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  1. I actually had not formed an opinion until I made that post saying that I had come to a satisfying conclusion. I was looking for insight or discussion but I felt like people were trying to forcefully shove their own beliefs on me instead. It's a bit rude to assume that I am not open-minded. I didn't mention the spirit because I felt as though that's a given. It's basic primary knowledge. Following the guidance of the spirit is a personal, individual thing. I never said anything of the sort. In fact, I believe that it's ok for me to live according to what feels right to me while others can act according to their own beliefs. Don't put words into my mouth. I do in fact believe that God, and only God, has the final say regarding the eternal consequences each person receives. By God, I mean the Godhead. God the father, the Savior, and the Holy Ghost. Christ forgave an adulterous woman of her sins in the bible. Yes, men and woman can determine for themselves what they believe is right or wrong but it doesn't mean that mankind's judgment is perfect. God's judgment is perfect. I just want to wear reasonable work out clothes. 😂
  2. Are you serious or joking because I can't tell?
  3. I am curious what kind of attire people wear when swimming while wearing the endowment clothing?
  4. I think that virtues, when taken too extreme, can become vices. In fact, I've read a book about this topic. "Extremes: How to keep your virtues from becoming vices." by Robert Eaton. I've learned that in life, you need to have a reasonable balance. Also, you're comparing modesty to speeding, adultery, and anger. These things cannot practically be compared. Given your speeding example, sometimes if you're driving on the freeway you have to drive a bit above the speed limit and go with the speed and flow of the traffic. Otherwise, you can cause an accident. People need to make decisions based on logic by pondering, coming to a personal understanding and forming their own judgments. When joining this forum I honestly did not expect to receive so much negative judgment. 😅 I was only hoping for some kind advice. I think the only one who is really qualified to judge our actions is God.
  5. I think that watching this video and discussing this issue with a faithful family member who is endowed gave me a lot more peace and clarity about this topic. Thank you for your thoughts. I think modesty is more about living the spirit of the law than the letter of the law.
  6. It's about the breathability of the garment. Tanktops are more breathable then t-shirts. I've tried more breathable fabrics. It might not make a huge difference to you but I can definitely notice a difference. I care a lot about modesty which is why I made the original post in the first place. I don't find being modest in general too constricting. It's only when I'm working out that it becomes an issue. I have to work out right in front of the fans at the gym to try and lower my core temperature.
  7. I personally think that sweating more than average and dirtying up the garments is what I find disrespectful. I'd rather exercise, shower, then put the garments back on.
  8. I’m not endowed but when I am endowed I plan to take off my garments while I exercise out of respect for the garment. What I’m wondering is this: Is it appropriate to wear short shorts and a tank top while exercising? I live in Arizona and getting my heart rate up makes me feel too hot to bear. Typical workout clothing is not breathable enough fabric to me. I know this is a bit of a personal decision but I need some advice and doctrine about this topic. When we swim we wear swimsuits that show off a lot of skin but that’s appropriate? Is wearing short shorts and a tank top while exercising still inappropriate? Should I err on the side of caution? Let me know your thoughts.