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  1. Not sure how I feel about RFK now that I have seen this.
  2. I have run out of wall space for cases. "Why are you building a new room? Because I need more walls."
  3. No idea. I just know it the government needs a serious clearing out if we are to survive as a nation.
  4. They would probably need to be fired immediately, via amendment.
  5. Neither Biden nor Trump will save our country. Both are clouded with pride. The only way to save the Republic is for the States to implement Article Five of the Constitution. By doing this we, the states, can push amendments into the constitution without the congress, president and supreme court would have a say on it. We need at least the following: 1. Term Limits on Congress and SCOTUS. You get ONE term in the House, Senate and President. SCOTUS should be limited to 10 years, with a rotation of two of them every two years. All current house, senate and president finish out their current terms. The two most senior SCOTUS are removed in when the next election happens and the new President nominates their replacements. Also, the two senior justices become the Chief justice during the last two years of their time, one after the next by seniority. 2. All Federal offices should be closed and representatives remain in their home districts. They perform their meetings and votes remotely from their home office. Once a year they go to the Washington D.C. for the State of the Union Address. We eliminate Parties all together. Washington warned of the dangers of political parties. We make that direction a permanent part of the Constitution. 3. Income Tax is eliminated and all federal spending is cut by 2/3 with the focus being allocated for national defense. The Federal lands and properties are returned to the states. The Federal Government is limited, by law to it's constitutional roles. Nothing else. No more Board of Education, Interior, agriculture, commerce, labor, HHS, HUD, Transportation, Energy, Homeland Security, EPA, MUN, CEA, SBA. etc. The only cabinet positions are to be those that deal with the Constitutional roles of the federal government. There are more, but I think you get the idea. The Feds need to be neutered to the point where the States have their rights protected by the Constitution.
  6. Jeez, that room is almost the size of my entire house.
  7. The people were translated, the buildings were left behind.
  8. I taught sunday school yesterday and played Think a sacred song and It is well with my soul while everyone filed in. I really like the new songs.
  9. As far as 'Hard Science Fiction,' I would say of all the series out there that The Expanse is the closest to reality. Besides the overuse of a certain swear word and graphic violence, I would say it is the best series to follow actual physical laws. Star Trek Discovery is everything that is wrong with modern story telling.
  10. My wife stayed home with out kids, but now most of them are grown and she has a job to help the finances. She wants to extent her education to be able to do more. I have no problem with that at this point now.
  11. I am of the opinion that we are building the temples for a time of need. We may have a time in the near future where we will not be able to build them anymore. It is laying up for the future.
  12. Very cool. I hope he continues to be filled with light.