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  1. Ultimately, the women should speak with their feet and leave if they have concerns that are not being addressed...easier said than done much of the time I know. Women who actually care about women's rights need to make their voices louder. There is a 0% chance a university is going to listen to a straight white male in today's world. It should be common sense for women to have a secure place to use the restroom and bathe themselves. Sadly, in the future there will not be a choice in most places. The BYU Pathways program, and the ramping up of many online programs, is inspired. It will be of great worth in the future to many who, for a variety of reasons, will not or cannot attend a traditional brick and mortar school and the many "idiosyncrasies" that are developing there.
  2. He does not get to decide. He is not a she. Period. End of discussion. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. If it is essential, then it is essential - such things are not messed up by God. If someone feels that they are the wrong gender, then that really sucks, and must he tremendously difficult...but they are wrong, and I for one refuse to feed or enable their misconstrued thinking. You do not have to submit to a person's every request to show Christlike love. Christ Himself would not call Fred by the name Laverne. He would tell Fred what he is doing wrong, and encourage him to change.
  3. I'm a nurse, and worked in LTC for a few years. Our management (like most I'm sure) would go absolutely bonkers when survey time came and you guys walked into the building. Nurses never got stressed out over you guys being there...we were always too busy to worry about it. It was our managers that always made us nervous from being on edge and paranoid the whole time.
  4. However things play out, the day will come when the majority of the world will be seeking Israel's destruction, and America will likely be among the number.
  5. Yep. Although I find it quite humorous, our youth today don't seem to get it. They take many points literally. Some of them have said they actually want to go through life alone.
  6. Exactly. I have told my wife that I would want a very small and basic funeral. Nothing grandiose in any way. I even want the coffin to be plain and simple wood. Plywood or OSB with a few nails would be fine with me...just as long as I have a comfortable pillow.
  7. In our ward and stake we actually don't have this problem, but the opposite (at least as far as youth/parents report it to their Bishops). Pre-marital sex is way down amongst heterosexual youth. The only ones that seem to be engaging in sex are those that claim to be gay. Our straight boys have 2 main problems - pornography, and slothfulness. All they do is watch anime and porn, and play video games. Zero ambition to do anything with their lives. The girls have more problems surrounding mental health and abuse of various kinds - depression, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, cutting, etc... Porn use amongst young women is also rising. The number of youth in our stake/area going on dates, and even interacting with the opposite sex, is falling. A counselor in our Stake Presidency is a High School principal, and he has said over the last 5-6 years that attendance at school dances has dropped off significantly. Our priests quorum has 14 relatively active boys, and only 2 of them have ever been on a date. The world is not teaching our youth the proper fundamentals of interacting with the opposite is teaching the exact opposite of what should be done. Women are taught that men and the patriarchy are dangerous and abusive, and will hold them back; and men are taught that women are a useless waste of time and money.
  8. Although this is off topic, I was in a meeting once with the Presiding Bishop of the church. He made the remark that the real reason for 401k/retirement plans being introduced in the world was so that in "retirement" individuals and couples would be able to serve in temples and as missionaries while still relatively young. The Lord was providing His servants with additional opportunities to help each other. Church leaders feel sorrow that so few choose to serve missions in retirement, and instead choose to travel the world, go on cruises, buy new cars for no reason, and waste their wealth in riotous living. So may aspects of our lives are so easy compared to the tens of billions of people who lived on the earth before us, and even billions more currently living on it. How do we choose to thank the Lord for what He has given us? Do we freely give of ourselves, or just build bigger barns?
