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  1. An online friend of mine has been presenting me with a powerful case that the Ezekiel chapter forty to forty eight temple complex must be began soon. I do think that Latter day Saints are in a special position to wish to assist with this colossal project. It seems to me, (and I do NOT claim to fully understand all that is meant by this chapter but)..... it seems to me that whatever all is meant by Ezekiel chapter forty seven it will lead to a massive positive shift in the literal environment.... the spiritual atmosphere, and in the economic situation in Israel that will gradually spread to all surrounding nations. Aryeh B. Here is a link to the website that my friend constructed regarding many aspects of this project:
  2. Another man who I believe had a near death experience during a bout of malaria wrote an astonishingly insightful article on hidden meaning in Isaiah chapter forty five that I feel will soon come to pass. I have the feeling that Latter day Saints have been uniquely prepared to assist the Jewish people and the nation of Israel with the fulfillment of every word from Ezekiel chapter forty to chapter forty eight. The fulfillment of Ezekiel chapter forty seven will transform the ecology, the economy, the emotional and spiritual atmosphere of Israel the West Bank and Gaza and begin to spread to the neighbouring nations. I believe that Zechariah chapter fourteen will soon be fulfilled and the world will be astonished as Jews, Noahides and Proselytes to Judaism will be living in neighbouring nations to Israel and will be free to travel to Jerusalem to observe the Festival of Tabernacles / Sukkot!
  3. In chapter one of "God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land" Mr. Robert Mendelson gives several quotations from the Koran that both surprised as well as encouraged me: Sura 2:136; There are many other instances in which Muhammad told his people thatthe books of the Bible were confirmed. Again, one can argue theology, butMuslims have a choice as to whether they wish to read the Qur’an for life orfor death. Making use of the Old Testament for a solution meant for themembers of both tribes currently in the Holy Land in no way places Muslimsin other lands under any constraints in their own land. The following passageis quite specific regarding the value of the Old Testament—properly applied;Sura 46:12; “glad tidings” to “doers of good”. Muslims are supposed to be “doers of good”.Using Old Testament Law for the descendents of those it was originally given toin the same land in which it was originally received doesn’t violate shariah in theleast. Muhammad recited a verse including a reference to David (from the Bible)Sura 6:85; David said something pertinent to the situation:Psalm 19:9-11, David; And last, an Old Testament prophecy of particular interest for Muslimsthroughout the Middle East from Isaiah…Isaiah 19:25; There is value for all people to make use of this wonderful tool for peace.Without it, well, the next two passages sum up what Muslims will do.The first passage explains how the situation in the Holy Land is seen byMuslims worldwide and how it effects their relations with America.Sura 60:7-9; Palestinians weren’t allowed to return to their homes after the war in 1948.Then, after the 1967 war, more Palestinians were displaced. The majority ofPalestinians are Muslims, and whether rightly or wrongly, injustices committedby Israel against Palestinians are perceived as injustices against Muslims as areligion. According to this belief, verse 9 forbids all Muslims from making peacewith either Israel or anyone who supports Israel until this issue is resolved.To understand what this next one is saying, understand that when Jews followthe Torah and Old Testament, they’re included as “faithful”, too.Sura 49:9-10; The command to Muslims is for un-ending war until all parties abide by the“precepts of God”. For Israelites, the precepts for sharing the land were placedin the Old Testament. There was no need for covenants regarding land sharingin the Holy Land to be duplicated in the Qur’an. Nor does referencing them inany way make a Muslim disobedient to God. On the contrary—it enables themto receive God’s mercy." (Robert Mendelson)
  4. Because Latter day Saints have a good relationship with the First Nations Tribes of the USA you are in a special position to understand the theme to what Robert was shown:
  5. "God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land" that was given to a near death experiencer beginning in 1992 in my opinion sets up Latter day Saints for a type of outreach to both the Palestinian Territories, the West Bank and to Israel that could soon make the Mormon Church the most effective ambassadors between Israel with the Palestinians as well as with her Islamic neighbouring nations. "God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land" has already been translated into both Hebrew as well as Arabic from its original English. I found that The Way of Holiness and the Sacred Hoop was very helpful to understanding God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land. I was so impressed by it that I turned it into a blog so that many readers would be able to see all of it more easily. God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land A Peace Plan for Israel/Palestine conforming to guidelines from the Bible and Qur’an presented by Robert Leon Mendelson Copyright December 2010. All rights reserved. However, anyone may legally copy any part of this proposal and share it with others, as long as no money or other form of financial exchange and/or barter is involved. Eventually, when there are any proceeds, they'll go to God through His people. (See page 17, Reparations) ..... Preface
  6. In my opinion near death experience accounts seem like an important part of the fulfillment of this promise. "I have said this to you in figures; the hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures but tell you plainly of the Father." (John 16:25) wow! A very powerful statement is made after the 27:00 minute mark that mere belief is NOT enough...... we really do need to repent and bring forth fruits worthy of our sincere repentance.
