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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Can a Christian who takes the idea of reincarnation seriously...   
    life review implies life here is what God planned. Any being conducting life review on a deceased is of the satanic realm. 
    God doesn’t do life review. 
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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Near death experiencer given "God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land."   
    since the holy land is not upon this earth, I’d not put much stock in this or any other prophecies or opinions like this. 
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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    Adam is a deity and a son of Him. Adam fell and went to work for the enemy...for the satanic beings... the fallen angels/deities...
    and created this current earth and bodies , in disobedience to Him
    The seven spirits are the seven feminine torches belonging with His Spirit...
    Many of His originals were captured and went north with Adam..
    I am speaking of the other world, not of this one.
    By wings there are other complicated themes meant..
    so i won't go into it here...
    the 144k attributes of Him lost and went with Adam
    are being restored to Him...
    adam will die soon .
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    I wonder what is meant by a Cherub - which is the singular of Cherubim.  One can only speculate why there is not a translation of Cherub from the ancient Greek for our English versions of the Biblical scripters - perhaps because there is none????  The ancient Greek term of Cherub was more closely associated with a type of g-d than a kind of angel.   From my own studies - there are no symbolic powers or assignments given to the Biblical Cherub's of the Old Testament that do not correspond to that of Christ.  In the first example in Genesis the Cherub was assigned as the "Keeper" of the way to the tree of eternal life - and Jesus said he was the "Way" to eternal life.  We also learn that a Cherub is "Anointed" which is the meaning of the ancient Hebrew term, Messiah.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    Upon what are you basing this assumption and why are you so sure your assumptions are not frivolous  speculations?
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    He and His feminine spirit and all His (their) sons and daughters have and partake an entirely different nature than the nature of this universe, which belongs to other (satanic) elohim. 
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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    the impact of the roman all male version plus its overlay and definition by greek concepts foreign to scripture has been to create more confusion . modern christianity has resulted. a mess. 
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    DennisTate reacted to NeuroTypical in Quantum stuff is scary   
    I'm surprising myself with being able to understand things I never thought I'd be able to understand.  So, electrons and similar things have both attributes of waves, and attributes of particles.  That's easy.
    Apparently whether something is behaving like a wave or a particle, depends on whether we are watching it or not.  That's unfathomable.  You set up your stupid electron gun/double-slit experiment and turn it on, the photons act like a wave.  Ok, they're waves.   Then you move a detector into place that does nothing besides watch what slit the electron goes through, and now they act like particles?  Now I understand how giant-brained atheist physicists run their bony fingers through their wispy white hair and wonder aloud if God is playing a practical joke on them.
    So then - if you split an electron into two smaller entangled photons, and send one into a screen and one into a detector, both behave like particles.  Ok, whatever - you've gathered the data, it's sitting right there being unmistakable.  I don't get it, but it's the way it is. But apparently (and this is the part I'm still trying to understand), if you erase the data, then the entangled photons somehow erase the past and re-write it as waves?  It changes time?  It retroactively changes it's own nature?
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    DennisTate reacted to estradling75 in Interesting Article: Flee the wrath that is to come on the U.S.A.   
    In the scriptures we often see the Lord commanding his people to flee.  If he gives this command he has prepared a place for them to go.  The saints simply need to be faithful and obedient.
    In rarer instances the Lord commands his people to fight. If he gives this command it will come with a promise that he will fight our battles.  Thus the saints simply need to be faithful and obedient.
    No matter how it goes every prophet ever has been trying to prepare us for it.  The only real question we should be asking is are we being faithful and obedient?
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    DennisTate reacted to Still_Small_Voice in Interesting Article: Flee the wrath that is to come on the U.S.A.   
    Posted on September 24th 2019
    Habakkuk was disgusted by the unrighteousness of his nation (Habakkuk 1:2-4).  God told Habakkuk that He felt the same way, so His plan was to bring suffering to Judah (Habakkuk 1:5-11).  This plan would bring Judah back to reality and back to dependence on God. The plan was to bring Babylonian armies to demolish and conquer Judah. Habakkuk was horrified by this plan because Habakkuk felt that God owed something better to Judah (Habakkuk 1:12-17).  God answered his confusion in Habakkuk chapter 2. God’s only encouragement was to say that the Babylonians would also suffer for their injustice.
