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  1. Manners Matter

    Help! Clearing my own bias

    I don't think this needs to be an 'either/or' situation. Tell him the bishopric has fasted and prayed about it and the EQ is where he's needed right now but let him know that you're happy to hear of his interest in supporting the youth. Remind him that an official calling isn't required to be a friend or example so suggest he do xyz. This way he's engaged, you can watch to see how it goes and it leaves the new leadership in place.
  2. Maybe say something like "I really like you and appreciate the time we've spent together but I'm addressing some personal issues right now and need to take a break to get my stuff together. I hope it won't take too long but I hope you'll support me and still be interested in continuing to date in a few months after I'm more of the person I want to be."
  3. Manners Matter


    My experience - Those I'm assigned to haven't changed and I'm still doing what I did before (letters to inactives). But as far as who ministers to me, I think the current person (changed in Feb) is at a loss of what to do. She did introduce herself to me (she's fairly new to the ward) and we had a bit of a conversation. She also asked what I needed but beyond prayers, I didn't know what to suggest and still don't. We don't cross paths at church but she did send a quick email recently. Some suggestions - invite them over for game night (a good way to get to know people but in a more casual way) email/fb a funny joke/short story/meme (everyone appreciates/needs a little laugh) email/fb a link to an inspiring song/article recommend a good book/movie/restaurant offer to watch the kids so mom & dad can go out support them in their callings! let them know you're praying for them offer to help them get their food storage/emergency supplies in order find out their birthdays and send them cards (old-fashioned mail is a nice surprise) take them a favorite treat/something from your garden if you know they'll be out of town, offer to check on the house/keep the lawn mowed, etc let them know what yard tools you have that they could borrow when needed offer to share your talents/knowledge (help Joey with his trigonometry, etc) Basically, do a variety of things unless/until you know what their love language is (gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, touch, service) and what floats their boat.
  4. Manners Matter

    So um... I have an announcement.

    That's Fantastic!! So happy for you and glad you shared the news.
  5. Have I sinned, yes but I wouldn't refer to myself as a 'sinner' just as I wouldn't refer to myself as a jerk, a nobody, an idiot, etc. Negative labels aren't helpful or encouraging. There isn't a free pass for anyone even if they consider themselves saved. (re: your Ex - hope you're doing ok given that you obviously called things off)
  6. Manners Matter

    Fresh Start

    Maybe something along the lines of a technical writer or copy editor?? Hope you find something suitable soon!
  7. Oh - and it never hurts to set up a reward system for yourself! Stop at the bakery on Saturday and get your favorite treat to enjoy when you get home from church the next day.
  8. Motivation for going to church (in no particular order): ~ because you love God and appreciate all that He has done for you ~ because you want to keep the commandments ~ because you want to be a person of integrity and be dependable and keep your commitments ~ because you are privileged to live in a country where you can (thanks to those who fought for this right!) ~ because you want to set an example for your husband and son of doing the right thing ~ because you want to follow the Lord and not the adversary ~ because we are living in chaotic times and you *need* the armor ~ because you'll be happy you did ~ because your attendance is a strength to others ~ because you need the peace that comes from doing so ~ because you need oil for your lamp ~ because you want to be part of the wheat and not the tares
  9. Manners Matter

    Church policy change on same sex marriage

    Talk about a mischaracterization!!! smh
  10. Manners Matter

    Sealed unworthily...

    Call your exec sec now and set up an appt with the bishop. There's no point in delaying and continuing to feel the way you do. It'll be ok!
  11. Manners Matter

    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    Just remembered this and thought I'd share in case it helps.
  12. Please set up your own. I was about to alert the admins that there was a troll who couldn't keep their story straight. 🤭 Welcome, btw.
  13. April Fool's joke - notice the date.
  14. That article was dated April 1 which means it was an April Fool's joke.
  15. Manners Matter

    Craziest situation ever

    I second this! Sending love and hugs.