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  1. Yes I am speaking about the eastern orthodox faith and no we don't burn offerings we eat from the sacrament which is made of bread and wine the difference LDS church use bread and water. open this link it tells you everything about our faith because most people don't know it.
  2. The problem I am not speaking about catholicism I am speaking about orthodox Christianity and there is a huge difference.
  3. I don't think revelation can be changed at least if it's from God and I am not sure about the offensive portions about the priests but I heard it even though I don't care about the priests.
  4. No I am speaking about the path of the church if it continues in the way.
  5. Actually I don't believe you're doctrine to be a heresy. Actually I believe in Joseph Smith. But I am speaking about what is the path that LDS church is going through.
  6. Is mormonism moving towards orthodoxy because: Since 1830 1- the LDS church abandoned the doctrine of polygamy (at least in mortality) 2-the LDS abandoned the policy of prohibiting those African heritage from holding the unique priesthood. 3-the LDS church has altered its temple ceremony and removed offensive portions that portrayed Christian ministers as hireling of Satan. 4-some LDS scholars and apologist seem to be questioning teachings that clearly place mormonism outside of Christian faith. (sorry if there is problem in english english is not my first language)
  7. I know but I'm thinking right now about the afterlife not how great marriage is.