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  1. Oh, I thought you were predicting temples in all of the these location. LOL
  2. Not sure the membership is ready for something like that. Too much building of their own kingdom still going on.
  3. Well, covering all the bases on this one? lol
  4. I had not seen this before. Very Funny.
  5. I did not know that Chic-Fil-a taught courses in Judo? My Pleasure.
  6. sorry, I will take these speculations seriously when the prophecies of Joseph and other modern prophets begin to come to pass. We may be close though.
  7. I am just going to put this here. I think that many Meso American advocates have not really considered the Heartland Model.
  8. good points, that is probably more accurate.
  9. So, are men just useless now? It seems that society seems to think so, and it appears as though the church is beginning to think it as well. Men are not allowed to be men. I have been thinking about this since it is men that are always expected to risk their lives in dangerous work and in wars. They are expected to give everything thing they have, even their own lives with no real reward for all that they do. I am so tired of seeing men discounted and tossed away for all that they do.
  10. After reading through this I am now going to increase the times I hand out treats at church.
  11. I hope the British people will finally establish a Constitutional Republic.
  12. No, I think that trying to figure out what happened before this world, something we can't remember or know about, can be a gospel hobby. We need to stop trying to think outside the box when it comes to gospel topics and stick to what has been revealed in the scriptures and modern revelation.
  13. I like hamburger, but not that much. I would just buy canned corn beef hash, yum.
  14. It is best to avoid mixing the philosophies of men with scripture.