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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein

    South Carolina school teacher ain't happy

    Honestly, she gets three months off in the summer, often teachers even have their pay for the year spread out through all 12 months. Wish I got a three month break, this is nothing more than a cash grab.
  2. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Epstein Suicided

    The evidence seems to argue that he was murdered. I know that many do not feel he deserves any kind of investigation, and they might be right. But if he was murdered to silence his testimony against powerful people that were also doing the things he was accused of, then do you not have a problem with him being allowed to be murdered? Honestly, almost everyone agrees that he was a dirt-bag, but even an accused dirt-bag deserves his day in court or what are we doing bothering with arrest and trials, might as well just have the cops take care of the justice at the arrest site and save the money. No, I cannot subscribe to that and I don't think anyone else can, don't you think?
  3. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Epstein Suicided

    It seems kind of impossible to hang oneself while kneeling on the floor. Yeah he could have leaned forward, but he would not have broken bones in his neck. It seems pretty clear that he was murdered and the guards were either involved or incompetent. Sorry, guard, the other one wasn't even a guard, he was just an employee.
  4. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Enochs time compared to ours

    You’re not wrong.
  5. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Enochs time compared to ours

    Our day is just like the time of Enoch. Moses 6 26 And it came to pass that Enoch journeyed in the land, among the people; and as he journeyed, the Spirit of God descended out of heaven, and abode upon him. 27 And he heard a voice from heaven, saying: Enoch, my son, prophesy unto this people, and say unto them—Repent, for thus saith the Lord: I am angry with this people, and my fierce anger is kindled against them; for their hearts have waxed hard, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes cannot see afar off; 28 And for these many generations, ever since the day that I created them, have they gone astray, and have denied me, and have sought their own counsels in the dark; and in their own abominations have they devised murder, and have not kept the commandments, which I gave unto their father, Adam. 29 Wherefore, they have foresworn themselves, and, by their oaths, they have brought upon themselves death; and a hell I have prepared for them, if they repent not; 30 And this is a decree, which I have sent forth in the beginning of the world, from my own mouth, from the foundation thereof, and by the mouths of my servants, thy fathers, have I decreed it, even as it shall be sent forth in the world, unto the ends thereof.
  6. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Epstein Suicided

    “Broken bones in the neck, inconsistent with suicide.” Final summation by Coroner, suicide by hanging. Now, onto the next story? Pathetic cover up.
  7. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    Thank you for saying it more clearly than I did.
  8. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    What bothers me about the article is that they focused the headline on his skin color instead of on his achievements. Seems like a shallow thing to focus on in a news article.
  9. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    This is not a calling, I believe it is a job.
  10. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

  11. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Epstein Suicided

    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/this-smells-very-fishy-skepticism-ensues-after-shocking-epstein-suicide-death Heleman 6:17 For behold, the Lord had blessed them so long with the riches of the world that they had not been stirred up to anger, to wars, nor to bloodshed; therefore they began to set their hearts upon their riches; yea, they began to seek to get gain that they might be lifted up one above another; therefore they began to commit secret murders, and to rob and to plunder, that they might get gain.
  12. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Mass Shootings

    Media mind-set: "Only scary looking guns are used in mass shootings." I want a protection gun, not a murder gun. LOL
  13. Emmanuel Goldstein

    What are we suppose to learn?

    Yes, these miraculous stories do happen, all the time. My mother, brother and I have all had experiences like Paul and others. People just don’t publish them for the world to make fun of because they are sacred.
  14. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Boys Will Be Boys

  15. Emmanuel Goldstein

    A New Tienanmen Square? But on a country level.

    Yeah, I especially like how the Spirit is brought in by the possible possession at the 15:42 mark. Disturbing beyond belief. 8-0