to work through the summer to make enough money to meet my needs, however if I go off the property I am not allowed back on, so that is scuppered. I also have issues next summer as we will have an extra 5 week placement in July/August so again will reduce my ability to earn enough over the summer. But I will worry about that after exams are over and see what I can come up with online. Now just trying to look forward, its hard to plan with so much uncertainty.
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    struggling with the law of chastity

    Have you confided your feelings to anyone near you? As lovely as the people are here, internet support only goes so far. Meeting let alone dating members is more difficult in some places. I am in the UK where wards are mostly composed of lots of families and lots of single women. Depending on your age can also make it harder. Is there a Young Single Adult program or institute class you can attend? Knowing people who are in the same boat and choose the same standards as you can be really supportive. It may involve a lot of travel, but you get to know people well on a road trip. This is a challenge I have also faced. It IS hard. BUT it is achievable. I found really understanding the purposes for the law of chastity helped. Having a testimony of the purpose of the family and an eternal perspective can help to keep you focussed. We have very powerful hormonal urges for a reason, but there is a time and a season for all things. As a teenage convert myself it took a real shift in my thinking to embrace the law of chastity. I learned to walk away from people and situations that would make it more difficult and fill my life with positive things that would support me to live it more easily. It is SO hard to have faith that there will be a chance for you to find a partner, but stranger things have happened!!! I am now an older divorced single sister facing the same challenges as you and feel I have even less chance of finding a partner in the church. But I live a full life, try focus on the positives and have faith that my Father in Heaven loves me, has a plan for me... even if I don't know what it is. If I don't meet a church member, I could have a relationship with someone who respects my values. However these men are few and far between too. Sorry for my ramblings, but I do hope you can find someone to support you through this challenge.
  10. KScience

    The COVID thread

    The 2 week self isolation is imposed to avoid needing to test. My son lost his grandfather last week (my ex husbands father). He had a positive test for Covid 19. His whole extended family had a party the weekend before (despite the government restrictions in place). All of them are now in isolation for 14 days. That is at least 8 households. None of them will be tested unless hospitalised. My son did not go to the party and caught a LOT of flack from the extended family initially. We can't underestimate the effect of going to family party feel a bit under the weather (and now thinking it was the virus) is having on my sons cousin. Today his grandmother developed a cough and feels warm to the touch. She is also in her 70s and has underlying health issues. He may be 27 but he is still my son and not being able to travel to console him or just give him a hug is difficult. But not as difficult as it is for the staff in hospitals which were already stretched to capacity. Final year students on my course have already been drafted in to support...and its only just beginning here.
  11. KScience

    The COVID thread

    Disheartened by the reports of people swarming to public places over the weekend. The word avoid apparently is not strong enough for most is seems. Schools, pubs, clubs and cafes, shutdown and yet people have not figured that social isolation is needed. I can see total lockdown on the cards. Grateful that food storage has meant I have escaped most of the shopping madness. Appreciating the consistency of the Come Follow me Program, sad that I wont be able to partake of the sacrament for a while and missing my Sunday School class.
  12. It goes with the government order for social distancing: Avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). These symptoms include high temperature and/or new and continuous cough Avoid non-essential use of public transport, varying your travel times to avoid rush hour, when possible Work from home, where possible. Your employer should support you to do this. Please refer to employer guidance for more information Avoid large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars, clubs Avoid gatherings with friends and family. Keep in touch using remote technology such as phone, internet, and social media
  13. Heard on the news this evening that The Church of England has cancelled all services but churches are staying open and Muslim leaders have called for all services including Friday prayers to be suspended. My (inactive) sons response ..... well looks like God told the prophet first
  14. KScience

    Another Boris Thrashing in the UK Parliament

    Corbyn will continue until a new leader is elected on 4th April. At the moment only the Conservative party are a functioning party, which is worrying as there is no one to hold them accountable. PM questions is often entertaining, however many parliamentary debates are poorly attended and less than thrilling
  15. KScience

    Sacrament at home prep

    Still waiting for instructions in our ward. At least my ministering brother contacted me (for the first time ever) and I got the chance to ask what the arrangements would be if this was to be a long term arrangement.
  16. KScience

    The COVID thread

    Well things are changing so quickly. UK government have held off shutting schools and implementing social distancing and getting lots of flack for not following most european countries. But different companies and organisations are cancelling events. I have now been personally affected as the university has been shut down and remote teaching for the next 3 weeks followed by 2 weeks of easter break. Still waiting to hear what is happening to placements, not sure many hospital wards are going to want students in the way. And UK travel to US is going to be added to the banned list from Tuesday
  17. KScience

    Moving away when you're the Bishop

    Things will only change if your son changes. If HE wishes to cut ties with the toxic relationship then it will happen, if not your moving him may back fire. He will just find other people who are similar because he had a need to seek this kind of relationship in the first place. You need to address the root cause of his seeking out relationships with people who you dont think are good for him. What does he get out of the relationship? How can that need be met in a way that is better for him?
  18. KScience

