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    scottyg reacted to mirkwood in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    This is wrong on either side of any issue.
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    scottyg reacted to Traveler in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    It would seem that our main stream media, plus Fox News, is currently evolving in their coverage of the CDC and the virus.  Even CNN is saying that the messaging coming from the CDC is confusing.  A study of the outbreak of the virus in Provincetown Mass (early July of this year) indicates that over 75% of those involved in being infected and speeding the virus were fully "vaccinated".   This is why the CDC is recommending that we wear a mask in public - both indoors and outdoors.  But it is interesting what the reporter for the NY Times (Dan Hodges) tweeted and it is also interesting that the tweet was not blocked because of False and irresponsible content?  It appears to follow from the CDC study that if there are to be charges of murder it must be upon the fully "vaccinated" because they are the more responsible than the "unvaccinated" for spreading the virus according the the Science of the CDC study.
    But there is something else that is being left out of the discussions (though I am seeing the argument being raised by a few - doctors and reporters).  This is that there is data showing that there is a percentage of our human population that is naturally immune to the virus.  This demographic, from all accounts, remain mostly asymptomatic and do NOT spread the virus.  From the onset of the initial outbreak in China - science has turned to this demographic to reverse engineer the "vaccine" in the first place.  Because the "vaccine" is reversed engineered from natural immune responses is why there was an early release without long term trails.  Little by little it would seem that the world is waking up to the fact that not only do individuals with natural immunity do not need to be vaccinated but they and perhaps the rest of the world would be "Safer" (especially long term)  if they were not "vaccinated".   It appears obvious to me that something is missing in our rush to create the "vaccine".
    Two thing stand out to me.  First - I wonder why there is no testing for natural immunity and why this demographic is so ignored (except to create the vaccine)?  I will be honest in saying that this looks like a conspiracy to me - both nationally and internationally.  Because it appears that I fall into this category of natural immunity I have developed an opinion why.  I think my diet and exercise habits have an impact - but I have learned that any criticism of personal choices resulting in obesity is considered hateful (evil) in our current social climate.   And yet - being overweight may be the factor of greatest risk in this pandemic.  As a side note this would account for why the USA was hit harder (under Trump) than anywhere else?  Would we (like Dan Hodges) dare say those that are overweight are murders worthy of punishments?  I hope not!!!  Why is such hate allowed?  We all can make choices - if we make correct choices it is better for everybody - if we do not make good choices it is always to our own detriment and those that are closest to us.  It would seem that the greatest protection from bad choices by others is to make good choices for yourself.   It also seems logical to me that generally speaking - younger people are generally in better shape and bad habits have greater effects as we age.
    The second thing - is that it appears to me that there needs to be more criticism of our politics and science - not less.  I hope that after a year and a half of this pandemic that this is obvious to everybody that those in the media - especially social media - have utterly failed.  To me this failure looks a lot like a criminal conspiracy. 
    The Traveler
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    scottyg reacted to Traveler in Taking Odds on the Election   
    I honestly do not believe that there has been an honest election in my lifetime (75 years).  The argument that there is not enough illegal votes to sway the election is about the most damning political argument about elections I have ever heard.  But I am becoming as concerned over the rhetoric.  It seems that there is more desire to divide our country than to unite us.  I think we are moving more towards burning down whatever is left and starting over with something new than fixing the real problem - which I believe to be the refusal to follow the rule of law when it does not result in what we think we want.
    The Traveler
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    scottyg reacted to estradling75 in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    Competent medical professional on the subject of COVID might be hard to find.  COVID is new and science takes awhile to settle.  Competent medical professional on the subject of YOU should be within the realms of your main doctor (assuming you have one).  The doctor that knows you best would be the most competent to advise you.
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    scottyg reacted to The Folk Prophet in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    One serious problem with charts and stats like this is that they are lacking information which makes them also unreliable. Specifically...what percentage of the people who die from Covid had underlying health issues? The chart implies that if you're over 75 you might have a 10-30% change of death. But what if you're 75 but in really good health? Then is your chance of dying from it 10%+? Or is it more line with, say, a 30 yr old with no underlying health issues? It strikes me that the underlying health issues might well be the primary reason for the age that the older you get the more likely you are to have underlying health issues. But they neglect to include that information in the stats for the most part.
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    scottyg reacted to Backroads in STOP PRAYING FOR RAIN!   
    Aw, so you're one of the Cedar City folks.
    I just want rain in Ogden. Even Salt Lake City got rain. I just want some in Ogden.
