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  1. LadyGunnar

    If you inherited 5 million dollars

    Pay off the house, put money aside for the kids, then find my land for my forever home. I plan on leaving the city and never coming back once my kids are raised. I mean out in the country away from people. Plan a huge chicken area, orchards, raspberries, black berries, grapes, blueberries, a few cows, some old horses that too old for riding, a green house for veggies and flowers year round and amazing gardens in the summer. Not much would change for the day to day. I would also get custom cowboy boots and a killer pair of heels.
  2. LadyGunnar

    A message to Shania Twain...

    I love him. He is awesome.
  3. LadyGunnar

    A message to Shania Twain...

    Tyler England has a great version of Travellin soldier. I love it. I refuse to listen to the Dixie chicks after Natalie's fight with Toby Keith. She was classless and I love Toby.
  4. LadyGunnar

    Good Men

    My dad is simply amazing. He is one of the best men that I have ever know. He is one of many kids. Dirt floor poor. All kids shared a bed and snow would come inside the holes in the wall. He talked about not having shoes or more than one pair of pants. His father was an abusive alcoholic. It makes me so sad that any child would be in the situation that he was. Dad left most of it behind to get away from it all. He went to college. He joined the Navy. He worked his butt off so that his kids could have what he never had. We had food, a warm home and clothes. He is the first to help people. He was going through cancer treatment and he would be out helped people. He would chop wood for the single women in his ward or helping with their cars. No one knew how sick he was. There is a poem called the bridge builder. That is my dad. I am who I am because of him.
  5. LadyGunnar

    Spiritually Theraputic Gardening

    I grew up on a farm. My mom had a half acre garden. Saturdays were spent weeding (and getting a tan). We had an orchard, grapes, strawberries, raspberry, blackberries, blueberries and over 200 herbs. I have learned that I don't have my mom's magic green fingers. Her plants were huge. Double what they should have been. I don't know how she did. My berries, tomatoes, peaches, plums and cherries never make it in the house. My boys race out to eat them every morning. It's on to see who finds the ripe fruit. They found the sugar snap peas today. I remember doing that as a child. I never came inside. Just found food that was growing. I think life can be life a garden. You take care of it and sometimes it grows amazing. Some times things happen and it all dies. You do the best that you can and hope and pray it is enough. It's amazing what a little seed can do in a short amount of time. Oh and even the loveliest rose has thorns. I got nailed with a thorn yesterday. They are beautiful and dangerous.
  6. LadyGunnar

    Return to Church Guidelines

    I wish they did here.
  7. LadyGunnar

    My doubting daughter

    I was planning on not going to church once I hit 18. I didn't see a point and all the rules and more rules and more rules. I felt that was all that there was. I had a friend question me about it. She had gone very anti. It knocked me off my feet. The only thing that I had to fall back on was deep inside I knew it was true because my father knew it was true. It took me a long time to find out for myself. But my basic, simple belief was based on my dad. He is the greatest. To think that the church wasn't true was to think he was mistaken and a fool. Be there for her. Show an example. Love her and be there for her. That's all you can do.
  8. LadyGunnar

    Return to Church Guidelines

    I think it would be great. One ward in our stake has lots of youth. The others have one or two. It would be so nice to be able to have more youth around for my kids.
  9. LadyGunnar

    Return to Church Guidelines

    I have been here years. I don't fit in here. I have tried and tried. I gave up. I had a great ward before we moved here. It's a very unfriendly area. They are great at the fake friendly, but not the real stuff. I miss my old ward and having people who were really happy to see you.
  10. LadyGunnar

    Return to Church Guidelines

    We have been told church will happen in a few weeks. They will spilt the ward in three. I don't know how they plan on having enough priesthood. Masks will be required. I am not going back until the mask requirement is gone. It would be a nightmare with my younger children. Not worth it in my mind. I also like home church. I don't fit in our Ward. I feel like I will be an outsider forever because I didn't grow up in the ward, city or even state. Being at home is nice and the kids love it.
  11. LadyGunnar

    Fun family history stories

    My grandfather was orphaned very young. His sister was adopted and he was kicked out of foster care at 13. He got a cabin in the mountains and trapped animals for fur. He found bob cat kittens. Their mom was dead. He raised them and they were his pets. I thought it was a joke until I saw a picture of him and his kitties. His town got snowed in and the people were hungry. He fed the town deer and elk for a month. He was old when I was born. He always seemed mean and grumpy. It amazes me to see this side of him.
  12. LadyGunnar

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    Maybe the skirts you think of are shorter than what I am thinking of. Like knee length. Not short enough to make a guy's eyes pop out, but short enough to make it awkward as a mom trying not to show too much.
  13. LadyGunnar

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    Pants would be so nice when you have little kids. Shorter skirts can ride up. Longer skirts make me trip. Pants don't ride up and are not overly long. I am short and most skirts don't fit right and I need heels to keep them from dragging. Guys have it easier. Pants and button up shirt. Change the tie and you have a new outfit.
  14. LadyGunnar

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    Football is awesome. The upsets, the wins, the Superbowl when your team wins and then loses the next year. The sense of community. Blue Fridays were awesome in Washington. It's fun.
  15. LadyGunnar

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    We watch football. It's a great way for our family to bond and spend time together. I grew up on a farm. We had to work on Sunday. Animals need fed and water, crops need taken care of. Calving season didn't stop for Sunday. Dad had to get up extra early on Sundays to make it to church on time. It was never a day of rest.