  7. In a sentence...... if I can write up a concept for a series of films that lead to two Jewish temples and if that series of films finances the building of those two Jewish temples so that the proceeds from the films offset fully the cost of construction..... then...... that would make me a possible modern "Christian Political Cyrus" as predicted back in 2010 by a near death experiencer from Uganda named Eporu Ronald Alfred. This would make Rabbi Alon Anava a possible modern "Elijah" for many Jews..... and Pastor Rick Joyner or Kevin Zadai could fill the role of a modern "Elijah" for Christians.......Here is the catch....... we need two temples to pull this off.......After the offering of sacrifices at one of the two temples.... we need to do an Artistic kerfuffle.... and move the sacrifices to the other temple....... based simply on the fact that the Christian Political Cyrus guy..... might fit the role of Moshiach ben Ephrayim...... so....... the Sanhdrin take the guy seriously........ and plan a movement of the sacrifices after forty two months!On the negative side.... this will make the Christian Political Cyrus person APPEAR SOMEWHAT LIKE THE anti-Jesus guy predicted in Christianity....... so .... I cannot write that my plan is devoid of risk!Interesting..... I just noticed that I began this discussion at 6:06 am Atlantic time... which in a way could be termed 5:66 .... which is one of the numbers for Moshiach ben Ephrayim....... (other ones are 999, 156 and 56)... but I do not know enough about Gematria to explain why.... .but... I can give you a theory on the 999 that you might find interesting)!If you secretly are rather interested in this offer then you might wish to begin discussions to get Ugandan near death experience Mr. Eporu Ronald Alfred to Toronto area....... because his article on a modern Cyrus has off the scale Artistic Value..... Diplomatic Value...... and yes.... Economic Value..... due to the Psychological value of the possible Optimism that his theory can generate? God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land, Hebrew and Arabic. .........
  8. The following correspondence will give you an idea of how serious all of this could quickly become: I sent off a bunch of messages to a Rabbi involved in Jews for Judaism and I got back the following response: .. I replied.......Thank you for reading my messages and seriously considering them Sir. I am well aware that you are going by a tradition that is at least ten centuries old..... perhaps closer to eighteen!Once the Messianic Jewish and Messianic Gentile movement of the first to third century became controlled by pagans who had grown up in idolatry if....... and when a Christian felt promptings (perhaps from a Jewish past life)... to join the Jewish community....... the Roman Catholic Church and the Inquisition in whatever form it was in at that time organized pogroms and persecutions so....... Rabbi's wisely developed the tradition of discouraging a possible Christian convert to Judaism because frankly that approach saved the lives of both Jews and possible proselytes to Judaism.I noticed something rather dangerous in the replies that I was able to get to on the Jews for Judaism group......... technically what most of the posters were doing was not advocating Judaism....... they were actually being vehemently anti-JC in a manner that I believe is in violation of the Law of Attraction, made famous by the documentary film The Secret.Less than a year ago I was given what I consider to be the final piece of the puzzle needed for me.... yes.... a red neck... a janitor from the back woods of Nova Scotia.... to set in motion a series of events that could well lead to the building of an Ezekiel forty to forty eight temple first..... and then a Gihon Spring temple complex by Jews and for Jews .... and it should end up costing the Jewish scholars and community NOTHING................. The following is an opening gambit to get this all started...........
  9. I sent the link to this discussion off to an Israeli friend of mine and I find his reply truly encouraging:
  10. I would love to be wrong about this......... I am basically optimistic for the future but....... Stanley Milgram Lucifer Satan is off the scale intelligent and his devices and methods should not be mis-underestimated. For the sake of the eight billion infinitely precious human lives on this third rock, (and also much cattle as was told to the Prophet Jonah)...... I feel that I should predict and therefore somewhat assist in a trend that I feel has enormous positive potential: LDS teachings on Multiple Mortal Probabions set you up to have discussions with Israeli theologians like Rabbi Alon Anava that might never cross the mind of somebody from a different denominational background.
  11. I believe that Latter day Saints will begin to cooperate more and more and more and more with Israeli scientists, educators, physicians and researchers on more and more topics of common interest. In 2019 I went to the New Glasgow, N. S., Canada ward of the LDS church four times and took a visiting friend with me twice. He mentioned that you Mormons were amazingly polite, welcoming and non-judgmental. I totally agree with Dan's assessment and I feel that I now must expand on what I feel you are all set up to do in the near future.
  12. DennisTate

    So It Begins

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Now in 2020 we can at least sincerely attempt to address injustices of the past through various types of art.... one would be semi- reality science fiction films set supposedly in the past where we wonder about how things could have been different in non-linear time... which could correspond with Ezekiel chapter thirty seven.....(maybe)???
  13. Could there be two Jerusalem Third Temples?
  14. I do hope that I haven't gotten you all into trouble... but I posted a comment to this video.....
  15. You will want to listen to all of this... .This is a Latter day Saint near death experiencer........(my apologies if I am wrong but...... I believe that what he was shown has already happened....... and may not have to be repeated?!