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  1. Olivia Newton John passed away today as well. Maybe something is up...
  2. I would be very curious to know why this restriction was put in place. The only thing I could dig up was the following website. It wouldn't surprise me if instead of clearing up the backlog, they just got rid of it.
  3. I believe so, but I do not know if Tolkien wrote any specifics. In short, the way I view it is that the color white is the reflection of all colors at once. He initially had everything he needed, and was the greatest of the five, including most in middle earth. Choosing to wear many colors over white was his outward expression of pride, thinking that he now had (or always had) the powers and knowledge of all the wizards, and those who created him. It was his way of "showing" everyone that he had all power, that he was diverse in knowledge and influence. In reality, he was muddled, confused, and a shell of what he once was. Sorry if my first comment was a bit off topic/course...I am known to do that when my mind starts thinking about too many things at once.
  4. One can argue that he was the key figure in the story...the turning point. If he had not sought his own will, but the will of those who sent him, the number of lives lost would have been greatly diminished, and Sauron would have needed an entirely new plan as his forces alone would have been spread too thin. One grain of rice can tip the scales, whether it be a wizard, or a hobbit.
  5. We sadly have multiple families/individuals in our ward who have been to the temple, and for all intents and purposes were "fully active" members; who now, have not been to church in over 2 years since the church won't "authorize" homosexuality. They fly the pride flag proudly on their homes, and tell all they meet that the church will be changing soon...that they will soon 'embrace love' and 'accept everyone as the Savior would'. A great deal of pressure will come from within just as much as from the outside.
  6. The following is another example. In coming days their rationale will shift to Christianity. How will the saints react when not just a state, but individuals are targeted?
  7. This, and other methods of intimidation, will one day be used against members of the church...or anyone who professes a belief in Christ for that matter.
  8. Possibly, but I doubt it. Multiple features don't align with the death mask. It looks more like the sketches of Samuel Smith to me.
  9. No, that is not logical. Not at all. Unless they have a death wish, that is exactly the opposite of what someone would do who is trying to cause as much damage or death as possible.
  10. Perhaps a bit out of context, but I view our obedience to the Father in the hereafter being more out of love and gratitude rather than God ruling or dictating per se. My earthly father and mother currently have no power over me in any form, yet, if they were to ask me to do something for them I would still do it out of love and respect. I don't want that to sound sacreligious in any way, as God truly is all powerful and we all must obey Him, but I doubt He would ever need to dictate rules to those of His children that attain a Celestial glory, as they will already understand such laws due to becoming exalted, and one with Him and the Son.
  11. I wonder if recent films and television series (such as Chernobyl) were actually made to put fear into people that nuclear energy is bad and dangerous. If nuclear was adopted more widely, the left would lose one of their 4 great ideological pillars...and they cannot let that happen. I also wonder if we were to put more money into nuclear energy if mankind would eventually have associated research that led to small size power sources from fusion/fission like we see in Star Wars and Star Trek. Perhaps that is just the sci-fi geek in me coming out, but there is no way we would ever get to that point relying on solar and wind alone.
  12. The only other way is to go back to living life before electricity. How many of those who have made climate change their religion are willing to do that? I doubt they even know how. Life would be difficult without power, but I could survive. I doubt the majority of our nation could.
  13. Teachers can only do so much. From where I'm standing, those parents need to model better behaviors for their children. I was a pediatric nurse for 5 years, and can't tell you how many children I saw with mental health problems that were a direct reflection of their parent's attitudes and behavior. Children truly learn to deal with problems by watching how their parents do it.
  14. I would say mercy is showing compassion by relieving pain or suffering. To me, the Lord's condescension, and resulting ability for me to repent through Him, is merciful.
  15. My, they sound like simply charming people. For what it's worth, I serve in the temple, and the most humble and reverent people I have seen so far have been Latino. Also, I don't think the word gentile means what they think it means. It makes no sense anyway since we have been told to take the gospel to the gentiles. All kids...everywhere. Do they not remember being a kid? Are their kids statues at home all day? If so, I feel bad for those kids. I would ask them to define "city". Most people in Utah don't know what a city is...they have never left the state. Downtown Ogden or Riverdale aren't cities. The only city we really have is SLC, and it is a very small city. Drop those folks in the middle of Houston or Atlanta and they would have a panic attack. I have seen some good ol' country boys cause more mayhem than city kids ever could. Again, along the lines of race, it goes back to culture/family, not location. Unless I am grossly misunderstanding this, those people sound extremely odd, or just need help. People love to cherry pick one or two sentences from old apostles (usually out of context) and cite it as modern doctrine, and the basis for their "holier than thou" attitude.
  16. Well, the most merciful is of course complete mercy, so answer A. However, that does not mean it is the best option. Complete mercy allows no room for growth, because there is no accountability. Mercy and justice go hand in hand in God's cannot escape the other. Agency would not exist with mercy alone.
  17. I shared the story with my wife. I chuckled at it, but she said it was unfair. Yet...she can't explain to me why she thinks that way.
  18. From what I hear (which could be one sided) women are now actively seeking "starter marriages". This gives them the opportunity to "practice marriage", and then upon their planned divorce, they get to take a large portion of their husband's monetary assets which "moves them ahead" while they progress in their careers and ssearch for their real Mr. Right. This is of course all unknown to their first husband, who knows nothing of their wife's true intentions. I have seen many bitter and angry commments from "red-pilled" men that this has hapened to warning others not to fall into Delilah's lap. The adversary has many tools in his arsenal. Anything teaching or practice that disrupts the family, or potential families, is right near the top.
  19. If I wasn't a member of the church (and didn't already have an amazing wife) I would probably be right there along with them. I have so many young cousins that say the dating scene right now is a complete nightmare. So much entitlement and laziness.
  20. In addition to banking, I think about education and careers/employment. For example, many in the church are happy about BYU joining the BIG12 conference. This affiliation (nor any) will not last long. The school will soon be ostracized from the world of academics because it will not heartily embrace the ever "progressive" agenda of the devil. The day will soon come when many schools and professional organizations will choose to not recognize degrees from BYU. Zion will truly be in the midst of Babylon, and the saints will need to truly learn how to rely on their God rather than the arm of the flesh. I also wonder if the church is churning out so many temples lately because in the near future, many large construction companies will refuse to work with them. All forms of business will be affected by the mark and allegiance to wickedness.
  21. This. Right and wrong / truth and error exist in this world. The adversary would have people believe that right and wrong are actually "right" and "wrong" - subjective constructs that can vary from person to person based on what they feel, or what their current agenda may be. Eventually, the lines will be so blurred he will get the definitions of the two to take a complete 180. Unfortunately, this has in fact already taken place for much of our country, and the church will be one of the last places that truth will still be taught.
  22. This is why I enjoy classical music...almost all of them are dead.
  23. Unfortunately, people always seem to look for happiness and meaning in their lives in all the wrong places. Then, rather than change course, they pursue their incorrect path in hopes that they can force the right to appear. Some do it out of pride, others spite. Kind of like Darth Vader actually.
  24. It's like he's auditioning for cnn or something. I didn't mind him when he covered sports. I thought some of his takes were very good actually. However, he has always seemed sad to me. Like an incel of the left...alone and lost in his own little world. None of this stuff affects him, yet he (and many others on both sides) chooses to get so angry and worked up over nothing. Folks just need to learn how to turn the dial down a notch or two rather than having a temper tantrum.
  25. I guess I will be going vegetarian then. I for one will not eat meat grown out of a petri dish. 🤮