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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in Prisonchaplain's lesson on Judas--warning against gossip
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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in prisonchaplain's final lesson on King David   
    The only summary I have for this one is: WE CAN RECOVER FROM OUR SINS.
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in LDS teachings on Hades, the state of the dead...   
    This is likely very accurate - but unfortunately most religious conflicts will not be resolved until we are beyond the grave in the spirit world - for the obvious reasons.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Is a one billion soul harvest coming?   
    As an engineer and scientist that has worked in the field of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence as my profession; I have learned to deal with most topics with science and intelligence rather than emotion - be it religious or pseudo intellectual.   I have no intent to disrespect anyone - just to speak logically and truthfully as I understand.  But before I begin - I am mostly of the mind to live and let live.  However, is someone seeks an opinion - I am not afraid to offer mine.
    The first point of my opinion deals with intelligence.  The scientific definition of intelligence is the ability and power to learn and alter or change a response.   I consider humans to be an intelligent species - meaning that I believe human have the intelligence to learn and alter cognitive responses.   I believe the ability to recognize an attraction to be cognitive responses - this includes sexual attractions.   I have never encountered any scientific study that demonstrates that a recognized attraction is not an cognitive response.  If anyone can demonstrate otherwise - I would like to review the data and reason for that conclusion.  I do realize that individuals within the human species are so intellectually handy caped that they do not have the mental capability or power to learn and alter or change responses - but I seriously doubt this is the reason that any individual is LGBT (sexually diverse).  I do not believe that LGBT individuals should be defined as unintelligent - incapable or unable to modify sexual responses - but I recognize that on this point - I could be wrong.  It is just that I have known several sexually diverse individuals and did not find them as lacking in intelligence.
    The second point is the scientific definition of a "fit" individual within a species.  One of the main points of evolution is the survival of the fittest.   This scientific reference to the fittest within a species is in direct relation to that individual passing on their genetic material (genes) to the next generation.  I would note that hormones and genes are tightly coupled.  For this discussion it means that hormones such as cortisol, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone are directly involved with gene expression.   Because a LGBT individual within the species does not intend to pass on their genetic material - then by definition; they are not fit.
    If we include religious thinking into this discussion - I have a hard time defining a LGBT (sexual diverse) individual as enlightened - just based in the empirical evidence of science.  If I define myself as a seeker of enlightenment and truth - I do not see what other stand I ought to take with my opinion.
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to romans8 in The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?   
    When I study further, it appears the term 'Fall' also refers to the actual changes that occured 
    upon Adam & Eve.
    The changes that came upon Adam and Eve because they ate the fruit are called the Fall.
    (Gospel Principles, chapter 6, )
    When Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, they were not yet mortal. In this state, 
    "they would have had no children” (2 Nephi 2:23). There was no death. They had physical life 
    because their spirits were housed in physical bodies made from the dust of the earth (see 
    Moses 6:59; Abraham 5:7). They had spiritual life because they were in the presence of God. 
    They had not yet made a choice between good and evil.
    I need clarification on this 'not yet' part. What was their first choice between good and evil 
    from God's perspective?

    In the Adam and Eve’s Separation from God section, their choice is said to have had these 
    - they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.
    - they became mortal.
    - they and their children would experience sickness, pain, and physical death.
    - they and their children suffered spiritual death (the could not walk and talk face to face 
      with God).
    Another article of the church
    - Adam and Eve were happy in their beautiful home in the Garden of Eden, for they had been 
    given everything they could want for food and for pleasure. They knew nothing of evil, for 
    their world was all good.
    - Often in the cool of early evening the Lord would walk and talk with them, and their happiness 
    was complete.  He told them that everything had been made for them to enjoy except one tree-
    the tree of knowledge of good and evil - and that they should neither touch nor eat the fruit 
    of that tree, for if they did, they would be punished. Adam promised that they would not 
    disobey this commandment.
    Is there any reason why Gospel Principles refers to them as effects instead of punishments?

    Then another section mentions Great Blessings Resulted from the Transgression.  It says 
    they would:
    - get physical bodies.
