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    DennisTate reacted to Overwatch in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    Haha are they still trying to do that new world order?  So dumb. Only person capable of running the world is Jesus himself (Yes I know he got crucified by choice)  
    I am not worried as long as the saints don't become stupid. If we hold to our values and acknowledge the laws of God we'll be just fine. I also think repentance is being obedient so I am by no means expecting saints to be perfect, Jesus can expect that from us. 
    I am not going to google it because it will just annoy me. He was already thwarted with the faulty electronic Hillary voting booths, the ones that "glitched" to not let people vote for Trump. They were all removed and new booths brought in when people complained. They were owned by a company funded by Jorge Soros himself. Anyway, he will just keep throwing his endless pile of money to the wind. We already know the corruption going on, it will just cave in on itself like it always does ex: People of Jared, The Nephites, Gadianton Robbers
    Here is a quote. I am not really sure how to feel about the woman comment though.

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    DennisTate reacted to Overwatch in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    Is George still alive?  What you are saying reminds of something Glenn Beck would say and we see what is happening there after his fallout with that rude young lady. I don't remember her name at the moment. Also I thought someone in the church said the white horse prophecy was not inspired. 
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    DennisTate reacted to zil in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    No.  Horse.  Spur.  Use spur to make horse go faster.  It was a word play on "spurious".
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    DennisTate reacted to theplains in Satan's introduction of evil into the world   
    Your comparison of a child molester is not appropriate unless the child made a consent to be molested.  God left Adam
    and Eve alone with Satan because Satan could not harm them if they remained obedient to Him.  As the New Testament
    teaches, God is even able to provide a way out in our own temptations ... if we choose to follow Him.
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    DennisTate reacted to zil in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    ...what you call a cowboy in a hurry; the state of a Pony Express rider while carrying out his duties.
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    DennisTate reacted to mordorbund in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    Joseph Smith did give a prophecy that the Constitution would one day hang by a thread, and if it is to be saved at all, it will be by the Latter-day Saints (some variations have it saved by the Elders of the Church). There is another prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith that incorporates this but adds apocalyptic elements (including the titular white horse). This White Horse prophecy is almost certainly spurious. More details can be found here.
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    DennisTate reacted to lesstrawn in Searching   
    I would really like to follow TheKabalists posts on the the Book of Mormon.  I have seen i Nephi 4, but how do I locate the other articles?
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    DennisTate reacted to Earl in What is the Talmud?   
    New member here 
    The reference (a Gentile woman)  called a dog that Jesus was tagged for saying is not in Jesus's character or his nature.That is a racist racial slur.
    He however was flagged for saying it which I do not believe he did but someone else with him may have done.Jesus ,in a figure of speech ,would never stoop so low.
    However ,at that time and before and even now  Jews  and no other race have always called Gentiles dogs .I have no knowledge of how many did or didn't then or now.Today the Gentile definition says Gentiles are just non Jews . But it also says it is an offensive word depending on the age of your dictionary.It depends on how it is used then or now  in today's society.Example: There is a word used by inmates in prison throughout our country.The word is Boss referring to a prison officer.This word "Boss" in its original meaning from it's beginning does not mean a boss who may supervise inmates,it ,read backwards means something other as you can see if you write it backwards.But reading it forward it's just a normal expression of authority .
    The earliest usage of Gentile is Gen.Ch.10.
    In that day the saying had some disparaging usage but how much ,don't know.I do not know  if  Gentiles call other Gentiles a dog in which Dog is implied as a racial slur.
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    DennisTate reacted to Earl in What is the Talmud?   
    New member here
    Jesus rejected the Talmud
    Here is where he did
    Mt.15.1-14 and Mk.7.1-13
    The claims the Pharisees were making against Jesus is not found in the Torah.They are in the Talmud only.
    Jesus called this teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.And Thus have made the commandment of God of none effect.And Traditions of men.
    The disciples said to Jesus the Pharisees were offended after they heard Jesus speak against it.
    The Talmud is to the Jews held in higher regard than the teachings of Moses.Jesus criticized them for it.This is still true today.
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    DennisTate reacted to Dravin in What is the Talmud?   
    The Wikipedia article seems fairly decent if you want a brief overview of what the Talmud is (as opposed to a detailed examination of what it teaches, that's a somewhat different subject). 
    ​The Talmud is the oral traditions of rabbinical Judaism. Simply knowing that Jesus was Jewish doesn't tell us to what extent he agreed with it, for instance the Sadducees were Jewish but rejected the Talmud. Speaking of the modern day, Reform and Reconstructionist Jews don't accept it as authoritative. 
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    DennisTate reacted to mordorbund in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    You may be interested to know that when Joseph Smith was given his mission by an angel, the angel paralleled Gabriel's message by referencing Malachi. In short, Joseph Smith was to go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah and fulfill the portion of the Malachi prophesy that John left undone. 