    Last week I couldn’t even pray because I was angry at God for not preventing America from descending ever farther into unrighteousness. So I asked myself why I felt entitled to have America remain righteous. I never felt entitled that another country be righteous when I lived there.
    I thought of the often cited 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people, who are called by My name, humble themselves…I will …heal their land.” This was a promise given to Israel, a nation in which 100% of the people (at the time) were His people. In the USA, only 10% to 30% are born again.  So not all US residents are His people. If 100% of Israel repented, of course it would be healed.  But if between 10% and 30% of a nation repent, the majority of the nation can still keep abortion legal.
    Islam conquered 4 out of the 5 historic apostolic centers of Christianity.  None of those four centers have returned to Christianity since then. There is no guarantee that the USA will retain Christian morality or values.  Those apostolic centers had more reason to expect God’s intervention than the US does.  
    Sometimes suffering is the way that God purifies a nation, leading it to repentance.  If it doesn’t lead a nation to repentance, His judgment at least glorifies His own sense of holiness and honor.
    Read more at:
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    DennisTate reacted to Jane_Doe in President Nelson vaccinated   
    An interesting update on this front:
    The new Church Handbook updates strongly encourages vaccination and advises that un-vaccinated missionaries will most likely serve in their home countries.
    While neither of these are really new updates (the Church has been pro-vaccine for decades), it is a very potent and timely reminder.  
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in President Nelson vaccinated   
    I am not sure you really do - President Nelson was the leading expert in heart surgery and a world renown physician.  
    From Luke 4:12 : "And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to anatess2 in Does Multiverse Theory fit with Ezekiel 37 and the White Throne Judgment?   
    So... I’m just gonna take this opportunity to say that in the almost 5 hour talk between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, they touched on Ezekiel and Aliens.  It was one of the most entertaining 5 hours I’ve ever spent.  Haha.
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    You may quote me are use my ideas as you like.  But I caution you to be aware that the possibility that our "known" universe is a subset of a universe of more dimensions is very different from the idea of multiverse.  In that multiverse is made up of many universes with the same or similar dimensions of space-time.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    Perhaps I can help you - a little.  The concept of eleven dimensional space time comes to theoretical physics through super string theory.  However, the reason that 11 dimensions stand out in string theory is because one of the possible explanations of our universe via the Big Bang theory comes from the mathematical convenience  that the Big Bang was the result of an 11 dimensional space time continuum collapse into our current 3 dimensional space time.  One of the problems with all this is that time cannot be proven to be a mathematical dimension - plus under Einstein's theories that are highly respected - time is not continuous.  
    Contrary to the thinking of some that dive into the fantasy side of speculation - the science and mathematics of a superior being must come from higher dimensions to have superior knowledge and power over beings of lessor dimensions.  This simple element of reality dictates that a superior G-d must of necessity have physical dimensions.   In short - a physical dimensional body.  That such a bein also has other (spiritual) dimensions is theatrically possible and indeed a necessity for a superior being.  The point being that from all we know from science - a superior G-d  must have physical dimension to dominate our universe's space time.  Plus the single example of G-d existing in our space time is Jesus Christ or as you implied Messiah Yeshua had both a physical body and resurrected physical body undistinguishable by sight from our own - which we are told in scripture is an exact copy of G-d in plurality. 
    Just for fun - one final idea from someone that used to work on projects for the USA government (military) that required a security clearance.  Technically security clearance levels are not so much a matter of the information as it is the need to know.  So to say that something is above your security clearance level is an indication of your individual "NEED" to know.  But there is a caveat to the need to know that is offset by a level of trust.   Jesus spoke in terms of this when he said: "this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."  Which implies that we all have a need to know.  So if it is above our security clearance it can only be because our understanding and opinions cannot be trusted.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to arabic mission in passage of Zwemer citated by arabic sources   
    Dear Anatess2, thank you for your time and your reply. 
