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  1. Will the fbi be kicking in these peoples doors and dragging them off to prison in the dark of night? Will they languish in prison, without hearings for over 18 months while being beaten, starved and humiliated by federal cops? No, then release the Jan 6th political prisoners, now. 😡
  2. They want the same results that were accomplished by other groups in history that used vandalism and terror attacks. (i.e. long knives, pogroms.)
  3. i taught this lesson, and I covered it all. We discussed how the book of Judges is about the fall of Israel from mostly good to downright evil of it's 500 years of time. We also discussed the Canaanite worship of Ba'al, with child sacrifice, and how that infiltrated every aspect of Israel. Even to the point where the Judges murdering their own children in this way. The lesson also showed how patient the Lord really is, because he would send saviors to rescue them from their sin.
  4. It may be a reference to Psalms 48:2 "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King." And other scriptures like it. There are many references to Mount Zion, which sounds like you would have to climb up to be there. Also, in the Book of Enoch there are references to the Son's of God living on a mountain. Here is the footnote for Mount Zion in Psalms 48:2 "There was in various lands a concept that the dwelling place of Deity was in the “north.” Isa. 14:13."
  5. Are you saying that the stock market and economy are not something that is worshiped by our civilization?
  6. When we are resurrected our bodies will change, but during the millennium everyone will still be mortal; they will age and die when they are old. I think that funeral homes will go out of business though, when someone dies they will resurrect immediately. I hope I get to see it, but I suspect most of us will have died by the time of the second coming of Christ.
  7. i suspect we will not eat very much meat. Probably a vegetable and fruit diet. we will still breath and bleed in the millenium.
  8. Last night my wife was in tears because our savings is being burned through by the food and fuel budgets. She asked me why the president doesn't do something about it. I told her, because he and his cult are the ones responsible for this Hyper Inflation. We are pathetic as a country. Stop voting in snakes and vote them out. Article Five Now!
  9. The average price of gas per gallon just passed the federal minimum wage.😠 The average price of eggs is now almost three times what they were in 2020. I am seeing a pattern of deliberate sabotage here.
  10. She better not marry Hawkeye, he is already married and has several kids. He is also my age, same year of birth.
  11. I see, so you are just pointing out the times that social changes have had good outcomes? Not necessarily talking about what I said?
  12. I would keep an eye on Gamma Crucis, it is a red giant that is only about 90 light-years away. Ironically it is also in the head position in the Sothern Cross. If you are right it could be a star blew in 1820 or 1830 and wave will reach earth along with the return of Christ. For that matter, Arcturus is only 37 light-years away and Aldebaran is 65 light-years away. 😳