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  1. This morning a truly powerful video was posted to my wall........ it led me off into a lot of what I feel will turn out to be productive discussions that are relevant to Latter day Saints, Pentecostals and all Christians who are open to the possibility that we may have been somewhat "lukewarm" yesterday.... .or last year????? My approach to life is rather unusual... but in my opinion it would be win - win - win - win for all the world if President Russell Nelson were to attempt to telephone this Pastor Kent Christmas........ because I have a method in mind on how cooperation between wealthy Latter day Saints and wealthy Pentecostals could alter the formula for news media for all of America........ (Oh.. I stole this concept from Mr. Mark Taylor)
  2. I would so love to be wrong...... but I am genuinely worried about America heading into something of a Civil War... and I feel that Latter day Saints and all of their friends across the spectrum can play an important role in being voices of reason in this potentially dangerous time period....... Last week I heard a very powerful video from somebody who I suspect is probably "Pentecostsal" and his two video's that I watched can be understood in two nearly opposite manners............ I have a challenge for all Latter day Saints and their friends on this forum....... two titles....... "Christian Political Analyst Ltd." and also... "Christian Political Satirist Ltd."...... Latter day Saints will be rewarded for generally staying non-political until now but.... a principle is given in the Gospels that must be applied now...... when lives are at stake...... we must approach the law of the Sabbath..... and even...."Thou shall do no murder" differently... due to the gravity of the situation...... Mark 3:4 "And he saith unto them, Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days, or to do evil? to save life, or to kill? But they held their peace." I am almost certain that Rabbi Jesus/Yehoshua/ Yeshua was referring to the situation faced by the Machabees when Greco - Syrian armies were attacking Jewish communities on the Sabbath.One community had refused to fight back....but the my opinion correctly judged that this is a violation of an admonition by King Solomon:Ecclesiastes 7:16 "Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?" Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, 1 Machabees Chapter 2... My point is this.... if it is true that millions of lives of Americans in something like a Civil War are threatened.... then it may be time for Latter day Saints to rise up and actually do something somewhat like I personally have been doing for twenty years....... My wife is an amazingly gifted Pentecostal woman from Qutio, Ecuador who was somehow shown that I was going to be her husband... .and that she should fast and pray for me for thirty five days... .and she did it....... So for these past twenty years I've been researching Pentecostal leaders... .to attempt to better understand the spiritual gifts that they operate in... and I am aware of many Latter day Saints who have similar spiritual gifts.... who hear the voice of God with amazing clarity....... One Latter day Saints who was a pilot was told to give two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of flight training lessons to Pentecostal near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai. I've taken eighteen courses by Dr. Zadai already in order to attempt to understand these Pentecostal spiritual giftings that my wife has....... Now for the videos that I believe will present America with terrible cognitive dissonance that only Latter day Saints may be able to cover with total objectivity...... "Donald Trump Will Win - Prophetic Word that will happen in next 7 days!" on youtube by "God Unlimited." and also.... "Donald Trump Will Win - 777 Updates and Prophetic Word Over America!" again by "God Unlimited" ...... In the first video the obviously gifted speaker states that December 12, 2020 is huge.... and in the second video he explains how the Jericho March organized for Washington, D. C., really worked............... this whole thing can be looked at in at least two nearly opposite approaches...... that will tend to divide America into to vehemently opposed camps!
  3. You Latter day Saints are amazingly well informed regarding the State of the Dead and I agree completely with chapter forty one of Gospel Principles but........ there could be some aspects of Spiritual Warfare that you may need for the coming months, years and decades, ( that was termed by at least one gifted Christian to be..... The Battle of the Great Day of the Lord Almighty)! If it is any consolation..... my old church was somewhat ignorant of Spiritual Warfare tactics that I have learned from my gifted Pentecostal wife and her friends over these past twenty years. Lives are at stake......... and LDS missionaries, (numbering around fifty thousand even during a COVID 19 pandemic and around eighty thousand previous to COVID).. .are in danger..... and certain very simple principles such as pronouncing the name of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus and the Blood of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus on the four walls of our homes...... may be one simple but truly important aspect of Spiritual Warfare that can be greatly helpful?
