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    Canadian election

    I don't like throwing people out of boats either. However, that scenario you posed is in no way related to the question I did. If you don't want to answer the question that's fine, even though what you think is now quite obvious.
  2. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Clarify? Seems like a simple question to me. Which do you think is worse. 1. "Hate speech" / calling someone a name 2. A threat of physical harm 3. Causing physical harm / battery I don't really care what your employment law has to say...I want to know what you think personally.
  3. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Just for my information so we're on the same page, which of these 3 do you find worse?...saying something considered "hate speech", making an actual threat against someone, or actually physically harming them?
  4. scottyg

    Suicide and the Law of Chastity

    My comment may seem harsh as I do not know you, her, or her situation, but you should not marry this girl right now. She has issues that need to get resolved, and she should seek professional help and counseling. Yes, it was still wrong, and you should begin the repentance process ASAP.
  5. scottyg

    Membership in the Church

    He is a master at sleight of hand. Most people never notice the flaxen cords.
  6. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Makes sense, but just doesn't sit well with me. I guess I will not be moving to Canada anytime soon.
  7. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Yes, yes you can. Discrimination is discrimination. No one is exempt. Are you telling me that if I walk into a restaurant and the owner refuses to serve me because I am white and male, that that is not discrimination?
  8. How exactly do you "expand" Sunday best, or make Sunday best "less rigid"? Best dress is best dress.
  9. scottyg

    Figurative vs Literal

    Agreed. Some may choose to question the divinity of Jesus, however, only a completely ignorant fool would question his reality as a person. Aside from the Bible, multiple Roman and Jewish writings mention him as actually existing...both in life and in death. It is fact that he was a real person who lived upon the earth.
  10. Yep, the kids are far more interested in video games than physical activities, and texting/instagram rather than dancing. Only 2 YM and 1 YW in our ward play sports in school, and we have 63 of them.
  11. scottyg

    Figurative vs Literal

    Adam and Eve were real people. The fall took place, and was a necessary event. The stories in the Book of Mormon really happened, as did those in the far as they are translated correctly. It matters very much as these accounts were not recorded at large for people during those times, but for our benefit in this day and age.
  12. We still have a stake dance for the youth...but only 1 per year. Our stake does not do sports of any kind for youth or adults...this is the first that I have lived in that had no sports at all.
  13. They will likely not rush anything, but take their time to pray about things. The counselor will most likely talk to the other sister as well to ask her how things are going. It is a hard situation because if she is released from YW again she may be hurt further and could take things personally. Regardless of the outcome, there are bridges that need to be mended. Changes in ward leadership almost always come with some degree of drama...we had similar issues in our ward earlier this year, but after open communication and counseling things are going smoother now. With the new program coming in a few months everyone will need to be open to change.
  14. Is the Bishop aware of the situation? Who is the Bishopric counselor over the YW? I would start by talking to him and have him bring up the issue in Bishopric meeting. Although recommendations are asked for, the Bishop and his counselors are the ones who make the decision to call and release individuals in ward callings. Regardless of whether or not she gets released, the spirit does not thrive in a contentious environment. Until a release comes (for the sake of the girls) you need to make sure this sister does feel heard, and is able to help the girls she has stewardship over. Kids are smart...they can see and feel contention.
  15. I really have no desire one way or the other regarding football, but I read this today and found it interesting. People associate BYU with the church, and that makes me think they will keep it, all other sports, and the school under the umbrella of the church.
  16. I have no authority to speak on such matters, nor am I in the mood to debate gospel doctrine with one just looking to criticize...never ends well. Hopefully you can resolve whatever issues you have with the church though. Thanks Jim.
  17. If it is said by the Prophet in a setting such as General Conference, then yes. If the teaching of a prophet is published in a church manual, then yes...however, policy changes with time, and statements from past Prophets may be changed to better serve members of the present day. When a prophet is speaking for the Lord, he almost always prefaces or ends his remarks confirming that very thing. However, he is still a man, and can have his own opinions or views on things. He is not infallible by any means. Joseph Smith taught that "a prophet was a prophet only when he was acting as such."
  18. scottyg

    We can be Mormons again?

    I agree. The Savior Himself seemed troubled when He had to clarify the name of His church among the nephites.
  19. scottyg

    Facebook bans LDS church link

    Sadly, I find it completely believable. However, since I am one of maybe 5 millennials who doesn't use facebook it really doesn't affect me. 😎
  20. I have experience with 3 of those situations, and can tell you that firearms have been extremely helpful. They have helped me end the lives of multiple injured animals quickly and mercifully, prevent a small yet heated argument from becoming a big and violent one, and give me and my family a sense of security during a time of uncertainty. They are useful tools if used responsibly. Not to mention all of the food I have been able to procure for my family that has helped us save and channel our money to other necessities of life.
  21. scottyg

    Testimony Meetings

    I personally don't really care to hear the story. If I am interested I can ask them later. I just want someone to tell me that they know by the Holy Ghost, by revelation, that various gospel principles (not the least of which is the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ) are true.
  22. This is exactly how I feel about church and the Sacrament. I think this is a terrible policy and choice. Perhaps I am biased because I carry everywhere else. However, I also follow the counsel from my leaders and I want to be able to partake of the Sacrament. Sometimes it is better to be united than to try and prove a point.
  23. Russell M. Nelson is obedient to the president of the Church, and he is baffled when he hears people ask questions like, “Is it really the will of the Lord that we do everything that President Kimball says?” “The Lord said, ‘Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same,’” Dr. Nelson reminds us. “My experience is that once you stop putting question marks behind the prophet’s statements and put exclamation points instead, and do it, the blessings just pour. “I never ask myself, ‘When does the prophet speak as a prophet and when does he not?’ My interest has been, ‘How can I be more like him?”
  24. Nope...looks good to me. Best of luck to ya.
  25. No one knows but you and the Lord, but the odds are not on your side. Most people find faith through prayer, service to others, and reading the scriptures - not from their own "mindset"...that is a sandy foundation MOE. The prophets and apostles are indeed in a tough spot...their job isn't easy. With regards to our "unique paths" and counsel and generalities from the prophets, let's just agree to disagree. My feeling about this entire post/story is that it is not about pants per se, but to simply stir folks up and cause contention. It has definitely done that to many on here today, so I'll be signing off of this one.