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  1. interesting themes are hardly here😯
  2. According to B.Young, adam and eva came from another world. They were perfect and immortal. They had forgotten everything. After the fruit they became mortal. Young said there is no other way to give life than natural pregnancy. adam and eva did not originate on this earth. life only comes from life. from clay no life can arise. that is very clear.
  3. it does not always have to be the devil. some marry or live together because they have no similarities. deadly. continue. a misunderstanding, a wrong word, that's how it begins. nerves go through, financial problems and already the matter comes to an end. regrettable but inevitable. The End Initial education would be necessary. before marriage!
  4. The Flood covered the whole earth, but it found around 4000 BC. instead of. around 4000, noah landed on the mountain ararat. the first high cultures originated around 3000, the settlement began from 4000.agyptus the granddaughter Ham
  6. I only drink milk, water and pure nastura apple juice. nothing else,. pure word of wisdom fan
  7. j.Smith said what has to happen before The temple in Jerusalem Pure water flows from the temple The Dead Sea healthy again
  8. no, they have the military. He must have humane decisions the best military does not help if we tear the land from the inside out. like now islam in europe
  9. I believe star means angel. no heavenly star can precisely show the birthplace of birth An angel led the wise men the temple was original east of the golden gate opposite the Mount of Olives
  10. I wonder why God did not just say alcohol
  11. marriage and children are a risk You should discuss problems and risks beforehand faith alone is not enough Unfortunately, this does not happen in the state
  12. a deadly blow to any discussion
  13. there is the concept of emotion. for example, a piece of music that's why you're not musical yet therefore this does not have to be a proof for the holy spirit. I think that should be well separated concerning forgiveness and feeling good
  14. This is what you actually read only from the cath. church. hard to forget something like that