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  1. My belief is that G-d... is composed of fundamental or nearly fundamental energy...... and G-d in a sense "evolved" in that G-d got better and better and better at creation over infinite time in the past....... even planning an essentially infinite number of Big Bang type events...... and much later on...... Adam and Eve were created........ partly to fix up the mess began by the revolt of Covering Cherub Lucifer.....
  2. DennisTate

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    Jason Statham is perfect for the role of the guy quoted in posts # 8 and 9: (A....A.... preferred Chris Hemsworth..... but we cannot turn down Jason if we can get him)!
  3. DennisTate

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    How about a theory on a latter day metaphorical Cyrus and Darius combination? Yair Davidiy is an Orthodox Jew.... not a Christian... but he has written an article that could be highly relevant to Latter day Saints......
  4. DennisTate

    Non Mormon - Heaven

    I am seriously impressed with this answer...... and reminded of something similar from near death experiencer Christian Andreason that really made sense to me.
  5. DennisTate

    Youtube Apologetics

    Wow!!!! Listening right now...... I love how his voice is cracking as he speaks! That is a good and appropriate reaction to all this!
  6. I actually went through a time of anger with Messiah Yeshua - Jesus once I confronted proof that my former belief in Soul Sleep was obviously incorrect. As long as I believed in Soul Sleep the ida of "many called, few chosen" and a "broad way leading to destruction and many there be who go in thereat" and a "narrow way leading to life and few finding" it was OK.... but as soon as I read a couple of negative NDE accounts... I was thrown into a philosophical crisis...... because Messiah Yeshua - Jesus was pretty clear that there was an afterlife realm so bad........ that it would be better to cut off your right hand or pluck out your right eye... than go into it! So I prayed with chutzpah..... and anger...... and of course my pride that was certainly a huge factor.. .... .but Messiah Yeshua - Jesus answered ALL of my questions over these past 28 years! I find my self in situations where I know I need guidance... I pray for guidance... and Wow.... but I sure seem to get it.....
  7. DennisTate

    Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon

    I am not a Latter day Saint yet but I must say that my own understanding of the Bible has been transformed by my readings of near death experience accounts since 1990 and what I have read of the visionary experiences of Prophet Joseph Smith do fit amazingly well with NDE accounts that I regard as the most probable fulfillment of this promise that I have found so far. Hint.... Do a search for the name "Sharon Milliman near death experience" if you would like to know WHY.... I... a non-Latter day Saint... take the visions of Prophet Joseph Smith so seriously! Oh.. she has done an interview with Dr. Oz that may air in February. John 16:25 These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.
  8. DennisTate

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    I have a concept for a possible novel and reality film and semi-reality science fiction film series set partly in Utah where your state goes all out to defend the USA Constitution that is hanging by a thread..... as an attempt is made on the value of the USA petrodollar. It is set in 2012 - an alternate time line.... in which the George Soros voting machines are not used in the 2012 USA election. "4.3 trillion USA petrodollars in the hands of China, Iran, George Soros, Europe and to a degree plutocrats in Russia who could potentially be persuaded to make an all out attack on the value of the USA dollar.Thirty five trillion.... the valuation placed on oil and natural gas reserves in the warming Arctic that interest both Russia as well as China.One hundred and seventeen trillion..... The number of DERIVATIVES created by less than brilliant.... and less than entirely altruistic people who have a great deal of control over Wall Street." If you know a Latter day Saint author interested... I can give them legal rights to quote me to their hearts content for one dollar just to make it legal. "Proposed Republic of Western Canada and Unified Field Theory of M.W.P." M. W. P. = Modern World ProblemsWhen I first saw the following image about a week ago I was somewhat shocked......but I also began to think how perhaps the proposed Republic of Western Canada can fit intoa number of really serious problems confronting the USA first and foremost, but certainly Canada and the whole world will be greatly affected by what sure looks to me like an impending financial crisis that could turn out to be far worse than what happened in 2008 if it is not handled with wisdom and intelligence?
  9. DennisTate

    What's "Anti-Mormon" to you?

    A courageous Christian Visionary was given a dream that indicates that most of us Christians are far too adversarial toward each other.... and especially toward Latter day Saints.
  10. DennisTate

    The public school teacher salary thread

    I believe that the time is coming when raising children will be consider far more important than is the case these days.
  11. You might find this to be interesting...... it sure does fit with the Old Earth plus Gap Theory.
  12. DennisTate

    Canada has ZERO legal protection for the unborn.

    It seems to me that Canada's Parliament may be ready to debate feticide. If you know of a Canadian Latter day Saint willing to campaign on an anti-feticide bill... this election might be a great time to jump in there.
  13. DennisTate

    Canada has ZERO legal protection for the unborn.

    The unborn in the USA have more legal protection during their third trimester than they do here in Canada. I don't know exactly how many partial birth abortions are done here annually but they would be legal here.
  14. DennisTate

    Canada has ZERO legal protection for the unborn.

    I believe that there is a valid connection between Canadian women feeling economic pressure to choose to have an abortion with an error made by then Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau back in 1974 that could be used by a Pro-Life Latter day Saint aspiring Canadian politician. Here is one of the major reasons why Canadian women feel pressured into having an abortion. They feel that our economic situation leaves them with really no choice other than to take the risk of living in relative poverty along with their child. This situation has been forced on them and we need to be more well informed about this. After P. M. Pierre E. Trudeau's colossal error here is how the national debt ofCanada spiralled out of control:My guess is that he was pressured into doing this so that the same thing could bearranged in the USA:Many wealthy people believe that the only way to keep the lower class workinghard is to keep them head over heels in debt and kind of hungry. Public-Debt Problem Here is how I explained this back in 2006 when I campaigned for the office of M. L. A. as an independent: From 1940 to 1974 the Government of Canada put roughly half of the total money supply into the economy through loans issued through the federally owned Bank of Canada. Provincial and municipal governments could borrow the money to build roads, schools, hospitals and sewage treatment facilities at zero or one percent interest. In 1974 we changed our system and since that time a higher and higher percentage of all government debt is financed through loans issued through privately owned banks. At this time it is ninety eight percent. This policy may be great for our banking sector but it was estimated that in the one year of 1995 alone our federal government could have saved roughly SIXTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in interest payments if we had gone back to creating half the total money supply through these low interest rate loans issued through the bank that is OWNED BY ALL CANADIANS. Considering that our deficit was approximately thirty billion dollars for that year, simply by changing back to an already proven monetary and banking system, we could theoretically have had a FEDERAL BUDGET SURPLUS OF THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in 1995. The massive cutbacks in the Canadian military, in health care, highway construction, social programs and education were profoundly affected by these accounting practices? So what can you and I do about this problem? My 2006, 2008, 2016 and 2004 campaign writings as ART.
  15. DennisTate

    Canada has ZERO legal protection for the unborn.

    Here is another issue that he wisely avoided..... from the point of view of a near death experiencer: