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    Name of the Church

    A sincere thank you for the background you provided. While the origin of the term is interesting, it is unknown to the vast majority of people who use the term today, which is why style guides denigrate its use and etiquette guides say it shouldn’t be used in polite conversation. My hope is that my attempt at a simple analogy didn’t distract you, and others, from the invitation I was trying to make in the last paragraph of my post. Godspeed to you.
  2. let’s roll

    Name of the Church

    Just a thought...consider how comfortable you are when you see Xmas during the Christmas season. If you support the notion of not taking Christ out of Christmas, it’s only logical you’d support not taking Christ out of the name of His Church. But even more important than the Church’s name is how its members think of themselves. Do we really know whose we are? That we were bought for a price? If so, why would we ever react in any manner other than enthusiastically to an invitation to always have Christ on our lips, in our minds, and in our hearts.
  3. On occasion I’ve chosen to take offense or be hurt by the advice of an ecclesiastical leader. I get over it by choosing to no longer take offense or be hurt by such advice.
  4. let’s roll

    Your testimony

    As I’ve communed with God, I’ve felt clear direction that the Church provides the best combination of environment and understanding/doctrine to maximize my devotion and discipleship. It also gives me a wonderful forum and structure within which I can serve God’s children and my brothers and sisters of all faiths.
  5. let’s roll

    Why do so many fail to find God?

    At the risk of being overly simplistic, your posts come across to me as “sharing” and not “preaching,” intended to help, not condemn or provoke. For that reason, I read them and appreciate your perspective.
  6. let’s roll

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    Since the opening prayer in the second hour is gone and isn’t likely to return, I invite anyone who has an issue with that to pray for peace of mind regarding the change. That seems a better choice than debating why it’s been discontinued.
  7. let’s roll

    Sometimes, ya gotta just put it down.

    I put it down 14 years ago and have never had any desire to pick it back up.
  8. let’s roll

    1000 years in hell??

    The scriptures teach that all will confess God’s judgments are just. Thus, while we can spend time speculating on how we, and others might be judged, we can take comfort in the promise that at the time of judgment we will agree that not only God’s judgment of us is just, but his judgment of all others as well.
  9. I’ve had a number of powerful and poignant experiences as I’ve pondered regarding our Mother in Heaven. I treasure those experiences and hold close the feelings and light that accompanied them.
  10. let’s roll

    Exaltation and Eternal Life

    That must be a very large and active YSA group. 😇
  11. let’s roll

    Exaltation and Eternal Life

    Lots of wisdom there. Another thought. What of the billions promised the Celestial Kingdom who died before, or never achieved, accountability in mortality, so of necessity never married in mortality. Are we to believe they receive some inferior version of the Celestial Kingdom (prophets have said no) or will they enter into the new and everlasting covenant outside of mortality. If so, that path is likely to become the one more often used to arrive at exaltation.
  12. let’s roll

    Beware of the Bluehairs

    Channel. Invite one of them to come in for the last 5 minutes of each Ward Council meeting to provide a spiritual thought on a scripture you’ve assigned along with a suggestion on how the Council/Ward might better live the principle set out in the scripture. Then when approached in the hallway with an ad hoc suggestion, you can kindly suggest they consider whether they want to share that the next time they give a thought in WC. Then prepare to marvel at their ability to weave au gratin potatoes into whatever scripture you assign them. 😇
  13. let’s roll

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    I breathlessly await the strong righteous protest of our social injustice warrior to the NBA regarding the gross underrepresentation of white athletes on NBA rosters (he then can move on to the NFL). 😀. And remind me what, other than perceived power, worldly recognition, and embarrassing salaries makes being the CEO of Fortune 500 a desirable position?
  14. let’s roll

    Reaction to change

    Where do I send the check for my vision test (and who do I make the check out to)🤓
  15. let’s roll

    Reaction to change

    I try to take the approach of enthusiastically embracing Prophetic direction without expecting to fully understand God’s purpose in providing that direction before I begin applying/living it. Thus my prayers regarding such directions are along the lines of, Dear God as I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically abide by this new counsel and direction, please prompt me as I do so to see they divine purposes and hand in this. My experience has been that the wisdom and purpose of new direction is much more easily seen and understood as it is experienced.
  16. let’s roll

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    It’s the difference between the love of learning/knowledge and grade grubbing.
  17. let’s roll

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    I think the answer @Fether provided to the OP was spot on, so I’m ready to move on. In fact, I’d suggest that if 2RM had understood the depth and breadth of that response there would have been no follow up, since the follow up seems to be an invitation to speculate on who will be closest to God, akin to the unhealthy debate among the apostles about seating proximity to the Savior. I choose to pass on that invitation.
  18. let’s roll

    Warning in my Patriarchal Blessing

    I agree with the premise of your comment, but would have chosen a different example for folks who have means but aren’t materialistic. I’ve probably met 20-25 people who own 3 or more Rolex watches. I’m not sure I’d characterize any of them as not being materialistic, even those whose watches are knock-offs. 😀 But I could be wrong.
  19. let’s roll

    Warning in my Patriarchal Blessing

    If Christ were to invite you to sell all your possessions, give the proceeds to the poor, and join Him in His work (He’s been known to do that), would you do so happily. Regardless of how we’re doing temporally, that’s always a good question to ask ourselves to evaluate how we’re doing spiritually.
  20. let’s roll

    Why are we here?

    To learn to love God and our brothers and sisters. To develop a mind that understands the work of God and a spirit/heart willing to accept His invitation to join Him in that work, both in mortality and thereafter.
  21. let’s roll

    Two hour Church

    As someone said to me in Church last week, the three hour block never seemed to be that long until they announced the two hour block, now it seems to drag on forever...not sure how I’m going to survive another month of the three hour block. 😀
  22. In discussing school with my children I counseled them that tests should be understood as a means to verify that you know what you were taught, not as a declaration that you believe everything you were taught is true. In fact if there were answers to test questions that a student found particularly troublesome I don’t think it would be inappropriate for them to answer with what they were taught and add a hand written post script at the end of the exam saying the answers herein reflect what I was taught but not in all cases what I believe to be true.
  23. let’s roll

    Restaurants Cleaning While You Eat

    I’d expect more from a 5 star restaurant like Costco. 😀
  24. let’s roll

    Brainwashing our Children with Religion

    Dr. Pepper and New Balance are the right answers, oh yeah, and T-Mobile. 😀
  25. let’s roll

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    Sounds like this novel may struggle to get on the Good, Better, Best spectrum.😇