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  1. I agree with you in principle, and the antivax groups are some of the most foolish out there. My field is healthcare, and there is not 1 study anywhere by anyone that actually links vaccinations to Autism. Not one. Some may say that they "think" there is a connection, or a connection is "plausible", but I can also say that people don't gain weight from eating too's from the kind of toothpaste that they use. To me antivax is way more phony than global warming...but not near as phony as multiple genders. We can think whatever we want, but the fact remains that there is no evidence that Autism can be caused by vaccinations. And, even if it was proven in the future, the benefits of getting rid of debilitating diseases far outweigh the risks. Far left groups just want everyone to be "Au Naturale". If vaccines did cause autism then why don't more kids have it? Vaccination rates are decreasing, yet Autism is me that actually bolsters the pro-vaccination argument. "wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil..."
  2. Handbook 2 states 18.6.6 Burial or Cremation Where possible, deceased members who were endowed should be buried in temple clothing. Where cultural traditions or burial practices make this inappropriate or difficult, the clothing may be folded and placed next to the body in the casket. Additional instructions on temple burial clothing and dressing the dead are provided in 7.10.2, 9.10.3...
  3. I surely hope so...but the Nephites and Lamanites were unable to do it. After awhile the "ites" creep back in, and everyone separates. I love that that book was written for our day.
  4. When it comes to missionary work some of us are sowers, while others are reapers. Many missionaries spend their entire missions planting seeds that they never get to see sprout, only to have another missionary come along and baptize those individuals later on. Since Samuel was never heard from again in the land it is possible that he never knew of the impact he had in the lives of others. A similar story is that of Abinadi. He may have died not knowing the true outcome of his words. Yes Alma was a great man and did many great things, but his seed was sown by Abinadi. We never know how far the ripples of our actions go.
  5. Exhalation will only be the reward for the faithful who enter into all of the necessary covenants. Latter-day revelation confirms that the new and everlasting covenant of marriage is required to enter into the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. The marriage covenant and sealing is necessary, and if a woman has lived her entire life in a manner that is consistent with the commandments and other temple covenants, I believe provision will be made for her to be sealed to a husband in the life to come. Men can be sealed to more than one woman, and I see no reason why our Father in heaven would deny one of his daughters exhalation simply because no man asked her to marry him in this life.
  6. We have this exact scenario in our ward. One boy turns 15 this week, and another turns 15 in 3 weeks. The first will be eligible to become a Priest in January, but the other will not turn 16 until 2020, so he has to wait out the rest of the year. Even though they are only 1 month apart in age, 1 boy will get an extra 11 months of being a Priest than the other (assuming they both receive the Melchizedek Priesthood at the same time). It may seem unfair to some, but there are different lessons that can be taught to all boys and girls that will end up in different classes and have different responsibilities. Obtaining the Priesthood is not a race. Those who are eligible with early birthdays will not necessarily be given the priesthood or limited-use recommends early...that will still depend on personal worthiness and preparation. Rather than thinking that some of our youth are being shortchanged, we should see that some are being given a great opportunity for growth, and everyone now has an additional opportunity to pray and receive a confirmation from the spirit that they are being placed in situations meant for their personal progression.
  7. Still. buying multiple expensive cars is unnecessary. Even if you have the money, it would be better served elsewhere. A car's purpose is to take you from point A to point B. I recommend you follow the Lord's counsel in Luke 16:9. Money should be used to help others, not to buy worldly possessions. "And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations."
  8. There may be a doctrinal or scriptural reason. Or, perhaps he simply wanted to share his first physical embrace as a resurrected being with his Father.
  9. Lehi wanted his family to partake of the fruit, and was so happy when they did, not to mention the joy he felt when he partook of it. To me, when it says "so much was his mind swallowed up in other things that he beheld not the filthiness of the water" it means that we should not focus on the bad things in the world, but focus on the good. Yes, we need to know that evil is there, and how to avoid it, but we do not need to focus on it...focus more on the good. Let's say something is bad; we do not need to get closer, or inspect that thing more to see just how bad it is. If the spirit is offended, then such things are not for us, and we should not linger. Lehi beheld not the filthiness because he moved on to more important things.
  10. The following is from Truman G. Madsen, my favorite church historian. Oral tradition attributes another wise maxim to the Prophet: “Don’t climb to the extreme branches of the tree, for there is danger of falling: cling close to the trunk.” One translation: Avoid the vain mysteries and the discussion of them. Avoid imaginative speculation. But Joseph Smith, one must quickly add, made a distinction between the mysteries of godliness-that is, the deeper things that can only be known by revelation to the soul on the how of living a godly life - and the speculative pursuit of matters that are without profit to the soul. The vain mysteries are those of which we know nothing and need not know anything - whether, for example, the pearly gates swing or roll. Or, what is the ultimate destiny of the sons of perdition. “Cling close to the trunk.” Truman G. Madsen, Joseph Smith the Prophet (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1989), 104. I agree with what Vort said at the first, lets not talk about or worry about this. It is not pertinent, and doing so can cause more harm than good.