    Actually what they claim he would have said was at the council and was way more explicit then his sentence in the quote you've stated. 
    I found a few sources here but I didn't find any report of his sermons. 
    Any help from anyone would be very welcome, thank you all. 
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    DennisTate reacted to arabic mission in passage of Zwemer citated by arabic sources   
    Dear fellows,
    In my work in arabic countries, I came across a few arabic sources stating a sermon Samuel Zwemer gave at the international missionary council in Jerusalem 1928. I'd like to know it this is authentic.  
    The main point is that Zwemer would have said that the cause of a missionary is not to convert the muslims to christianity, cause this is a honor for them. But our cause is to get them from their primitive beliefs. 
    If anyone could verify if Zwemer really said this it would help me in my work, cause I can't judge the authenticity without knowing the reports of this council, which I could't find. 
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    DennisTate reacted to Carborendum in The Beast   
    Ok, it's time for this month's edition of Carboggeddon.  That's right.  Carborendum's newsletter on things to look for in the coming apocalypse.  All kidding aside...
    My missionary daughter was discussing the Book of Revelation with her district in a recent meeting.  Some things in her weekly email to us led me to think about The Beast.
    For centuries many people thought of the Beast as being Emperor Nero.  He certainly seemed to satisfy the description as far as the persecution of the Saints of God.  And his name/title "Neron Caesar" in Greek (?) provided the gematriot = 666.  So, there really was no question that Nero was the Beast Spoken of in the Book of Revelation... Only... it wasn't really him because Christ's coming didn't happen anywhere near that time.  In fact, Christianity thrived for centuries after his death.  And still... no Second Coming.
    But after reading some of what my daughter wrote, I wondered, though, if this was a symbol inside of a symbol.  Maybe John actually meant Nero, but not Nero.  He was just a type and shadow of The Beast.  But we would know The Beast by certain behaviors and traits that paralleled some things that Nero did.
    While he was known for many acts which were both evil and just plain wacko, there is one single act that almost everyone who's ever heard of him mentions.  He fiddled as Rome burned.  I was going to write more.  But I feared that would break the rules of the forum.
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    DennisTate reacted to Carborendum in Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?   
    It has been said that this is the one question that theists cannot answer.  I would say that it is one question that atheists will not accept an answer to.  There is history to this question that needs to be pointed out.
    Thousands of years ago, people asked this question of "the gods."  But this was not meant as an excuse to disbelieve there were gods or even "God."  At the time, such an idea would be like saying that the stars didn't shine at night.  It was intended, instead, to be a philosophical question to allow people to ponder and consider the nature and purpose of suffering in the world.
    While I don't know where, when, or who... the question was eventually turned on its head by atheists as a weapon to bludgeon the theist.  "If you can't answer this question, then you are just an ignoramus who believes in the unbelievable."  The atheist (who claims both moral and intellectual superiority in this vein) fails to recognize how ignorant this position is.  "I refuse to believe in a God that allows good people to suffer."
    The fact is that the question itself is flawed in many ways.  For example:
    What is considered "bad"? Why is "suffering" an automatic "bad thing"? What exactly makes a "good person"? Is suffering all you see? What have YOU done to alleviate suffering of those you cite? Regardless of the answer, how does that change the reality of God in any way? If you were God, what would you do that is different?  How would you handle all the side-effects of going your route? Omnipotent
    By the very nature of reality, there cannot be a truly, completely, in every conceivable way:  "All powerful"  Imagine how completely boring that would be.  Where would the glory be in that?  Where would be the joy?  What power can there be when anything can be anything else?  Nothing is anything, therefore any power to do anything is meaningless. 
    It is a philosophical paradox that if you were truly all powerful, you actually have no power to do anything meaningful.  And if you can't do anything meaningful, you're really a failure.