  9. I personally am not sad when anyone dies; not one bit. In fact, I look forward to my own death in a way. I often wondered when I was younger if the faith and testimony of others was weak because they allowed death to shake them so seriously. My uncle is a counselor in a stake presidency, and has great faith...yet hates talking about death because it causes him so much grief and anxiety...and I do not know why because he won't talk about it. At funerals he just keeps to himself as he is on an emotional edge. I have been around a fair amount of death however, and we all process things differently I guess. I have been told several times that I am insensitive for talking about death, and for not seeming to care when friends, or family members die. Of course I will miss being around and spending time with them, but the time we will be apart is really just a blip on the map. A child losing a parent is sad to me because their life will be harder for a time, but kids are resilient, and many come out on top. They will see such parent again, and if sealed, they will remain a family beyond the grave. My opinion of the Lazarus story is that Christ wept because He felt sadness from how much despair those around Him were feeling. It hurt Him to see others hurting.
  10. This is my understanding of the scripture as well. He is on the other side of the yoke with us. It is easier to have 2 pulling instead of just 1. Plus, He has walked the path before, so He can guide you along it to where you need to go, and He can help you avoid the pitfalls. Also, His burden is light. The burden you are carrying in the cart that you are currently yoked to will be lighter if you choose to take His burden rather than that of the world.
  11. The easiest way to get rich is to, of course, make a lot of money. The best way however is to save the money you make. Those are the people that are more likely to stay rich. We love thrift stores and still peruse the DI every now and then. I guess once I get a better job I can move up to Walmart. There are several very "well off" families in our ward. Multiple luxury cars and ATV's, boats, unnecessarily large homes, luxury clothing and jewelry, frequent lavish vacations, etc... Yet because we are wise with our money and don't spend unnecessarily, I am sure I have a higher net worth then they do. I know one family in particular that is over 1 million in debt, yet refuse to curb their spending. There are plenty of examples in scripture detailing how the Lord feels about the rich who are vain vs poor/humble people. This is a hard concept for children to understand and accept though as their minds are typically focused on the here and now, and material things. There is also a very wealthy man 2 streets down from me who only drives used cars, doesn't buy new clothing until his old clothes wear out, and their home is not grandiose in any way. He has paid for several members of our ward to serve missions...and almost no one knows about his charity. Very few know how successful he is given the lack of pomp in his appearance. The Lord doesn't care how much money you make...He only cares about what you do with it. I believe for some on this earth, that is a part of their test. Some are born into a life of luxury, and others poverty. Some are blessed with money, and others have many financial disasters befall them that are out of their control. How will each of them choose to react to their temporal blessings or shortcomings?
  12. Just musing here, but what makes you think one of you isn't right? Can't both of you have correct assumptions about the situation? Perhaps you both have false narratives in your thinking as well. We are all of course human. As divided as managing this issue is, it is important to try and stay on the Lord's side as His is the one that really matters. His definition of marriage is the union of man and woman. Anything else is not recognized by Him, and will not bring lasting happiness. Same sex attraction is nothing more than a temptation to sin. It is never a virtue or a good thing, and has never been the means of bringing anything good into the world...only more anger, confusion, division, and frustration. Others have temptations to steal, lie, abuse drugs, etc... These are all widely why are some trying to give gayness a pass? The adversary is having so much success confusing kids with it; telling them that acceptance is love, and that if we don't accept them we are judging in a way the Savior told us not to. he is expert in distorting truth. It is possible that this sister just included her remarks off the cuff, and the RS pres were taken off guard. Unlikey, but possible. I do not like what was said, but will not condem the RS pres as they are more in the loop then I. It is also possible that the church knows what they are doing, and are trying to keep those struggling with this issue involved with the church. There aren't many better places those people could be. I know several parents who have children struggling with this issue, and who pray so earnestly that their children won't leave the church...that someone else will help them stay active. Sadly, most of them have left the church. Their reasons are weak and immature at best, but I am also not in their shoes, and do not know the struggle with that particular temptation. The Lord knows though, and He can help them overcome their weaknesses if they choose Him over indulgence. Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, the current young generarion just doesn't think or communicate in the same way as older ones. Sin is still sin though, and as accepting and understanding as the church tries to be, worthiness and chastity standards will not change. We are all learning and should do our best to help eachother along.