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    scottyg reacted to mirkwood in Secret Combinations   
    From the Introduction of the Book of Mormon:       From President Ezra Taft Benson in a General Conference address:    
        When the Book of Mormon was abridged, Mormon took those things he thought/was inspired, as most profitable to us.  This includes the book of Ether.    The heading for Ether 8:    
    The chapter tells us the story of Akish and his rise to power using murder and Secret Combinations.
    Moroni proceeds to tell us about the horrors of Secret Combinations.  In verses 23-26 he is speaking to us.  The modern church members.  Take particular note of verse 24.
    It dumbfounds me the lengths members of the LDS church will go to write off the dangers of modern SC's in our world.  
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    scottyg reacted to Traveler in Secret Combinations   
    Is there any students of the Book of Mormon that doubts the proclivity of evidence of politicians that are connected to and protecting the activities of "Secret Combinations?
    The Traveler
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    scottyg reacted to Fether in Insight from Man’s Search for Meaning   
    I was thinking about this too. Despite this lack of conversion, Christ was still more than willing to leave it all in his hands.
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    scottyg reacted to Vort in Insight from Man’s Search for Meaning   
    The Lord saw that at some point Simon would be converted, and thus admonished him that, when that time came, he was to strengthen his brethren.
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    scottyg reacted to Vort in Insight from Man’s Search for Meaning   
    It also means that Peter, the Lord's senior apostle who was already commissioned by him and who had great authority in his Church and greater authority to come, was nevertheless not yet converted. I find this amazing.
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    scottyg reacted to mikbone in Insight from Man’s Search for Meaning   
    My wife tells me that she fell in love with me on one of our first dates.  We were at a restaurant and the table was covered with butcher paper.  When I sat down the butcher paper was in my lap and I noticed that the table was unsteady because the table leg on my left side was too short (it wobbled and tilted as pressure was applied).  So I tore off the excess butcher paper folded it a couple times and shoved it under the short leg.
    She kinda looked at me in awe and I shrugged. 
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    scottyg reacted to Colirio in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    It’s a shame that as soon as something becomes political, the scientific understanding of that thing becomes obscured. 
    Instead, it seems that many individuals only seek confirmation bias. They find research that supports what they WANT the truth to be.
    I’m not sure that any one person, agency, or group can definitively state the truth of COVID numbers as these statistics have been purposely obscured by both well intentioned and sinister-minded individuals from the start. 
    I would assume that those making decisions for the CES are doing so prayerfully and with as much love and concern for the students as they can muster. I am also sure that they mistakes and err often, just like the rest of us. 
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    scottyg reacted to Ironhold in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    IRL, I'm the entertainment writer for a local family of newspapers. 
    I've had people tell me that they wait to get my review before deciding to see a movie or not. Even if they disagree with my review, they trust that I'm being honest with my opinion.
    In other words, I - as one person - have the ability to influence what people in three counties see in theaters. 
    Never underestimate how much influence you can have with your friends and neighbors. 
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    scottyg reacted to dprh in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    That is sad.  I admit that I and my family could do better at studying CFM throughout the week.  But we do read from the sections almost every day as a family.  And I don't think we need to, or are even asked to do any or all the extra little things in the manual.  The intro says we should use the manual for our needs, in any way that is helpful to us.  So we need to walk a fine line of encouraging people to do better at studying without overwhelming or discouraging them by asking too much.
    I just got called as a gospel doctrine teacher (my first calling since being baptized again!)  and I'm hoping that my class will be doing at least some reading.  I'll try to figure out the best ways to encourage them to do more.  My first lesson went very well last week on section 76  
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    scottyg reacted to laronius in Praying to change someone's heart vs agency   
    I don't think God can or at least is willing to change a person's heart. That would severely encroach upon a person's agency. What he can and does do is entice them to have a change of heart. This not only does not encroach upon a person's agency but makes agency possible.
    2 Nephi 2:16 Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one or the other.
    I think often these enticements come in the form of experiences that help us see more clearly what he is offering and then leaving it up to that person to choose to accept or reject it. 
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    scottyg reacted to Vort in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    I appreciate and largely agree with your analysis. But I see a great deal of corruption in the political "my side", which pains me. As for Charlie Kirk, anyone who viciously misrepresents an institution associated with me or with the Restored Church merits my immediate skepticism. And anyone who engages in exactly the same kind of dishonest hyperbole as we generally see coming from CNN, MSNBC, and other "normal" leftist sites arouses both my suspicion and my gag reflex.