    "Omnipotent" in previous centuries didn't really mean what many people think of in the absolute sense.  It tended to mean two things:
    Having so much more power than any other being in consideration that they may as well be completely all powerful. He is the final authority.  There is no higher court to take your appeal.  He's the last and final word on whether you live or die. With this, we understand that there are certain realities that have to be addressed, if not obeyed -- no matter if you are all powerful or not.
    A Good Person
    The Savior said:
    With this one verse, the Savior pointed out that NO ONE has a claim on the title of "good person."  We're all sinners.  We're ALL fallen.  Yet the atheist would have us believe that there are some among us that don't have need of redemption.  How can we answer a quesion that starts out with an incorrect assumption that has already been pointed out?
    None of us has a credible claim to rewards in heaven earth.  The late Milton Friedman said, "First of all, none of us get what we deserve.  And thank heaven for that."  The reality is that without a Savior, every one of us would be deserving of the pains of hell for all eternity.  Think about that.  That is how evil every one of us are.  That is how terrible the nature of sin is.  And if we had all the worst things in life happen to us, that would be justice for our sins.
    So, when someone asks, "Why me?"  I might ask, "Why NOT me?"
    Yet we sit smug in our comfortable world where we can say "Meh,  I'm a good enough person and have a good enough life."
    False assumption.  False conclusion.
    Bad Things
    How do we know what is a bad thing?  It causes pain or suffering?  Sounds reasonable. But is it true?  Read the following story:
    I heard a better much longer version that went back and forth to good and bad things to hammer the point home.  But the point is illustrated sufficiently here.
    I know of a lot of things in my life that seemed bad at the time (Seriously.  I was in the middle of long term unemployment and was considering suicide, literally) but with hindsight, I now see what good eventually came of it.  Most of my life I've had "bad things" happen that were necessary steps to get me to another place where some really good things happened.
    So, how do we know?  I'd submit that we simply don't.  I could also tell you of some stories in my family history where an untimely death in the family turned out to be a good thing.  An abusive situation turned a life around and many good things eventually turned out good.
    By saying this, I'm sure some smart aleck will ask, "So, you're saying that abuse is a good thing?"  Well, live up to the moniker "Aleck" and you can miss the gold by looking for the sludge.  Again, this is the attitude of the atheist who asks the original question.
    Third Parties
    Suffering/misfortune is required for there to be the opportunity to serve.  
    This is often discussed as a commentary on "opposition in all things."  Yes, it is.  But it also says something about the nature of "need."  We see people suffering all the time.  But when we KNOW those people, then we tend to place them in two camps:
    Well, that's what they get when ... Oh, wow!  That's unfortunate.  We need to help them out. Even there we tend to make a partial judgment about "bad things happening to good people".  But at no time is it an excuse to disbelieve in God.  It is whether we would be helping or harming by offering succor to that person at that time.
    I'd submit that the vast majority of Christians use it as an excuse to perform some meaningful service.  I'd also submit that the vast majority of Atheists use it as an excuse to disbelieve God.  Thus we see that the "allowance of suffering" says very little about God.  It speaks volumes about the person asking the question.
    Most of the time when atheist decry God's ambivalence to human suffering, it is just an excuse.  How many of them actually try to do something about it themselves?  Most don't.  That's why the question was never about the suffering itself.  It was just an excuse.  And as an excuse, no answer to the question is acceptable.
    Nature of Trials
    Too often we think of anything unpleasant as "undesireable".  Well, then why the heck did I eat all those peas (I hate peas).  They're good for me.  Well, so is kim chee.  But no one was trying to force me to eat that all the time.  We do some things we don't really enjoy because we know they're good for us.
    The successful person is willing to go through that which the unsuccessful person is NOT willing to go through.  Let me rephrase.
    One who inherits the Celestial Kingdom is willing to suffer what the Telestial/Terrestrial person is NOT willing to suffer.
    We tend to think of "prove" as in a court of law or a matter of debate to determine if something is true or false.  It isn't really just that dichotomy alone.  Another definition of "prove" is
    These trials are not only to strengthen us, but to show what our true qualities and characteristics are.
