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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein


    Every time they invent a more powerful telescope astronomers see even further into the universe and discover galaxies where there should not be any. The universe is infinite and has no edge.
  2. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Baldwin, gun safety, freedoms and responsibilities

    I was taught that every gun IS loaded, until proven otherwise by checking it. When someone checks a gun right in front of me and hands it to me, I immediately check it myself, just to make sure. I am also very careful to point it in a save direction at all times. This is what happens when you play it loose with the rules of gun safety. I feel for the victims and their families and I hope the law holds Baldwin and the weapon master fully responsible for this tragedy. I find it amazing that everyone in the media is talking about how sad it is for Baldwin, that he will have to live with it, but that is the key word, live, he lives and Hutchins is dead, because he did not check the weapon.
  3. Emmanuel Goldstein

    This seems so uncomfortable

    D&C 130:1 When the Savior shall appear we shall see him as he is. We shall see that he is a man like ourselves. 2 And that same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy. So, does this include the ignoring of the quiet and the ascension of the popular cliques? Sorry, but hanging out with some of the people in my ward sounds like hell to me.
  4. Emmanuel Goldstein

    New Temple Predictions

    I think we will see one in Casper Wyoming. Another one in Russia and one in Mongolia.
  5. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Conference Ready?!

    probably met in the Church Administration Building
  6. Emmanuel Goldstein

    I Have Arrived

    That was a good day. lol
  7. Emmanuel Goldstein

    I Have Arrived

    Well, it was bound to happen.
  8. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Could the Utah drought force the Church to move?

    “On Sunday night (April 26, 1834) the Prophet called on all who held the Priesthood to gather into the little log school house they had there. It was a small house, perhaps 14 feet square. But it held the whole of the Priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who were then in the town of Kirtland, and who had gathered together to go off in Zion’s camp. That was the first time I ever saw Oliver Cowdery, or heard him speak; the first time I ever saw Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball, and the two Pratts [Orson and Parley], and Orson Hyde and many others. There were no Apostles in the Church then except Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. When we got together the Prophet called upon the Elders of Israel with him to bear testimony of this work. Those that I have named spoke, and a good many that I have not named, bore their testimonies. “When they got through the Prophet said, ‘Brethren I have been very much edified and instructed in your testimonies here tonight, but I want to say to you before the Lord, that you know no more concerning the destinies of this Church and kingdom than a babe upon its mother’s lap. You don’t comprehend it.’ I was rather surprised. He said ‘it is only a little handful of Priesthood you see here tonight, but this Church will fill North and South America—it will fill the world.’ “Among other things he said, ‘it will fill the Rocky Mountains. There will be tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints who will be gathered in the Rocky Mountains, and there they will open the door for the establishing of the Gospel among the Lamanites, who will receive the Gospel and their endowments and the blessings of God. This people will go into the Rocky Mountains; they will there build temples to the Most High. They will raise up a posterity there, and the Latter-day Saints who dwell in these mountains will stand in the flesh until the coming of the Son of Man. The Son of Man will come to them while in the Rocky Mountains.” (Wilford Woodruff, Conference Report, April 1898, p. 57.)
  9. Emmanuel Goldstein

    War in the Middle East

    Stocking up is more important than ever.
  10. Emmanuel Goldstein

    David Archuleta Reveals He Is Part Of LGBTQIA+ Community

    Honestly who cares. Whatever, live your life David and stop trying to be in the limelight.
  11. Emmanuel Goldstein

    War in the Middle East

    With us having been energy independent in the last four years, we could have just let the middle east rot and deal with their own problems. Now Biden is hell bent on making us dependent on them again. He is outside his mind. We need to activate Section 5 of the Constitution before it is too late and we join other nations on the ash heap of history.
  12. Emmanuel Goldstein

    To pay the ransom OR not pay the ransom? That is the question

    Probably not be as big a problem if the marines took care of the people behind it like they did the pirates of Tripoli. Send in the troops and eliminate them with a high degree of precision and I bet future hackers will think twice.
  13. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Atari releases new console

    hmm, maybe if it is the quality of the games in the arcade and not the blocking graphics of the 2600.
  14. Emmanuel Goldstein

    No more Priesthood/RS General Session

    Maybe it is because the men and women are in need of some time in the evenings to spend with their whole family. Also, The ones who will be really hurt by this is all the restaurants that are inundated by men in white shirts at 8pm on Saturday nights. I am personally glad of that. Stay home as a family and spend it with everyone in the family for a change. Sorry Wingers, Texas Roadhouse and Chili's, you are now doomed. lol
  15. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Stupid Apocalypse

    I want more. Lol