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  1. Perhaps a bit of misunderstanding, I would never rat on her for it. I think that's a bad move and would ruin our friendship but when I talk to her how do I not cross the line from concerned friend to judging her which I am not trying to do because I know people make mistakes. I understand it's her life and her agency, but I love her and she's always been a good friend in difficult times, idont want to just leave it because she knows I know.
  2. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, the elders have left and no one else knows except one other young woman. P.s. They were just asking and when I said she wasn't they left the topic. That was approximately 4 months ago maybe more
  3. Hey everybody, im a convert to the church, I joined about nine months ago. From the time I joined the church there was a girl in young women's with me who I idolised because she had also joined the church as a teenager, but then found out she was breaking the word of wisdom often. This I found out from a mutual friend who told me, not knowing that I didn't know. I was quite shocked when I was told, but it made a lot of sense. A few months earlier I was told by Elders I know in our ward that there were photos of her on the internet drinking. I don't know who showed them but someone did. I spent a lot of time defending her to these Elders and the following missionaries as well, as I didn't know. The thing is, this girl is planning on getting endowed next month as she is prepairing to go on her mission! I know this is an awful idea. She hasn't repented for breaking the WoW as she doesn't think it's that bad, and the only parts of it she didn't break were the tea and coffee. I don't know what I'm suppose to do now. I don't want to seem judgemental when I ask her, but I don't know where the line is between judging and being concerned. My other friend who is a convert has talked to her about it and what she usually says is "I have been in the church longer than you so I know more about this" and then exits the conversation. I'm not a snitch or anything so I really am torn here. I have no idea what to do. I don't even have a idea on what to do. So if anyone has any options on what to do that would be well appreciated. thanks a million