    Thus, we go back to the nature of "Omnipotent".  God is not to be revered because He overcomes simple tasks, but because He can overcome the greatest of challenges.  Similarly, we ourselves cannot hope for great reward in heaven without overcoming great trials either.  It has nothing to do with "what we deserve."  It has everything to do with eventual results.
    In that way, we see suffering as simply a necessary part of life.  And we tend to be able to bear it much more easily.
    I'm going to use my recent experience during this winter storm as an illustration for all this.
    During this winter storm, I did what I thought was supposed to be done.  But I was rushing through all my preps. Then I prayed to have the Lord bless my efforts that they would be sufficient.
    But some "bad things" happened. 
    A pipe burst in the well house.  And a pipe burst in the wall of my house.  These two things alerted me to some dysfunctional items of the plumbing at my house.  I needed to fix them.  I also learned a great deal from the experience.  I learned a lot more about plumbing than I had in the past.  I also have some drywall and framing work that I cannot do on my own.  So, I can hire a friend who's been looking for work.  And he's very good at drywall.  I learned other things I need to fix for some future expansion I was planning.  I learned about some things to NOT do with the shut offs that I had. We thought we were well prepared for the cold because we had plenty of water and plenty of wood.  But one thing we discovered is that you can't stay warm on hardwood (oak) alone.  You have to have a balance of hard and softwood (pine).  We had plenty of oak.  We had very little pine.  I spent a bunch of time trying to split oak.  Very difficult.  My neighbor (bishopric) must have seen me suffering and came over to tell me that he had plenty of pine to share.  Later, my ministering brother came and gave me a bunch of more wood.  His was oak also.  But for some reason, his was easier to split into smaller pieces.  They burned hotter than the thick logs we had prepared.  More learning.  More opportunities for service.  This time, I was on the receiving end.  A rare thing. The State of Texas experienced blackouts like never before.  This was bigger, longer, and more widespread than Harvey.  But what we learned was that we had weaknesses in the grid.  A large part was our dependence on renewables.  Part of it was an outdated system.  Part of it was the dependence on warmer weather (this was a storm like we'd never seen).  We learned what we need to improve on. So, why is there no answer to the question?  There is.  In fact, there are many (many more than I've listed here).  But none that the atheist cares to listen to.
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    DennisTate reacted to e v e in Can a Christian who takes the idea of reincarnation seriously...   
    reincarnation is a satanic concept having to do with what they did to torture eden after she fell.
    I won't go into it here.
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    DennisTate reacted to Jane_Doe in I took a test to determine which religion I was closest to and my score was LDS!   
    @DennisTate, that's all well in good.... but there's MUCH more to being an LDS Christian than taking a online quiz.  It's not like Protestantism where you just drift in and out or take things cafeteria style.  Rather there is a package set of base beliefs, a formal structure or organization, of baptism/joining, etc.   
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    DennisTate reacted to NeedleinA in President Nelson vaccinated   
    Here is a toast to hoping that comes much sooner than later.

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    DennisTate reacted to mirkwood in President Nelson vaccinated   
    Maybe.  Our governor is lifting the mask mandate April 10.  Our Democrat county mayor almost immediately said she was considering imposing a mask mandate on us til we get closer to "herd immunity."  The Democrat SLC mayor said the same thing.  The leftists will hang on mask on as long as they can.
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in President Nelson vaccinated   
    We are closer to herd immunity!!!  ☹️ 
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Does the Doctrine of the Trinity define Christianity?   
    @Jonahasked me to start a thread on this topic concerning Christianity and the Trinity Doctrine established at Nicene counsel and how that creed was used by Christian institutions impacting their society up until roughly the 16th Century.   Here is the question from the "Was Jesus Married" thread in the LDS Gospel Discussion section:
    My main question is not so much concerning the specific doctrine but rather how many Traditional Christians approve the history of its impact on Christian institutions and how those institutions treated any society that rejected the Trinity Creed.  Please be prepared to answer my questions of how this creed was used historically and how Christians today view the historical consequences. 
    The Traveler