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    Hello Friends, I have read the details, that you have shared the opinion about Jewish prayer acceptable. According to my opinion, Jewish people do prayer in the morning. They have used the special shawl in prayer.The shawl named Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl that every men and women have used in some occasions. These shawls are available with cotton, wool and silk. It is totally hand crafted. If you want to buy the tallit, Galilee silks is the best place for choosing the design of the tallit at very cheap prices.
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    Hello friends, Tallit is a kind of Jewish prayer shawl that every men and women have worn during the prayer in the morning. At mitzvah age, the majority of families choose to give their kids Tallits. They wear these types of Tallits for the very first time, in the time they lead a congregation in prayer as well as learning.In general, Tallits are often offered in two sizes. One is a traditional Tallits gadol and another is a shawl size one. Both types can be colorful and highly traditional. If you are planning for your bat mitzvah Tallit, then buy it from Galilee Silks, one of the most trusted online platforms offering a wide array of Tallits for men and women, Bat Mitzvah Tallit, Bar Mitzvah Tallits, silk Tallits and more.
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    Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl that every men and women have used in every occasions like festivals, marriage and prayers. It is their traditional clothes. Nowadays these shawls come in variety of colors and different materials like Silk, Organza, Linen, cotton and other synthetic fabric. These shawls are available on websites as per design displays and different sizes with rates. Most of the woolen shawl manufacturers are based in Israel. If you want to buy or order the tallit through online, Galileesilks is the best shop for providing the latest design of tallit at very cheap rates. Best regards Amram Rafi
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  5. Hello everybody, This is Amram Rafi. I have visited the forum for the first time. You have given the topics regarding Jewish beliefs are really interesting and help me a lot in future. Best regards Amram Rafi