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Trump and Netanyahu. More than Refreshing...   
    Why would anyone with dollars want to devaluate them?
    Desalination is good in many ways beyond clean water.  A natural byproduct of ocean desalination is hydrogen which is an excellent, clean fuel that can offset gasoline.    As for rising ocean levels – the trend for the last 20,000 years (which ended the ice age) has been toward global warming, receding of glaciers and the rising of the ocean.  This changing of ocean levels has been problematic for any human civilization that relies of trade and the ocean bounties.  The civilizations that have learned to adapt has survived and those that have refused to adapt (thinking instead to halt or to change climate trends) has dwindled away – mostly lost in history.   As a side note few earthlings are aware that the great spot on Jupiter is shrinking and will likely soon disappear because of global climate change on Jupiter.  Talk about a coincidence.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Repentance after death   
    A little background on Baal.  He was a demigod, the son of the supreme G-d El and a virgin female mortal.  El was a name for G-d recognized in ancient Hebrew scripture.  Baal was a Messianic character that arose in ancient Mesopotamia that became a popular worship in Egypt at the time of Moses.   There are many parallels to Jesus – like a new star in the heavens at his birth.  He had control over the weather and fought against Mot and Yamen to deliver the souls of human from death.  Interestingly the most popular means of worshiping Baal in ancient Egypt involved a golden calf – which is similar to the Hebrew Red Heifer sacrifice (of Messianic origins).
    This is rather condensed but in essence Baal was a Messianic Gentile.  Ifind it interesting that you use this title to define your religious experience.
    Now concerning wine.  Anciently in Israel, grapes were brought in bunches and placed in a large stone basin.  The grapes were walked on barefoot – this is because the human foot is padded and will gently press the best or new wine from the grapes.  When this process has removed the best wine then what is left is gathered into loose woven baskets which were stacked and pressed with weights removing most of the remaining juice which is wine but not the best or new wine.  What remains in the baskets is the skins, seeds and stems of the original grapes.  This is then placed in another donut shaped stone basin.  A large stone is rolled around the stone base (usually powered by a donkey) which crushes every last bit of liquid from the grape remains.  This final liquid is called bitter wine or vinegar.   The stone press that creates this bitter liquid is called gethsemane.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to theplains in Satan's introduction of evil into the world   
    The current version of Gospel Principles omits this statement so I refer back to the 1997 version.  
    Chapter 6, page 33 says, "Because of their transgression, Adam and Eve also suffered spiritual 
    death. This meant they and their children could not walk and talk face to face with God. Because 
    Satan had introduced evil into the world, Adam and Eve and their children were separated from God 
    both physically and spiritually."
    How did Satan introduce evil into the world?
    The Religion 327 - The Pearl of Great Price Student Manual says, "Some Christians condemn Eve for 
    her act, concluding that she and her daughters are somehow flawed by it. Not the Latter-day Saints! 
    Informed by revelation, we celebrate Eve’s act and honor her wisdom and courage in the great episode, 
    called the Fall ... "
    If you consider any temptation to disobey God to be evil, it is wise to honour someone who follows evil?
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Repentance after death   
    The question I asked was if you understood what is anciently meant by new or best wine as opposed to wine and vinegar?  Perhaps once this is understood we can begin to consider why these terms are symbolically used in sacred scripture.
    On another note - since you are talking about Baal - do you have any idea who Baal was or why this particular Pagan character as opposed to countless other pagan symbols was such a constant problem in Israel?  I will give you a little hint - Baal was not actually a g-d - at least not in the usual sense that we define gods.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to AnthonyB in Milleniallism   
    There are three views on millennium held by traditional Christians
    Premillennialism- the most common view amongst evangelicals, Jesus returns before the millennial reign.
    7 year tribulation which Jesus returns either at the start, middle of end of, then the millennial reign (ie 1000 years), after that the final judgment.
    Postmillennialism - very common in 19th century, where over a 1000 year period things get better and better (ie more Christians., more Christian like society) and then Jesus returns
    Amillenialism -holds that the millennium is symbolic language and there is no literal 1000 year reign on earth. Jesus is reigning now in heaven and one day Jesus will return, there will be the final judgment and there will be a new heaven and new earth.
    I believe the last one best accounts for the biblical evidence but it has a lot to do with how you read Revelation. ie In my opinion an Apocalypse has to be read as part of that genre and not a book of literal history of events but a book of symbolic retelling in various repeated examples of what the kingdom of God is like. It should be viewed something like a impressionist painting, don't obsess over the placement or meaning of individual dots but stand back and marvel at the whole pictures it creates of Jesus victory over evil
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    DennisTate reacted to anatess2 in What Does Malachi 4: 5-6 Mean?   