  11. Take the following for what it's worth. “The Word of Wisdom counsels against drinking “hot drinks,” which have been identified by early Church leaders as coffee and tea. “Tea” refers to the standard tea derived from the tea plant, sometimes called black tea or green tea. The Word of Wisdom has not been interpreted as proscribing herbal teas, stating that “all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man (D&C 89:10)” (Victor L. Ludlow, Principles and Practices of the Restored Gospel, p.434). Tea actually comes from a plant, and Green Tea comes from the same plant as Black Tea, the plant camellia sinensis. Black is simply fermented more than the Green. A like argument is that many people say Red wine has antioxidants in it that are healthy. But those exact same antioxidants can be found in other foods...or simply plain ol grape juice that hasn't been fermented. I recommend you pray about it. I have, and my answer was to not take tea into my body in any form.
  12. Joseph was having struggles and complaining...their time in Liberty jail was brutal. The Lord told him "The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?" so that Joseph would realize that the Lord understood his struggles perfectly...and that he had been through much worse than Joseph would ever endure. It was both a gentle reassurance as well as a gentle rebuke. In no way was Joseph ever comparable to the Savior...definitely Apples to Oranges...or more like Grapes to Watermelons.
  13. This is exactly what the world teaches. Do not let her get the piercing. As long as she lives with you she follows the house rules, and your rules and instincts should not be altered because of the actions of one of your children. It may not be the end of the world, but the principle in play here is modesty plain and simple. If she gets a belly button ring, she will then want to wear a bikini to show it off. Also, what message will that send to all of the other girls she associates with...what will they start to think?
  14. I agree. The church is true, so stop feeling offended by some remarks from an imperfect man made over 20 years ago. The Law of Chastity was broken, and they wanted to make sure you both knew why, and that you were actually worthy to enter the temple. This isn't small stuff...they would be held responsible someday if they didn't do their due diligence. People have a hard time getting the right words out all the time in all walks of life. Don't let your faith be shaken by something like that. You have done more harm to your family by not being fully active in the church. It may seem blunt and harsh, but it's true. Do you have a testimony of the Gospel being restored in the latter-days, or were you and your wife just going through the motions as kids? If you are unsure, pray about it, and once you get your answer act on it. Too many people nowadays are afraid to act...just come back to church and receive all of the blessings that are available to you. No need to be bashful about it...nobody there cares about your past and why you have been inactive...they are too busy worrying about themselves and their own kids.
  15. I do not need to be in on the interviews. I know my Bishop and the kind of man he is. If I didn't, I would spend more time around him to get to know him better. No one can stop a parent from being in on the interview, but it should by no means be required. If anything, a second adult is needed for the Bishop's protection from false accusations. I have never had a Bishop use probing questions...and I have had at least 10 of them. There may be some bad eggs here and there, and some horror stories may be true, but I do not believe many of the stories out there...some are just too far out to be believable.
  16. I would say pray about it. I know that isn't always a well liked answer, but that is one reason why we have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. If you are doing something that is offensive to the Lord the spirit will let you know. Personally, I do not cook with alcohol as it does not completely cook out...sometimes as much as 75-80% can be retained. There are charts online that detail the amounts. That being said, all foods that are made up of carbohydrates have trace amounts of alcohol in is a natural part of the decomposition/fermentation process. Carbs change to alcohols which change to acetic acid/vinegar.
  17. Your sealing with your ex-wife may be cancelled, but the sealing of children to their parents remains unaffected, even if one leaves the church.
  18. Children who are born in the covenant or sealed to parents remain so even if the sealing of the parents is later cancelled. A child cannot be sealed to only 1 parent. Children can be sealed to adopted parents. Also, a child may be sealed only to two parents, a husband and wife. So, to answer your question fully, no. If they are sealed to the both of you then that sealing will remain for each of you unless you or your wife gave up their right to the initial sealing, and allowed their step-parent to be sealed to the child. This would have to be written permission that you would take to the temple, and it would then be is never done arbitrarily. The only exception to that is if the child is over 21 and endowed - then they have the choice who to be sealed to if their biological parents are no longer sealed. (that being said, I would definitely counsel with a member of the Stake and/or Temple presidency before making such a decision)
  19. If one has to preface their comment by saying probably shouldn't be said.
  20. The influence is decreasing because, sadly, there are many of the rising generation that do not believe in the traditions of their fathers. There is a reason the Prophet has asked us to "eat our vitamin pills". The reason the work is moving forward much more quickly is due to the adversary doing so on his side. He is very deceptive and pushes his agenda forward by calling evil good, and good evil. If the proposition is implemented as currently constructed it will be felt in the state for years to come, as it will only amplify the disintegration of the family and decrease the ability of many to feel the influence of the spirit.
  21. I agree. I do feel that brethren should be clean shaven to model the church leadership. However, if they choose not to do so they have that choice. Recommends should be limited to the questions/requirements provided, and those questions/requirements only...nothing should be added.
  22. The church handbook states that those interviewing members for recommends should not add any requirements to those that are already specified. In my opinion this example is one of unrighteous dominion.
  23. Just curious, but do you have a reference for this? The leadership in our wards and Stake all have ministering assignments.
  24. It is not considered a "saving ordinance". However, it is a very important part of Repentance, and the receipt of the Holy Ghost. Repentance is ultimately necessary, so partaking of the Sacrament each week, although not necessary per se, makes the journey much, much easier. Although it isn't necessary for salvation, I can't imagine anyone achieving exhalation who doesn't partake of the Sacrament worthily every week and receive the added portion of the spirit it brings.