  13. Sadly, this is the current view amongst some in the world today, and it will not be many years before this narrative will be openly pushed to the masses. After all, they were born that way, so why should we stop them from their pursuit of true happiness? God meant for them to be like that; He must truly love them for who they are, and so we should not judge them. If a child says they are transgender we should quickly give them hormone injections as young children to fix God's mistakes. Then, we can watch as they commit suicide as teens and young adults because their life couldn't possibly be more backwards and messed up. It is crap like this that at times makes me want to sign up to colonize Mars...just to get away from all the derangement and delirium we have on earth right now.
  14. It's sad that so many of the rising generation equate acceptance and tolerance for love. That when a parent tells their child they are doing something wrong, that they do not really love them. I have a family member who smokes...a lot. If I truly love him, should I allow him to smoke in my home as much as he wants, whenever he wants, around anyone that may also be in the home. Of course not...and he does not expect me or anyone else to. The same scenario applies to homosexuals. But they just can't seem to get over the idea that we can not tolerate their behavior, and yet still love them at the same time. The adversary is cunning and disguises many of his worst works as love.
  15. As have I, and I agree that we should be involved as best we can. President Oaks' talk a few weeks ago was right on point. That doesn't change the fact though that our current government is corrupt and out for themselves, and possibly just doing the work of the adversary at this point. I am not saying we should throw in the towel or anything, but in the few years prior to the Lord's coming, it will not be easy to be a true Christian...due in large part to the evils brought about by wicked national "leaders". Their policies and plans are setting the stage for difficult times ahead.
  16. I agree with this. Care to elaborate your reason for posting it?
  17. Perhaps I am nit-picking here, because I am sure I know what you are saying and what you mean. But, getting a shot is in a completely different ballpark than actual commandments. Repentance, the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, etc...the Lord makes it quite clear that those things are mandates...hence naming them commandments. Committing adultery or distributing meth can subject you to church discipline. Refusing to get the shot will not. If you do not follow the commandments, and repent, you will reap the unfortunate consequences. Again, maybe nit-picking, but there is a difference.
  18. Yep, happens all the time. Doctors get annoyed when people come into their offices asking for prescriptions to new drugs that they don't even know about. So many people see commercials about new pharmaceuticals and rush in to get them before those companies can even get the literature out to all of the MD's. And, with the hundreds of new therapies and drugs coming out every year, even if your MD gets the information before you do, it takes them a fair amount of time to get caught up on everything, because the bulk of their day is spent actually providing treatment, not studying new drugs or reviewing research studies. Many do that kind of thing on their own time after their kids are in bed.
  19. I know. It wasn't meant to be a direct quote. I said that I think most of the leaders are corrupt...that leaves room for those who currently are not. However, that number is small.
  20. Look folks, it doesn't matter which side of the fence you fall on. Government is corrupt, period. I do not see how anyone can be a true student of the scriptures and think otherwise. "Government" will be on opposite side of the Lord and His servants when He comes, and He is coming. Prophecy after prophecy has been fulfilled...there really aren't that many left before the time of the second coming. I appreciated many of Donald Trump's policies, but he is in no way a stalwart example of a good and just man, and not the kind of person you want to be a role model. Much of his crooked past is known, and much is not. You cannot stay in business as long as he has without doing some shady deals behind the scenes. That being said, it is harder to stay in politics for a long time without getting your hands dirty than any business I know of. Joe Biden is an evil man, and those who are working with him are slimier and more poisonous than any serpent. Put your trust in them, and you will fall. Fauci knows no more about this virus than any other physician. He is not in his position because he is better or smarter than others. He is not the only one who gets data on studies being done. He just has a bigger platform with government leaders choosing to take his advice over that of others. Medical professionals are all learning at the same time, and can move the goalposts whenever and wherever they want to fit various narratives. They are people too, and can have agendas too. The vast majority of doctors care about their patients first and foremost. But there is no reason to believe that all are void of corruption. I work in healthcare and know two who work up at the university that are just in the profession for the money and notoriety gained from research...they have told me so themselves, and aren't ashamed of it. Trust in the Lord and His Prophet...not some cooks who claim to be the gods of medicine and social behavior in our country today. "If we are to have any hope of sifting through the myriad of voices and the philosophies of men that attack truth, we must learn to receive revelation. coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." If the church strongly urges something, then it must be important, so take the time and effort to pray about it with real intent. If the answer you receive is no, then it is no, and if it is yes, then it is yes. Stop being so sensitive because someone gets a different answer than you. The church doesn't tell everyone to get it because they know that the answer will be different for everyone; and that is between you and the Lord. For many (if not most) getting the shot will likely be the proper course of action, and that's okay. But if someone you know doesn't get it, and you disagree with their decision, you have no reason or foundation to cast stones.