    Primary Activities

    It is an eye opener that you have so many activities a month! Here in the UK we had one a month. Attendance was always sporadic, although the "challenging" children always seemed to be present. We also did not have a specific activities coordinator it was down to primary presidency. I am now out of primary, but was chatting to my old primary Pres about how the changes were going. She is very happy to support the parents and intends to spend lots of time talking to, calling and emailing parents and encouraging them. her biggest challenge is teaching the adults how to set goals in a meaningful and supportive way, so that is going to be the Jan activity.
  19. At grassroots level it was unfortunately very obvious that this was going to happen. Labour needed to understand that this was an election about Brexit and all the other policies were window dressing. Corbyn's stance on Brexit was a HUGE nail in the coffin and not attacking the 10 year record of the standing party adequately did it for the Labour party. I am sure he would be a perfectly civil neighbour, but does not have the personality to go up against Johnson - even when Johnson refused to play his part in the media circus (avoided 2 major televised appearances and made some rather big bloopers when he did appear live on camera). I don't know anyone who was not a very left Labour supporter who was convinced by the party this time round. So people felt like they could vote for Conservatives (get out of EU) Labour (let's have another negotiation and a referendum on that deal and drag it out EVEN longer) or Liberal Democrat (revoke article 50)....... It was always going to be down to Brexit and people are SOOOO sick and tired of it they just want out.
  20. As the token Brit...... It was no surprise that the Conservatives won. The labour party went back to the 1970's with their manifesto - and we are will never be a socialist voting country. Corbyn was the wrong leader, too wishy washy on Europe and his "I will remain neutral" was indefensible on the doorstep or in interview. His extreme left views were always going to haunt him - wrong man for the job. The fact that the Labour party have publicly admitted this is more shocking. The surprise is how many voters swung to the conservative party in parts of the country that are confirmed red votes. I think this is more of a product of picking "worst best option". I worry that not having a credible opposition of any political persuasion means that the mechanisms for balance of power are gone. We will now see Boris Johnson's true colours as he has been trying to play to both sides of the fence with the very small majority that was voted into power just 2 years ago. In politics everything can change so quickly.
  21. KScience

    Financial Whistleblower

    SLTrib is unavailable in European countries......................... NO great loss then I am guessing???
  22. KScience

    Career Change - Advice?

    Well done, seems like things are all going in the right direction
  23. KScience

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thanks everyone, Had a bit more time to digest your advice. I am not the type of teacher to deliver a lecture - so I am glad that many of you have given the advice which matches my preferred teaching style. I am much more predisposed to get people active and doing things (too many years of teaching practical subjects) In order to facilitate a class discussion which focuses on the doctrine and its application to individuals, I believe that I will need to be well versed in the doctrine covered in the reading; so am spending my time identifying the doctrines covered and making sure I have plenty of sources to keep the conversation on track. I know the importance of use good questioning skills to ensure that everyone can participate and contribute no matter what their level of understanding, so again am preparing a range of questions that may be useful to get things going. Of course this fortnights reading covers BOTH the second coming and the fall........ plenty of room for speculation and going off topic; so will make sure that the discussion stays on what is discussed by Paul at this time (is it time to start preparing for Revelation already???) and make sure we focus on the positive messages in the reading.
  24. So having moved to a new ward I have been called as Sunday School teacher. I am a little alarmed because firstly I will have to deal with adults (I do much better in primary or YW) and secondly although I love the scriptures I am by no means a scriptorian. I know that whoever is called is qualified, and see this as a great learning opportunity for me. I almost feel that my first address to my class should be an apology for my lack of expertise. My employment history is in education, so planning and delivering a lesson is not my worry - My style is very much to facilitate talking and group exploration of subjects. Not having been in a whole SS lesson in this ward yet (meeting with Bishop first week then conference) I am not sure what style of teacher they are used to, or the level of discussion which usually takes place (I personally get bored by the SS lesson which just summarises everything that was read). So any hints or tips?? This is what happens when you pray for help (I have just returned to university and am struggling to manage my time between part time work and full time study, and was beginning to worry that my scripture study was not as in depth as it has been). The answer to that prayer was obviously to ensure that I change my priorities!!!
  25. I have just started on a Physiotherapy degree course as part of a career change plan. I have been very excited to be a student again, but have had some irritating minor conflict with the University with regard to the clothing (or rather lack of) requirements for the practical sessions. Not sure why it didn't occur to me before starting the course, but I have had some difficulty explaining that due to religious beliefs I will not be wearing shorts which barely cover my buttock creases and will not be taking off my t-shirt. This was not a good enough reason and I was being pressured to participate until I noticed a final year student who is a muslim and wears a hijab and asked the program lead to allow me the same concessions that she had been allowed on religious grounds. Suddenly, I am no longer "a problem". I managed to speak with the girl yesterday and asked her about her experience and she told me about the options they had given her and what had worked for her and I now have a plan that I feel comfortable with. It was nice to at last speak with someone who understood the discomfort of immodesty, rather than heavily implying that I have body image issues I am grateful for that woman of faith who lives her principles. I am less amused that I had to use "the muslim card" to get some tutors to take me seriously. I guess I am already marked out as the awkward and annoying first year student....... well best they knew early on