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  1. I think we get just a taste of the actual evil being commited when we realize what Epstein was doing, for the elites; and when we see that there are tens of thousands of missing adults and children that go missing every year and are never found. It does not take a genious to realize what happens to these people. 😔 I think it is best summarized by this, and remember this was in 1839. How far have we tumbled in the last 184 years? It is so easy for evil people to snatch away a person, never to be seen again. Good people need to be aware and stand for good. Like Operation Underground Railroad, remain vigilant, listen to the spirit and act when you see something wrong. Notice that everyone of these stories "had a feeling."
  2. At the core of each of us, we are basically animals who want to survive. The loss of a moral code in our hearts will turn us into monsters that are barely human.
  3. Gordan B. Hinckley and Boyd K. Packer were right:
  4. If a blessing or other ordinance is necessary, then yes, they would need to hold the priesthood. However, if it is only a message to be delivered, then an angel can be female as well. I know a couple people who had female angels appear to them in my family. I won't go into any further detail here, as they are sacred to my relatives. Granted, this is not doctrinal, neither is the idea that they need to hold the priesthood. It is all speculation, but if an angel appeared to me, I would not ignore them based on their gender.
  5. What we need is the states to enact Article Five of the Constitution and strip the Federal Government of almost all it's powers. They need to be limited to what the Constitution says they are supposed to do. The 10th Amendment must be enforced in all its power.
  6. I know, Unfortunately mine were lost in a terrible boat tragedy in a lake somewhere, I can't remember which lake though. There are a lot of lakes in America, I just can't recall.
  7. Are you actually calling for armed revolt? I don't think we are there yet.
  8. They will end up with people burying their guns and ammo in the woods somewhere until the bans are lifted when the people have had enough.
  9. They are not gathered under the polar cap, they are not on some inner earth, they are not off in space somewhere. They are scattered among the people of this earth.
  10. I am talking about when he first saw the finger of God. That faith was what allowed him to initially see God. Once he had done that the Lord seems surprised that his faith allowed this to happen.
  11. I am excited that I will now be able to use the words Moron and Moronic again. Every time I have used them over the last year I have gotten blocked for about 10 days. Free speech does not mean you are protected from offence.
  12. My understanding is that the Brother of Jared was the first to break through the veil by himself, because of his faith, to see the face of God. All the previous prophets had to be changed, by the Lord to be able to see him.
  13. Um, it is just an ad for the film basically. It does not tell us what happened.