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  1. They are not gathered under the polar cap, they are not on some inner earth, they are not off in space somewhere. They are scattered among the people of this earth.
  2. I am talking about when he first saw the finger of God. That faith was what allowed him to initially see God. Once he had done that the Lord seems surprised that his faith allowed this to happen.
  3. I am excited that I will now be able to use the words Moron and Moronic again. Every time I have used them over the last year I have gotten blocked for about 10 days. Free speech does not mean you are protected from offence.
  4. My understanding is that the Brother of Jared was the first to break through the veil by himself, because of his faith, to see the face of God. All the previous prophets had to be changed, by the Lord to be able to see him.
  5. Um, it is just an ad for the film basically. It does not tell us what happened.
  6. It seems likely that the Dome will be untouched and that the temple will be built right next to it on the mount.
  7. I hope it means that we are approaching the endgame and He is coming soon.
  8. In June I started writing a daily journal again, and it has helped me to remember my heartaches and the blessings the Lord has given me recently.
  9. he did say recently that he no longer buys green bananas.
  10. "In coming days, we will see the greatest manifestations of the Savior’s power that the world has ever seen. Between now and the time He returns “with power and great glory,” President Nelson, Sunday AM session. I hope he literally means 'days," I am so sick of this world. I want Him to come back and take care of His people.
  11. I think a big part of it is that parking is a nightmare in Salt Lake City, another is the traffic is chaotic, and I don't know, but I do not like having the spiritual high of a session of conference ruined by some anti-church psychopath screaming at me about how evil Joseph Smith was or other such nonsense.
  12. That farewell from President Nelson almost felt like a final farewell. I hope not. Wow, 4 temples in Mexico City. Very cool list of new temples.
  13. I was at the conference center last night and there was very low attendance. One of the security officers told me that they had a count of about 7,500, out of 20,000 seats. ironic that one of the speakers quoted, "wo unto they that that are at ease in Zion." I guess our couches make us very at ease.
  14. he might just run to irritate the left, so they do not notice de Santis.
  15. She said she had permission from her father. That means he has repented and rectified the situation.
  16. Oh, I thought you were predicting temples in all of the these location. LOL
  17. Not sure the membership is ready for something like that. Too much building of their own kingdom still going on.
  18. Well, covering all the bases on this one? lol
  19. I had not seen this before. Very Funny.
  20. I did not know that Chic-Fil-a taught courses in Judo? My Pleasure.
  21. sorry, I will take these speculations seriously when the prophecies of Joseph and other modern prophets begin to come to pass. We may be close though.