  4. The disciples of Pastor David Wilkerson.... although in my opinion less well informed on the state of the dead than Latter day Saints tend to be.... .may have understood certain important pieces of information regarding "Spiritual Warfare" that my old church.... The Worldwide Church of God..... Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter day Saints may have been less well aware of....... and.... there is a possible connection to ........ Rejoicing.... and NOT being swallowed up with too much guilt! 2
  5. Finally..... I know how to go into a potentially rather sensitive subject........ several years ago I was listening to the testimony of former Satanist Evangelist John Ramirez and I am sure that I remember him stating that while he was a Satanist.... and was doing something like astral projection and casting curses on people..... I am sure that I remembered him saying that he found it relatively easy to put spells on Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter day Saints....... I'm Canadian and it is part of our ethic to at least attempt to be polite... so obviously that is a potentially sensitive topic...... so I was praying for months on how to get into this subject...... I was wondering why in the world would Evangelist John Ramirez, previous to his repentance... find it easy to put curses on Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter day Saints....... a few days ago it hit me...... "Kevin & Friends with Ex-Warlock John Ramirez" 1Corinthians 8:1 Now concerning things offered to idols: We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. Jehovah Witnesses, Latter day Saints and my old church the Worldwide Church of God.... we all tended to be working with a lot of information on many topics but.... our abundance of information may have made us relatively weak in some ways in comparison to the disciples of Pastor David Wilkerson whose students Evangelist John Ramirez found to be virtually immune to the curses that he would attempt to put on them!!!!??
  6. So why might a significant number of Latter day Saints be welcomed to live in Israel? Perhaps because many Jewish scholars know that the time is coming for Jewish scholars to do outreach to the Gentile nations and...... Latter day Saints are in a position to assist with this important project.
  7. Will a percentage of Latter day Saints soon wish to behave somewhat more like Jews on the annual Jewish Holy Days? Would this be especially true for Latter day Saints who in the near future may live in Israel? 13 And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the Lord shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.14 And Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the heathen round about shall be gathered together, gold, and silver, and apparel, in great abundance.15 aAnd so shall be the plague of the horse, of the mule, of the camel, and of the ass, and of all the beasts that shall be in these tents, as this plague.16 ¶ And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.17 And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain.18 And if the family of Egypt go not up, and come not, that have no rain; there shall be the plague, wherewith the Lord will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.19 This shall be the punishment of Egypt, and the punishment of all nations that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.
  8. Is it just my imagination or are there many interesting parallels between Matthew chapter four with the near death experience account of former Atheist Rabbi Alon Anava? Am I being silly to see many, many, many, many parallels between the teachings of Rabbi Alon Anava with the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua - Jesus in Matthew chapters five, six and seven? Is Rabbi Alon Anava being set up for a role that is at least somewhat like a modern Elijah whose work will not only reach Israelis and Jews but will also be noticed by us Gentiles? Please pray for him... and you might wish to consider this comment as well...... Posted September 30 On my Facebook wall I posted the following statement this morning....... .... "Could Latter day Saints play a major ambassadorial role between Christianity and Judaism? Latter day Saints would tend to take the testimony of near death experiencer Rabbi Alon Anava very, very seriously whereas a significant percentage of Orthodox Christians would tend to be offended by what he experienced. Personally.... I consider that Rabbi Alon Anava's near death experiencer reminds me of Matthew chapter four and his conclusions and teachings afterwards remind me of Matthew chapters five, six and seven. I have asked myself if perhaps Rabbi Alon Anava could be the final Elijah or perhaps another extremely important latter day figure?" And I got back this brilliant response from one of the most prolific writers living in Israel......
  9. On a Latter day Saint discussion forum that I am on I saw the following questions..... I replied..... My wife is a gifted Pentecostal woman who was even told somehow that I was going to be her husband five months before she met me in person. In order to better understand the pretty amazing spiritual gifts that she has I've taken sixteen online courses by near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai....... I ran into these statements by him yesterday........ .... In my opinion chapter forty one of the LDS book Gospel Principles holds a major key to the understanding of these questions that you give Bryan Cardon and......... to increased cooperation between Latter day Saints and gifted people like my wife and others within the Pentecostal movement. Because INFINITE TIME stretches ahead of us....... and because our sins and errors from the past can be transformed into assets assisting us to better teach and encourage and inspire others ..... it is absolutely true that truly every event in our lives works out for good but..... it is critical to better understand the nature of Hades and for the human spirit to learn and grow in grace and knowledge even in Hades. If our ideas on heaven and hell are too simplistic...... too black and white..... too heaven vs hell..... too saved vs lost..... we will tend to miss the long term mercy, grace and justice and brilliance of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus in all eight billion infinitely precious human lives. It is over a year ago when I prayed and asked if I was supposed to be baptized LDS or not..... what I was told was that I was supposed to assist Latter day Saints to connect with Jews.... .especially Jews and Jewish groups in Israel.... .I was also supposed to assist Latter day Saints to connect with Pentecostals like my wife...... so I am working on that. I am truly thankful that I can fellowship with Latter day Saints without formally being baptized as a Latter day Saint....... partly because I usually go to church on Sunday wherever my wife feels led to attend. Does the word "salvation" have an application to day to day life on earth? Does Messiah Yeshua - Jesus really like the idea of Latter day Saints and Pentecostals and other Christians being free to own land..... or one example????? My apologies to the degree that this may be something of a hijacking of your discussion...... but since the world seems to be facing another 1929 of sorts.... this could be important.......