    - have the right to choose between good and evil.
    - have the opportunity to gain eternal life.
    - have children.
    - know good and evil.
    - know the joy of redemption.
    - know that eternal life comes from God to all the obedient.
    Why is a physical body viewed as a great blessing that resulted from a transgression?
    Didn't Adam already have an immortal, physical body, made from the earth?   
    Thank you,
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Who is G-d that I should know Him.   
    @DennisTate I agree that life has divine value.  I would explorer with you a couple of thoughts about life or "living things".  The scriptures make several references to the "living G-d".  Do you believe that G-d is a type of LIFE consistent or in any way similar to the life you believe G-d values?  My second question is - why do you think G-d values life?  I agree that human life is the apex of G-d's creation.  Anyway I think we agree - Why do you think G-d values mankind so greatly - even greater than the angles of heaven?  If you think these are loaded question - they are.  I am trying to understand the extent that you believe G-d loves human.  Does the concept of children apply?
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate got a reaction from Traveler in Who is G-d that I should know Him.   
    John 5:17
    But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.  
    I believe that our Creator places essentially INFINITE VALUE on human life partly because.... The Father and the Word - Logos and the Holy Spirit and the other Elohim of Genesis chapter one invested infinite time in the creation of the human spirit that is within each human being.  
    We human place high value on gold, silver, oil, commodities and on real estate but..... I think that our Creator values LIFE .... especially human life.... as being of vastly greater value than what we humans tend to think are valuable.
    Chapter thirteen of Stephen Hawking's Universe, entitled The Anthropic Principle in which an Agnostic version of the Cyclic Model of the universe is explained helps to explain this ... but.....  a near death experiencer who was an Atheist before his NDE was shown how our Creator got better and better and better and better and planning and setting in motion Big Bang type events over infinite time in the past.
    I believe that we humans with a perspective that only spans a few decades would have enormous difficulty even beginning to understand how God thinks about and values our lives.  Even the hairs of our heads are numbered!

    I believe that your Book of Mosiah has similar ideas to this if I remember correctly?
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    DennisTate reacted to Traveler in Who is G-d that I should know Him.   
    Recently I have had some discussions with @Jonah and @romans8 about critical concepts of the nature of G-d.  I thought that this is a sufficiently important topic that a thread devoted to this subject be opened.  I do this so we can ask one another about various personal notions as well as to discuss deep seeded doctrine we learn through our trusted religious leaders and documentation (scripture).  
    I will begin with a short summary of years of my own personal study, devotions and personal experience.  I call this summary the 5 basic guiding principles of any personal relationship one can have with G-d.
    1. G-d will not do anything for anyone that they can do for themselves.
    2. G-d will do anything for anyone that they cannot do for themselves.
    3. G-d will not do anything that is detrimental to anyone's eternal salvation.
    4. G-d will do anything that is beneficial to anyone's eternal salvation.
    5. G-d will not do anything or cause anything to happen without the individuals personal approval - this means that we have agency and free will in dealing with G-d and his works.
    There are many questions in religious circles concerning such things as the Eden epoch, evolution, the end of days and many topics that directly relate to man and our relationship with G-d.   I will gladly discuss any topic but my personal notions will always be inclusive of the 5 statements above.  I would be most interested in anyone's personal impressions of G-d and how they came by such notions.  I hope some will find this thread useful and enlightening. 
    The Traveler
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    DennisTate reacted to pam in Anyone know the meaning of the word halt used in 3 Nephi?   
    I think in the context of the scripture, #2 would be the most appropriate.
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    DennisTate reacted to mikbone in Anyone know the meaning of the word halt used in 3 Nephi?
    Check out this iphone app for the 1828 version of Webster's Dictionary
    The Book of Mormon was translated into early 19th century English.
    I have referred to it many times when studying the Book of Mormon.
    1) To stop in walking; to hold.  In military affairs, the true sense is retained, to stop in a march.  The army halted at noon.