    Yes.  In Catholic teaching, they refer to Genesis whereby "All people must die".  Elijah and Enoch are two who were preserved without death.  They would then be the two witnesses in the 2nd coming with Elijah specifically named in Malachi who will be the herald for repentance against the anti-Christ which would then be when they are expected to complete their respective missions and die.
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    DennisTate reacted to Onhech in Blog Post By Former Rabbi now LDS Missionary   
    A while back I created a blog with a few people from the Mormon-nets and personal acquaintances one of those including Rameumptom of this forum also Tephrochr who is on this forum (along with myself).
    Anyhow one of the Authors is Jewish born Elder Raymond Besse, a former Jewish Rabbi with a Bachelors in Judaic Studies from American Jewish University, he continued studying in Jerusalem becoming a Rabbi, he later converted and is currently serving as a part time missionary for the LDS church. Ray here gives an authoritative firsthand religious comparison between Mormons and Jews. He will be posting ever month and a half on this weekly posting blog for those who are interested in Jewish/Mormon studies, a great guy for questions.
    The Sign of Jonas: Jews and Mormons: Similarities and Differences
    As a plug we have openings coming up for authorships on the Sign of Jonas as one of our members is going on a mission in the future. If you are interested check out this thread:
    Or just message me.
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    DennisTate got a reaction from zil in People of the Covenant - Ask a Jew   
    Thank you........ I will keep an eye out for that in the future!
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    DennisTate reacted to zil in People of the Covenant - Ask a Jew   
    @DennisTate, do you look at the date of the posts you're quoting?  Cuz you're resurrecting a lot of dead threads...  And in some cases, replying to people who haven't been around in over a year...  Just mentioning so you're not terribly surprised when they don't reply.
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    DennisTate reacted to tesuji in What would it take for Jews and Muslims to reconcile?   
    OK, this question is straying into politics, which I am trying to generally avoid. But --
    Of course Muslims and Jews have a lot of trouble now getting along, based on what I read in the news. What would it take for them to ever be reconciled? Perhaps a lot of Jews and Muslims might not be able to imagine this ever happening. But what would it take?
    I like to idealistically believe than any conflict can be resolved. Certainly, the world would be a safer and more peaceful place if tensions in the Middle East went away.
    I also understand that this is an emotional and frustrating question for many Jews and Muslims. I apologize if this question causes distress or offense. I guess for fairness we could hope both Jews and Muslims might drop by to give their thoughts on this...
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    DennisTate reacted to SJR3t2 in How do I download Days of Awe: Jewish Holy Days, Symbols, and Prophecies for Latter-day Saints   
    How do I download Days of Awe: Jewish Holy Days, Symbols, and Prophecies for Latter-day Saints from
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    DennisTate reacted to Aish HaTorah in People of the Covenant - Ask a Jew   
    Shalom, my friends.
    I hope the peace of HaShem is upon you now and always.  I thought I would start this thread to entice you to ask those burning questions you may have (or, perhaps you don't!) always wanted to ask of a Jew.  Please, feel free to share.  No question (other than those that are antithetical to the forum rules) will be considered too great or too small.  Many of you have asked delicious questions in other threads, but there is always room for more sharing and understanding between our people.
    Now, some ideas and a joke to get the cogs in your brain turning...
    1. Are Jews followers of a religion or members of a race/ethnicity?
    2. What does the Covenant of Abraham mean to us today?
    3. What is the difference between a Synagogue and a Temple?
    4. Who was the first Jew?
    5. Why do Jews believe that Palestinians have no historical claim to land?
    6. Is the Rabbi the same as a Priest or Pastor?
    7. How can we say Mormons are Gentiles and you say that we are Gentiles?
    8. Is my daughter driving me crazy preparing for her Bat Mitzvah? (Uhhh...)  What is a Bat Mitzvah, anyway?
    9. What's so wrong with a bacon cheeseburger?
    10. Can animals be Jewish?
    11. Whatever other burning questions you may have!
    So my mishpacha...have at it!  Don't beat me up.  Unless you want to, then it's ok I suppose.
    And may the odds be ever in your favor...
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    DennisTate reacted to tesuji in Why no Jewish temple?   
    OK, buy why not build a temple in other places? And, can there be more than one, rather just one place in the world?
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    DennisTate reacted to Vort in Why no Jewish temple?   
    According to Nibley, assuming I understood him correctly, the pre-Dome of the Rock temple perched atop a steep path. (This was supposed to have been flattened out to accomodate the present massive Islamic structure.) Climbing this path was no mean feat, especially for the aged. To assist them, a handrail of sorts was installed, by which they could hold on and pull themselves up to the temple. This handrail was a rod -- specifically, an iron rod. Interesting if true, and very meaningful to Lehi's vision.