  10. I am listening right now....... what do you think of what was shown to near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai that Judas.... was at the least sympathetic... .to Judaean Zealots..... .many of whom assassinated Roman soldiers. What he spoke on the topic is something I would have to listen to again to do it justice........ but that idea made sense to me.
  11. Yes...... and our sins become an asset rather than a liability once we truly give them to our Messiah and Saviour........! King David's sins.................... became inspirational for millions of Christians who concluded that if King David could be forgiven for adultery and murder... then there was hope for them as well! What Satan intended for harm.... Jesus turned around for great good!
  12. Will many nations adopt more and more and more aspects of the USA political system if in fact corruption and voter fraud can effectively be dealt with in America over the coming weeks, months and years???? Is some sort of Isaiah chapter forty five event happening right now in 2020 in America?????
  13. PrisonChaplain........ I may be diverting this thread off myself because I am now facing a question that I'm not at all comfortable with.... but I think it needs to be asked. I know that Latter day Saints feel that there is something inspired or sacred about the way that the USA Constitution is written....... I'm Canadian... but I am facing evidence that Latter day Saints may well be onto something important with that idea....... and there is no easy or politically correct way to deal with this. I've chosen this topic thread partly due to this already being on page two and please delete my post if it is inappropriate for this forum..... but I feel that I must write this...... "Latter Day Saints, The Mormons, my analysis so far!" You Latter day Saints have a teaching that there is something truly inspired about the USA political model....... and I am forced to admit that you really could be onto something important with that idea......Should Canada adopt aspects of the USA political model to avoid .... DennisTate said: ↑ "The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs" I do believe that you Latter day Saints are wise to attempt to avoid political discussions because they can divide a church.... so I will just leave you with the title of a youtube video that you will need to search for to view.
  14. True..... those conflicts will not be fully resolved until we are beyond the grave but...... a near death experiencer was shown something that fits so perfectly with many statements in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the minor prophets that I do believe that every positive step that is taken at this time will turn out to be important. Former Atheist Howard Storm was shown that God wants the world to be like this by around 2185. The part that I emphasize in bold and red reminds me of Malachi chapter four. 4 ¶ Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I acommanded unto him in bHoreb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. 5 ¶ Behold, I will asend you bElijah the prophet cbefore the coming of the dgreat and dreadful eday of the Lord: 6 And he shall aturn the bheart of the cfathers to the dchildren, and the heart of the echildren to their fathers, lest I come and fsmite the gearth with a hcurse.
  15. Pentecostal theologians would tend to be somewhat offended by this statement by near death experiencer and former Atheist Howard Storm: Because of your greater understanding of the State of The Dead I believe that you Latter day Saints can accept what Howard Storm was shown about what was going on in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional space - time during the Holocaust... so.... .you Latter day Saints are in a position to reach out to the Jewish people that in my opinion, Pentecostals could not so easily do! My wife is a gifted Pentecostal and I've already completed fifteen courses by Dr. Kevin Zadai so that I can better understand the amazing spiritual gifts that she has... .that are actually somewhat like Pastor Hank Kunneman and his wife Brenda!
  16. In my opinion your teachings on the state of the dead are brilliant....... I love chapter forty one of "Gospel Principles." I personally think that you are correct that the dead can indeed make positive progress even in the grave... even though they may not have accepted the sacrifice of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus during their physical life. Chapter 41 The Postmortal Spirit World Due to your teachings on the State of the dead it seems to me that you Latter day Saints are in a special position to begin a win - win -win - win positive and friendly conflict with Pentecostals.... who I believe could learn a lot from your teachings on this critical topic. Pastor Hank Kunneman is obviously sincere... he is obviously gifted.... and his courageous, (but I believe somewhat off) statements on this topic are a good starting point for an outreach to the whole world... .that takes the form of a friendly discussion between Latter day Saints and Pentecostals on this.
  17. An obvious question comes to mind..... does the "restoration of all things" include The Temple of King Solomon being restored? Does the "restoration of all things" include the fulfillment of Ezekiel chapters forty to forty eight so that the deserts of the land of Israel are turned green? "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things."
  18. Please feel total freedom to criticize anything in what I wrote that The Holy Spirit tells you is off is very important that I allow the Holy Spirit to get the flies out of my ointment before I go into the next phase of my life.......The least Christian should have at least something of a "John the Baptist" calling on their lives.......After all the strange praying that I've done especially since 1990.... I have a view on the To Do List of the final Elijah that is different from the average Christian...... Near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai was shown that the Book of Enoch should be taken seriously...... details about who Azazel was is in there...... he was "king of the Watchers"... .and he was a "son of G-d".....I believe that the final Elijah in his calling to "Restore all Things" may be involved in the repentance of Azazel king of the Watchers..... in the division and fall of the kingdom of Satan.... and the fall of the kingdom of Satan.......