    2) To limp, that is, to stop with lameness
    3) To hesitate; to stand in doubt whether to proceed, or what to do
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    DennisTate reacted to pam in Anyone know the meaning of the word halt used in 3 Nephi?   
    To quote from this:
    Halt here means limping and is a different and much older word to the one meaning to stop (which was originally a German military term of the late sixteenth century). It has long been archaic. We know it today almost exclusively in the set phrases the halt and the lame and the halt, the lame and the blind, though we do retain halting in phrases such as halting speech, where it means slow and hesitant.
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    DennisTate reacted to Carborendum in The Law of Consecration and Stewardship   
    I'm going to bring up this topic again because I've just had a change of perspective on just what the differences and similarities are here.  It was because I actually got a copy of the Priesthood manual on Church Welfare and read it.
    The primary thought that has enlightened my mind is the "full title" of the law.  It isn't just "The Law of Consecration".  It was "The Law of Consecration and Stewardship."
    Primarily what this meant was that, yes, we signed over the deed to our land and property to the Church.  BUT!!! then we were given an assignment to be stewards over that property.  The vast majority of the time, such stewardship simply meant that the signing the deed over was effectively nominal.  Yes, a legal procedure.  But the way it was practiced, it was "in name only."  The steward ran the farm, received profits from it and gave what he could to the Church for welfare purposes.
    As a side note, there were many of the particularly wealthy who would not sign over their property.  None of them were excommunicated for that refusal (that I'm aware of).  And when the practice was discontinued, the property was all given back to the stewards.
    Today, the general authorities practice the same thing.  And I wonder when George P. Lee was excommunicated, did he ask for his property back?  Was it given to him?  I don't know. But I'd suspect that if he did ask and it were not given back to him then we would have heard about it all over the news.
    So, again, even though it was a legal procedure, it was apparently in name only.  So, why do they practice it?  I think that it is because when you sign on as a general authority, you have to have a physical reminder of the level of sacrifice you have to make to serve in that capacity.  Signing over the rights to all your property is a pretty big commitment.
    Each of us makes a commitment to live the Law of Consecration.  But we are not asked to sign over our homes.  I think that on a practical level, it would be untenable.  A general authority will live in the same place for pretty much the rest of his life.  But I've moved into 11 different homes since I've been married.  What process would I have to do for each time I had to move?  I'm going through the process in my head and it could potentially be REALLY complicated.  Would I even be able to move? How would I have had the jobs I've had in my life? 
    The reality is that I would end up unemployed most of my life if I had to stay where I was.  Instead, I make that covenant in my heart, but not on paper.  I view all my property (both real and personal) as the property of the Lord.  I am only the steward of that property.  If the Lord were to ask me for it, I'd have to oblige.  It's His.  How could I keep it from Him?
    So, while some people say that we don't live the Law of Consecration today -- only the GAs do -- they are technically correct.  But on a spiritual level, I disagree.  The difference really is "just a piece of paper."  The GAs who practice it are still given stewardship over all that property.  They basically run it as if it were their own, just as I run my property as if it were my own.  But in the back of their minds, and in the back of my mind, I'm always reminded of the covenants I've made.  It isn't mine.  It is the Lord's.  And as long as I carry that thought in my mind and the principle in my heart, then I believe I am living the Law of Consecration and Stewardship -- with or without that piece of paper.
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    DennisTate reacted to Carborendum in Biden Corruption Emails   
    Why has no one posted anything about the Smoking Gun on Biden's involvement with Burisma?
    And China.
    Facebook and Twitter both censored the article.
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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    I'm torn, but thinking that any semblance of decency, respect and cooperation between opposing sides is gone . Many religious leaders are expecting persecution, either following November's election, or a few years later. At least having one more judge in place will delay some of the trials/tribulations to come. :::sigh:::
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    DennisTate reacted to Carborendum in Apocryphal Prophecies   
    I just got done talking with a friend since college.  He's really only one of two college friends that I still keep in contact with.  I really do love him to death.  He's always been the fun guy that is always happy.  And he likes to read a lot, which leads us to...