    I do not know for sure what to do or even to think. "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" Even the very kingdom of God seems to my half-deaf ears to be giving an uncertain sound. When hatred for Trump and for the cult of personality surrounding him causes even leaders to turn their support toward the likes of Joe Freaking Biden, I honestly do not know what to make of it. Am I truly to believe that our nation (or the kingdom of God) is better off under the likes of Biden and Harris than we were under Trump and Pence? Whatever your argument against Trump's abrasive personality or lengthy list of personal defects, how can any reasonable religious conservative argue against most of the results of his presidency? As for Biden and Harris, their actions speak for them. Yet the barely disguised contempt for Trump and the personal support for Biden among at least some in the highest quorums of the Church echo in the silence of the Church's political "neutrality".
    Like JAG (and you, and Needle, and many others here), "my side" is the kingdom of God. At least, that's what I believe and try to act accordingly. The Republican Party's planks are nothing even approaching the voice of God to us, but they are a far sight better than the Democrat bilge water that flows nonstop from that side of the aisle. But in the end, I'm not married to the Republican Party. I'm not a Republican, politically speaking, even though I usually vote Republican. My loyalty is not to the Republican Party, or any other party. My loyalty is to the kingdom of God. Politically, my loyalty is to the United States of America and the Constitution that is supposed to define her. Will Charlie Kirk stand strong in defense of the principles of freedom as outlined in our founding documents? If so, then he is politically on my side. If not, he is not.
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    scottyg reacted to estradling75 in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    When I hear about Church leaders doing something wrong... one of the first things I try to apply is the Golden Rule.  I have been in leadership positions, and I have messed up plenty, but I was always trying what I thought was best what I thought the Lord would have me do.
    I see no reasons why the Administrators of BYU Hawaii would be acting any differently.
    When I read articles critical of various church leaders, I have to ask myself how unbiased is the article? After all I am living proof that leaders can make mistakes.  The one that is linked seems to be less about examining facts then it is about generating outrage.  Where in the article do they talk about reaching out to the other side of the story and give the leaders a chance to respond?  I see no attempt to do so.
    So this article reminds me of the trend in news that someone else described as "We are going to tell you how you should feel about something... but you have to figure out if it is true."  And frankly I have no desire to let anyone pull my strings in such a manner
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    scottyg reacted to Ironhold in BYU Hawaii - vaccine required   
    From what I understand, Hawaii is being incredibly strict about COVID vaccinations, to the point that even individuals such as the person in the story are being denied exemptions that doctors in Utah or Idaho likely would have granted. I know that here in Texas she'd have pretty good odds of getting that exemption. 
    The decision to deny the exemption was likely based on state requirement rather than anything to do with the college or the church. However, this hasn't stopped people on social media from going after the church like they usually do when it makes the news. 
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    scottyg reacted to Anddenex in Critical Race Theory - Someone (liberal) please explain   
    Here is the most recent filth, vile, fruit of those pushing CRT (by their fruits you shall know them):
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    scottyg reacted to Traveler in Praying to change someone's heart vs agency   
    I see no reason to not express our true thoughts to our Father in Heaven - but this is with the caveat that the reason we pray to our Father is to change ourselves - specifically to become more like our Father.  Definitely we must be honest to ourselves as well as to our Father and express all our concerns (especially our deepest concerns) and petition his help and assistance - especially in understanding what we can do to help him with helping and assisting others as well as ourselves.
    The Traveler
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    scottyg reacted to CV75 in Praying to change someone's heart vs agency   
    No matter who is influencing them, they much choose to change.
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    scottyg reacted to The Folk Prophet in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    This is what every rational person in the world thinks. The problem of course, being that irrational thought has become more the norm.
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    scottyg reacted to Carborendum in CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong   
    And I don't deny racial hardships that Blacks have experienced in this country.  I don't think anyone versed in history would argue otherwise.  But to say that these individual events are the root cause of why blacks fail en masse in America TODAY simply doesn't look at the facts of history.
    Why do you think it is that so many black families succeed today? You look at the disproportionate black population in poverty stricken areas.  But have you seen just how many blacks succeed in America DESPITE these horrific events of history that you point to?  
    The NUMBER ONE reason why they succeed is a strong family unit.  The NUMBER ONE reason they fail is a weak family unit. 
    With the lone exception of some Hollywood types, EVERY demographic will clearly show that
    Blacks with strong family units will succeed at rates similar to any other race with strong family units. Blacks with weak family units will fail at rates similar to any other race with weak family units. You want to help Black people in America?  Stop decrying racism as the culprit, and start requiring stronger families.
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    scottyg reacted to NeuroTypical in CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong   
    Amen, AMEN!
    Nowhere is this more apparent, than in comparing new legal immigrants from Africa, to blacks already living in America.  Folks coming here from Kenya, for example tend to do almost as well as our Asian immigrant superstars we hear so much about.   And yes, they tend to bring their intact families with them.