  21. Really? Seriously...really??? Do you not see all of the unnecessary power grabs currently taking place, let alone over the past decade? We learn form scripture that when men get a little bit of authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion. Is that counsel outdated? Are we currently so much wiser and better than persons 200 years ago? I think most of the national and state leaders the world over are corrupt in one way or another. And, those who aren't yet will be if they remain "in power" long enough.
  22. We follow the handbook instructions in our ward. We do not let family members get involved in planning the service and/or do anything out of the ordinary - no frilly/unnecessary stuff - baptisms are not weddings. Family can celebrate at home after the service. A baptismal service should be simple, brief, and spiritually uplifting. It may include the following: Prelude music A brief welcome from the brother who is conducting the service An opening hymn and prayer One or two short messages on gospel subjects, such as baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost A musical selection The baptism A time of reverence while those who participated in the baptism change into dry clothes (hymns or Primary songs may be played or sung during this time) The confirmation of 8-year-old members of record; the confirmation of converts if determined by the bishop (see Bearing of testimonies by new converts, if desired A closing hymn and prayer Postlude music When a baptismal service for 8-year-old children who are members of record involves only one ward, a member of the bishopric plans and conducts it. He may ask Primary leaders to help with planning. When a baptismal service for these children involves more than one ward, a member of the stake presidency or an assigned high councilor plans and conducts it. He may ask Primary leaders to help with planning. A member of the bishopric from each ward with a child being baptized should attend. Members should not request individual times for the baptism of a child. Nor should they prescribe the content of the service.
  23. I agree. The same should go for the young men administering the sacrament. However, sometimes we need to reach out and be more concerned for the safety and well-being of the one over the ninety and nine. We have a less-active young man who only wears a blue shirt when he comes to church. If he comes, and says he is worthy, we allow him to bless the sacrament with the others who are in white shirts. Now that doesn't mean that we should always be catering to the one, or lower our standards long-term/permanently. But, this sister in particular perhaps needs to be in the temple as it is likely the best thing to prevent her from going down a path that will not lead to happiness. If she fades away later in life, she can't say that she wasn't given every opportunity. Sometimes bending the standard down a bit to help others reach it is the best route to take. Then once they do, the spirit has an opportunity to lift them up higher up. These cases truly are exceptions though, and many latter-day saints that I see day to day need to stop trying to make themselves into an exception.
  24. I used to listen to him a bit a few years ago, but not anymore. Something just felt off about him and his wife to me. They seem to be the type of people that want others to know how smart they are. I also didn't like how they talked about things that had no real impact on our current standing in the Lord's plan of Happiness, aka, "vain mysteries". He often got into the weeds just so he could show others that he could find his way back out. If you keep getting lost on purpose, eventually you will end up that way. An apostle of Jesus Christ may be wrong on certain issues, (they can have opinions too) but their faults will never lead you away from the Lord. I would choose McConkie every day of the week and twice on Sunday.