    In the midst of the conversation he brought up the George Albert Smith Prophecy about the last days.  There are many parts of it which are demonstrably false/inaccurate.  But my friend held true saying that since it was not initially written down, the game of telephone and the passing of time caused the remaining portions to be inaccurate.  But he holds that some of the remaining may still be true.
    Who really knows?  But I don't believe it to be true. 
    After all that was said and done, I had to wonder what is there remaining that is of any value for us to know?  Even if it is true, what value is there for us to know?  It is a bit like the Ezra's eagle prophecy. Who knows?  Could be true.  But what benefit is there in knowing about it?  There doesn't seem to be anything to help guide us in what we should prepare for.
    In the end, even if true, it really only serves as a curiosity.  The statements of bad stuff happening doesn't seem to be anything we can avoid.  There are no warnings of what to do and what not to do.  And if the details have varying levels of accuracy, what can it do to possibly help us prepare for anything?  I just don't see any purpose in it.
    What do you make of things like this?
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    DennisTate got a reaction from prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    I first got baptized in 1979 by Pastor Richard Wilding of The Worldwide Church of God.
    In the 1990's I was baptized again by Pastor Donald Mansanger of Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly.
    Several years ago I was baptized again through a Pastor in The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada but... I didn't officially join any church since the Worldwide Church of God which I separated from in 1991.
    I attended the local ward of the Latter day Saints four times in 2019 and I began to pray and ask if I should be baptized again by Latter day Saint Elders and I seem to have heard the Holy Spirit more clearly than in years.  What I was told was that I was supposed to assist Latter day Saints to connect with Jews living in Israel and more recently I was told by the Holy Spirit that I should assist Latter day Saints to find common ground for cooperation with Pentecostals and other Christian denominations. 
    PrisonChaplain...... I feel that you need to get ready to be counselling some rather high profile prisoners who will be led to genuine repentance.  Strangely enough... .many of them will soon realize that their losing their freedom was one of the best things that could have happened to them because.... losing their freedom will set them up to find their Messiah which makes a lack of freedom truly worthwhile.  
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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    I cannot speak too much about Roman Catholicism (other than understanding that the doctrine of purgatory leads to an openness), however the resistance of Pentecostals makes sense to me. We are cautious about doctrinal error for several reasons. First, we have a short history, but always seem to be fighting off heresies within our midst. Within 5-years of my denomination's founding (1914) we faced "The New Issue" (Modalism--Jesus as Father, Son and Holy Spirit). In the late 1940s we joined the National Association of Evangelicals, but not with out enduring skepticism and condescension from several within the group (we were hicks, given to emotion, weak on education and doctrine, in their view). More recently, it's been the prosperity gospel and rapture-date-setters. Then there's the anti-intellectualism that was so strong in our early years (education = liberal sell out). Now we have a seminary, many of our pastors are well-educated, and we are the largest group in the NAE. So, I imagine that talk of near-death-experiences as validation of doctrine reminds too many of our years as theological deplorables. Then there is the over-comfort (in our view) that some Charismatics have with doctrinal and experiential innovations. None of this means you are wrong. Rather, it may give you added perspective on Pentecostal discomfort with some of what you describe.
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    DennisTate got a reaction from prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    My extremely gifted Pentecostal wife avoids reading pretty much everything that I write due to how annoying my approach is to her.  
    Jesus somehow told her that I would be her husband and that I would always tell her the truth.... but Jesus did not tell her that I am always correct in what I believe.... I think that there are probably all kinds of errors left in my thinking but until Jesus shows me what those errors are.... there is no way that I can figure all of them out myself.  
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    DennisTate got a reaction from prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    What I have noticed is that what I write and how I word it seems to be very offensive to Pentecostals but Latter day Saints, Charismatic Catholics and many Messianic Jews see the incredible potential in using genuine near death experience accounts that include a Life Review with Jesus, as a powerful tool to reach millions with the gospel in a whole new way in language that is easy to understand.  