  19. Once a discussion is on page five... there is a level of privacy that allows for somewhat greater artistic freedom there.... This morning I got the question..... Near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai was shown that Covering Cherub Halel ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil....... even though it was not for him to eat. In Latin his name was translated as Lucifer.I could be wrong.... . and my apologies to whatever degree I am in error.... but the name "Azazel" is in Leviticus 16:10 and I suspect strongly.... that whoever Azazel is he will play a role similar to General Abner who led the northern kingdom of Israel, the ten tribes..... over to King David......I suspect that the long term plan of G-d for Azazel will be that he will be like an Apostle Paul who persecuted Christians and Jews and anybody led by G-d for millennia... but..... at the time of a modern Yom Kippur event.... he will repent... .and the kingdom of Satan will be divided..... and will fall.I have reason to believe that a step was taken in that direction back in 1990......My dad passed on January 1, 1990 and by Yom Kippur of that year I offered tobecome a "volunteer Yom Kippur goat" ... .whatever that meant.... .and I would come back an infinite number of times..... and I would pay off the debt / guilt of Azazel.......and expand the kingdom of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus into the realm of the afterlife / Hades that Azazel has been in....... I would truly be honoured if you would ask any difficult question that you can think of in this discussion......Auditions for the role of Elijah needed.... DennisTate said: ↑
  20. It seems to me that time is of the essence and that lives are at stake.... (not to mention the possibility of the entire world economy sliding into anther 1929 so I put a discussion in front of quite a few Jewish readers over here: A possible modern Mashiach ben Ephrayim / Messiah son of Joseph and..... .... a challenge to all eight million Israelis combined with a challenge to all sixteen million Latter day Saints regarding our attempting to assist Moshiach ben Ephrayim with all the weight of the massive role that he will carry.A willingness to ACCEPT the Ruach ha Kodesh in the form of a "bird of prey from the east" could divide up the possible negative consequences on the one who will succeed in building at least one if not two or even three temples for the Orthodox Jewish community as well as the Levites.......... I suspect that there may be a way to increase the probability of Moshiach ben Ephrayim, The Cyrus type, NOT being martyred!?I feel that Latter day Saints and Jews living in Israel can share the responsibility and the burden of this. For the record...... I personally told HaShem thirty years ago that if G-d wanted to dump the Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha Kodesh on me, in the form of a "bird of prey from the east"..... I would accept it in that form and carry the responsibility that comes along with that role.We are going into a time period when a feeble Israeli will be like King David for wisdom, chutzpah, love for others and for their understanding of the Big Picture.Zechariah 12:8 "In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them."Isaiah 46:11 "Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it."
  21. Interesting note..... most of the buildings in this video was purchased by Israeli Breslovian Chassidic Jews by money donated by Latter day Saints. The speaker in the video is Mr. Mordecai Spiro who is Vice President of one of the organizations dedicated to moving the remains of Rabbi Nachman from Uman in the Ukraine to somewhere in Israel.
  22. I like the idea of one version of this being set in an alternative universe 2012 - 2012 and make it relevant to Mrs. Ann Romney........ I think it was in 2012 when I found writings by a Mrs. Edie Reno... she stated that Mitt Romney had "The Mantle of Darius." She also said that I... Dennis Tate, had "the authority to destroy chaos." She even termed me an "Artist" on my Facebook wall somehow..... I did not term myself an artist... I didn't even know that I was one until she told me... I assume that Mrs. Edie Reno is a gifted Latter day Saint Prophetess...... Dennis Tate I think it is really interesting that Sanhedrin Rabbi's associate President Trump with Cyrus... while Mrs. Edie Reno associates Mitt Romney with Darius.... . Darius and Cyrus did squabble for a whole... .and then later became allies....
  23. Bill Gates has been taught to think of himself as an economic T-Rex or Raptor....... a high level predator and he think that that is a positive thing to be..... I believe he is a victim of a Milgram style Experiment organized by former Covering Cherub Halel who became known as Lucifer....... Dennis Tate I begin to explain that idea in post number fifty seven on that last page..... Because of what I have written over these last ten years... this property could be thought of as a "STAGE" and getting Evangelist John Ramirez here for a few weeks or months each year... could be win - win - win - win for all eight billion of us.......
  24. I have a way in mind where a film project starring Evangelist John Ramirez is used to begin a flip in the one hundred wealthiest families on earth..... and a group of people termed "The Illuminati." You unsent a message
  25. After the fifty second mark in this video it is predicted that G-d would raise up Donald Trump to be President and........... that Bill Gates would repent and open up a "financial realm" for G-d's people at this time......