    I think that using NDE accounts as a tool fits with the promise....
    Revelation 12:11
    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  
    For example the book "My Descent Into Death" could be looked at as a part of the "testimony" of former Atheist Howard Storm.  His book has great power to clarify so many scriptures that in the past left us confused.  
    Here is a statement by Mr. Howard Storm in his book that really tends to offend many Pentecostal thinkers.
    Latter day Saints, Charismatic Catholics and Messianic Jews who take NDE accounts seriously tend to welcome statements like this but many Pentecostals feel that these paragraphs somehow contradict:
    Acts 4:12
    Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    This makes sense. What is your take on the response--are the Catholics, Messianic Jews, and LDS you interact with receptive, intrigued, or somewhat resistant?
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    DennisTate reacted to prisonchaplain in Gospel Principles chapter forty one and "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner   
    I suspect that most of those non-LDS who might cooperate with LDS, due to revelations that the church's doctrines (such as on pre/post mortal existence) are true would consider themselves Charismatics, rather than Pentecostals. It's s subtle nuance, but probably important. Both speak in tongues, but most Pentecostals belong to denominations (like my Assemblies of God one) and trace their roots to the revivals of the early 1900s. They tend to be more conservative theologically and in how they live out holiness standards. They are more cautious with dreams, visions, and prophetic words. These are accepted, but only after being vetted by scripture. Further, most Pentecostals treat gifts of the Spirit as primarily intended for a local congregation or community, not for national or international application. Charismatics, on the other hand, are much more open to broadly applying and embracing prophetic words, dreams and visions. Additionally, they are quicker to embrace doctrinal innovation. Most tie their roots to the Holy Spirit renewal movements of the 1960s, and many are either non-denominational, or belong to mainline (Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc.) churches.
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    DennisTate reacted to Fether in Are members in your area: Awake or Asleep?   
    To be frank, the people in my ward who are most politically active also tend to be the least Christlike and the ones to hop on the conservative Headline news (ie “the dems hate American!” Or “The dems all want to make pedophilia legal!”).
    There is one brother in our ward that prides himself on being politically active and uses scripture to rebuke those who aren’t. During some political hype dealing with the Middle East, he posted a picture to FB saying “why do we dump so much money into helping other nations that don’t want us, why don’t we just let them all kill themselves!? That’s what they want!”
    From what I have seen, it won’t be the saints who are watching every political breakdown and are constantly campaigning for different delegates in different offices that will be the saints saving the constitution. I see it being those that are politically aware and vote righteously, but choose to dedicate their time to serving God instead of engaging in non-stop political discourse.
    I have a few members in my ward that are constantly inviting me to political stuff and I always turn them down cause I just don’t want to associate myself with them.
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    DennisTate reacted to NeedleinA in Are members in your area: Awake or Asleep?   
    The following quote from President Benson has really resonated with me this morning:
    So it led me to wonder, how is your ward, your Relief Society, your Elders Q, etc. doing in the "fight for freedom"? Awake or asleep?
    I wonder how many faithful members would step forward only "if" the Church said we are going to do 'X' to fight for freedom but are unwilling to do so unless the Church does the thinking, planning & lifting for them?

    In my Church circles, Ward, EQ & High Council I feel like I only see about a 10-15% 'awake' attitude. I don't know if more are awake, but don't want to publicly rock the boat, or are oblivious or what?
    So, curious, what do you see in your area?
    It appears, according to Pres. Benson, it will be the members who step forward to save the Constitution, not the Church.
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    DennisTate reacted to priesthoodpower in Pastor with Prophetic Vision   
    November is the end of the world folks! LOL!
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    DennisTate reacted to laronius in Pastor with Prophetic Vision   
    We don't believe in multiple mortal probations. It is not taught in our scriptures or by any of our prophets and anyone teaching such a doctrine is not who you should be listening to to understand our doctrine.
    Here is how we are reaching out to the nation of Israel: we teach the fullness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Sadly, as scriptural prophecy indicates they will not embrace the truth as a nation until He comes again and saves them from their enemies.